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When a new release is coming?

Hello mila

did you already confirmed your account at our website?

If you confirm, you will be notified of code updates when it happen.

For now we are working on documentation and content, including videos. We just uploaded this guide about what to do after purchasing Firetask, please take a look



Good work, Add Android/iOS store auto update and Rating. Angular 4 might deprecate APIs from Angular 2. So app support Angular 4.

Ok mila, thanks for your feedback. As soon ionic 3 final release go out we will address this.

Great job. Nice functionalities. Good luck with the sales :) DigitalCenturySF

Ty =)

wish you the best of luck

Ty =)

Is it good for newbie about coding. I can do just html and css.

Hello, thanks for reaching

Short answer, I think yes.

Long answer

So you basically must be able to run Ionic apps, it’s not so hard to do. Ionic has a great community and documentation, also we are following the best Angular/Ionic practices so that you can easily customize

I think you can learn a lot with Firetask

Can you tell me what the enable advertising is? I see this on the screen shot…

Hello, thanks fot reaching out! This option is for the admob. You can test in action by apple/google store.

The app looks good! 2 pre sales Q… Can i establish user types of Business & Customer? Can a Business person add customer or chat or recieve notifications from customers or vice versa?

Hey, thank you for reaching out

yes once the architecture we are using in Firebase is extremely flexible. but you have to code it, basically adding some property on chat object and checking with an “if” where it’s necessary. The chat feature will be released this week and will not come with push notifications (yet) but we’ll implement it asap.

Thank you for the revert! Lastly, I hope the Task function can be made into (or coded with ease) into Scheduler/Reminder… Does your team provide coding support too? Pls make me ready to go ;)

you can make everything once Firetask is a good start point. Sorry, but we only can support and help to get Firetask working, no custom modifications. In this case you can look for any Ionic/Angular developer to make your improvements, or learning about Ionic/Angular/Firebase in their docs what it’s not too hard..


Is the chat function available ? If not when it possibly will be available for us ? thanks :) The app is great, ill get it once you include chat application in

Hey thanks for reaching. Yes, it is available from our secured area right now.

After installing the App and ionic serve, got a lot of type script errors:

Typescript Error All declarations of ‘size’ must have identical modifiers. node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.collection.d.ts get(key: K): V | undefined; has(key: K): boolean; set(key: K, value: V): this; ....

Ionic Framework: 3.2.1 Ionic App Scripts: 1.3.12 Angular Core: 4.1.0 Angular Compiler CLI: 4.1.0 Node: 7.2.0 OS Platform: OS X El Capitan

Could you assist me on this please

in tsconfig.json file, I have set “types”: [] to empty, seems like it works, but I got different errors on different pages. For instance, the profile edit name, on button click gives me this:

Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: dbUser is null User.prototype.sync/</</</<@http://localhost:8100/build/main.js:17860:29 f</t.prototype.invoke@http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:8486 onInvoke@http://localhost:8100/build/main.js:4485:28 f</t.prototype.invoke@http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:8413 c</r.prototype.run@http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:3667 f/<@http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:13181 f</t.prototype.invokeTask@http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:9161 onInvokeTask@http://localhost:8100/build/main.js:4476:28 f</t.prototype.invokeTask@http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:9074 c</r.prototype.runTask@http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:4330 o@http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:1430 t/this.invoke@http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:10190

are you able to run ionic apps from scratch ?

Hi there! I’m trying to install the App, after configure Firebase when I run ionic serve, the App raise a Runtime Errror “Module build failed: SyntaxError: Unexpected token v in JSON at position 0 at Object.parse (native) at Object.module.exports (/Users/falladito/Desktop/ionic/classic/node_modules/json-loader/index.js:7:48) ”, I can run other apps without problems, any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hello, please take a look at our new docs in https://docs.firetask.io. If there is anything that I can help, send me an email. Best!

Hello, will the App be iOS 11 compatible ?

Sorry for the delay, but I think so. This time I’m running version 3.0 of firetask on an iPhone 6s. But it’s not published yet, you can download the source code from your secured area at https://firetask.io – also check the new docs in https://docs.firetask.io. Any questions please send me an email. Best!


rdrpart Purchased

Opa, vi que você é Brasileiro, poderia me ajudar?

Instalei o projeto e rodou perfeitamente no navegador, porém quando vou rodar no emulador com: ionic cordova run ios, tenho a seguinte mensagem de erro:

Error: Type FtAccountForgotFormComponent in /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/src/modules/firetask/components/ft-account-forgot-form/ft-account-forgot-form.ts is part of the declarations of 2 modules: FtComponentModule in /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/src/modules/firetask/components/firetask.component.module.ts and FtComponentModule in /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/src/modules/firetask/components/firetask.components.module.ts! Please consider moving FtAccountForgotFormComponent in /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/src/modules/firetask/components/ft-account-forgot-form/ft-account-forgot-form.ts to a higher module that imports FtComponentModule in /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/src/modules/firetask/components/firetask.component.module.ts and FtComponentModule in /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/src/modules/firetask/components/firetask.components.module.ts. You can also create a new NgModule that exports and includes FtAccountForgotFormComponent in /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/src/modules/firetask/components/ft-account-forgot-form/ft-account-forgot-form.ts then import that NgModule in FtComponentModule in /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/src/modules/firetask/components/firetask.component.module.ts and FtComponentModule in /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/src/modules/firetask/components/firetask.components.module.ts. at Error (native) at syntaxError (/Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/node_modules/@angular/compiler/bundles/compiler.umd.js:1550:34) at CompileMetadataResolver._addTypeToModule (/Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/node_modules/@angular/compiler/bundles/compiler.umd.js:14655:31) at /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/node_modules/@angular/compiler/bundles/compiler.umd.js:14543:27 at Array.forEach (native) at CompileMetadataResolver.getNgModuleMetadata (/Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/node_modules/@angular/compiler/bundles/compiler.umd.js:14534:54) at addNgModule (/Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/node_modules/@angular/compiler/bundles/compiler.umd.js:23050:58) at /Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/node_modules/@angular/compiler/bundles/compiler.umd.js:23061:14 at Array.forEach (native) at _createNgModules (/Users/cristianocardoso/tri/triz/tri/node_modules/@angular/compiler/bundles/compiler.umd.js:23060:26)

Poderia me ajudar?

Fala mano, valeu por adquirir o Firetask. Sim esse problema foi resolvido na versão 3.0.1. Você pode baixar la no site firetask.io

Forte abraço

Hello Can I make changes myself when I buy the application? I can add new modules and modify existing modules