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Nice job!
Good luck with the sales!

Thank you WiseLoop

Does the FirstData integration support recurring payments? If so, how do you set the frequency (monthly, yearly, etc)?

Yes, it does support recurring payments. Frequency is set in config.php in recurring services array and it’s options – You create service with all parameters (when to bill, for how long, frequency, etc) by adding new line to array.

Hello if any one is able to get the full code that workd lik this one ore get the full code from this website i’m happy to pay £100 ore $200 this script called ( Apple iPhone IMEI Checker Script ) and if you whan to pay Live Open account ( ) add the product you whan to sale i can pay direct,, no hiding no Joking,, no wasting time Please

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I want some products to be recurring payments and some to be non recurring payments. I also don’t want people to pick the product from a drop down. Is there a way to just do hidden form fields to set whether something is recurring or not?

Hi djdeth,

It is possible only if you will adjust the code a bit – you will need to copy config.php file (name new file something like config.recurring.php) and then use that file on the page where you want recurring products instead of regular config.php. We can provide more details if/when you’ll purchase the product – through our support forums. Regarding your second question – it has to be dropdown, unless you will be able to modify the code per your needs. You can send customer to the page with PRE-FILLED product (it will be selected for them, with parameter passed through URL) – but it still will appear as dropdown, unless modified.

is it possible use only paypal method?

but i need to add more field and calculate price x quantity…is it possible

It is possible, if you have some html/javascript knowledge. Otherwise you will need to order custom development for your customizations

Good one! Installed within 10 minutes, no code tweaking required. Saved few hours if we’d doing it ourselves.

We’re really glad that you like our product Bmedia! Please don’t forget to rate it.

After some challenges and the total lack of support from the API provider First Data, Convergine helped out, troubleshooting, to find out that the certificate First Data provided was partial. GREAT SUPPORT !!

Thank you lentfert for your feedback, we’re glad we could help you!

Hi nyhara,

This is LINKPOINT integration (their older API). Global Gateway e4 – is already developed and we will be rolling it out within November.

I have a client interested in setting up online bill pay for goods and services on their website. Could I add an extra spot in this form to allow the user to input an invoice number?

Simply example: I sell you a bike and invoice you for the amount of $150, You want to pay by credit / debit card, but I don’t support this at my office, only online. So you go to my website, Fill out the credit card info and ADD THE INVOICE NUMBER so I the seller can keep track of payments made using the online bill pay section on my website. Hope that makes sense.


Thank you for your interest in our product.

The purpose you explained is exactly what this product is for.

We do have a description field which is enabled through config file, so your customers can enter their invoice number in description field (you just need to change label Description into Invoice#)

You can also add any fields you need, if you have a little bit of php knowledge – since you’ll need to edit the code slightly.

Is it possible that we can charge initial set up fee and recurring at the same time ?

Hi ddtech,

Thank you for purchasing our product. Please use support forum for any support related question –

I have First Data account and i want to use that on my Opencart store.

I have already integrated First Data on my website and now i want to Recurring payment for selective products. Is it possible with your plugin/extension?

If i purchase this plugin and something goes wrong how soon i will get reply on my queries?

Hi chetanpadsalgi,

Thank you for your interest in product.

This is not an opencart extension, this is standalone payment terminal only.

Hi I bought your pack today, but getting errors on live and test mode as Order Unsuccessful and Error. What could be the reason ?

Hi viswajith,

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Please use support forum located at for any support related questions – we’ll be happy to help. Please include error you get in your message on the forum.

Hey I purchased the FIRSTDATA GGE4 PAYMENT TERMINAL today and Just realized that my Payment Terminal is FIRSTDATA LinkPoint.

I request you to please provide me a FIRSTDATA LinkPoint script instead of the FIRSTDATA GGE4 PAYMENT TERMINAL.

I am ready to send back any files of the FIRSTDATA GGE4 PAYMENT TERMINAL as well as you can revoke the licence for the same.

Thank you, Roshan

Hi Roshan,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Please contact Envato support, as we can’t do what you described (we simply don’t have such option in the system) –