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Nice script, good luck with sales! :)

How easy to integrate this into Joomla or Magento ?


Thank you for your interest in our product.

This is standalone PHP application – you can integrate it into any 3rd party solution, if you have appropriate knowledge. Application uses simple code, so you can pretty much copy/paste it where you need.

Pre-Sale question, i would like to use it on wordpress site, is it easy to integrate? i dont have much knowledge in coding thanks

Hi Spell_Advertising,

Thank you for your email and your interest in our product. If you don’t have much knowledge in coding – your option is pretty much to simply add a link somewhere on your wp site to direct customers to payment terminal (simple html link).

All right, i just have question regarding payment. I am selling services like PPC management and SEO and i have pricing tables for each service, my question is i have order now button i want once customer click on this button to be directed to the terminal with the price of this service ( i dont want him to choose price from the drop down menu in your termnal), is this available to do with your terminal? if so i will purchase right away, thanks :)

You can add ?amount=30.00 to the link of your service, then $30 will be passed to the terminal page and pre-filled for your customer (make sure you set in services NOT to display services field, when you will be setting up the script).


Have a pre sale question. Im looking for an alternative to extension and found this. Do you have a woo-comerce version of this plugin?

Appreciate your time.

Hi Tony72,

At the moment – we don’t have any plugins for WooCommerce, but we’re looking into the wooCommerce at the moment, and most likely we’ll be releasing some products (probably for firstdata as well) in March / April.

hello, i have a static website. can i install this on my website. when the customer choose the product then click on submit order button. it will be redirect to your payment page with selected product. which one customer choose. i don’t want my customer to leave my website.

Hi gauravkhokhar,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

If your hosting account is PHP hosting with CURL module enabled then yes, you can achieve what you described. You also must have account with FirstData and SSL certificate purchased and installed.

Pre-sales :

I wish to use this script with in a ecommerce site that I’m building from ground-up. Is there another way to pass the total price, which is already built-in?

Oh yeah! One last thing :

This is sent up for all the response codes?

I read that you sent up the reply for payment status, but what above the response codes (ei. wrong cvs)?

If transaction wasn’t processed successfully – script will display an error which is returned from FirstData API, so whatever is returned – is displayed as an error.

Hi, just one question can I set up recurring payments with this script? monthly payments that charge automatically!

Hi osscruz,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately – no, this product doesn’t offer recurring payments.

Transaction Un-successful! There was an error with your credit card processing: Error: Error API credentials

In the Documents it says: Line 44 – Your e4 Username. It is located in welcome email from FirstData (example)

But i do not see a place in the config.php file to input my username.Help

Hi uniersalbot,

Thank you for purchasing our product!

Please use support forum for any support related inquiries – – we’ll be happy to help!

Is there a way to allow people to enter their own dollar ammount?

I am VERY please with the speed here. I have submitted a ticket already, but I will do another one

Glad to hear that Peter!

We’d appreciate if you could rate our software by going to downloads section and clicking on a star level you think we deserve. It takes just a second of your time.

Done! OK from here on out I’ll be over at the support forums!! THanks again

i cant charge a credit card over 999.99, i assume it adding a comma in the dallor ammount how can i fix this?


Please use support forum for any support relater inquiries – we’ll be happy to help.


Any update for allowing recurring with FirstData, as E4 recently released this ability


Unfortunately we didn’t have an option to look into this functionality for this product. It’s still in to-do list.

Hi, Does it supports recurring payments ?

Hi atif07,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

At the moment it doesn’t support recurring payments, unfortunately.

Hello, Do you have similar code or gateway to connect with Global Collect?


Hi quenethemes,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, no, we don’t have GlobalCollect integrated product at the moment.

Hi, I really like this script but have a pre-sale question. Is it possible to set the script up to only have fields for the customer data then redirect them to the firtdata gateway to enter their credit card information and process payments? I ask because my customer doesn’t want to have to use SSL on their website.


Hi releighontheweb,

Unfortunately, what you’ve explained is a different integration method & product from FirstData. Our product processes payments only on your site, without the necessity to leave it.

Hello I would like to know where is the refund action to process a payment refund from the script?

Hi GeekCloud,

Thanks for purchasing our product.

Refunds are not handled through the script – you have to do it through your FirstData management panel.

Hello, I have a pre-sales question. My client is using a pricing table. Which means the plugin should support multiple payments (which ever the user chooses from the pricing table). Similarly we are using a theme that has woocommerce. So will your plugin support woocommerce multiple payments?

Hi pjoee,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

This is stand alone payment terminal – it is not a woocommerce plugin. You can manually create links in your pricing table which will lead to our product installed on your site like – where 200 -> the amount from pricing table.

Hope this helps.

I want user input amount in blank amount field. Is it possible?

Hi Hyungwoo,

Yes, it is possible. Please open support ticket at

Is there a way to work with recurring payments?

Unfortunately it will require custom development.