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Great work, keep going! :)

Thank you! :)

how to make it stop! once clicked, it wont stop… ?

Set boom_count value 0… example: $(‘body’).firemaks({ color: color, boom_count: 0 });

Can only be used in the ‘body’ tag????

Having a very hard time trying to use this plugin, only reason I bought it was because the fireworks are fast on firefox.

I am trying to create custom fireworks on my page, like 5 – 10 of them in custom places, I cannot insert them in another tag other than ‘body’

Then when I try to use the fire event, it only fires one at a time. Please tell me what I am doing wrong

- In fact, it created fireworks in the TAG in which it is initialized, but you’re right size DIV not properly consider and took the size of the browser window. The new version will fix it. - Function “Fire” created specifically for mouse clicks effects, and was not designed for the simultaneous launch of a large number of effects. But if you need, I can try to help you in my spare time. Thank you!

Hi there, I need to be able to set off 10 fireworks in a certain div. How can I do this?

Hello! You need to run 10 fireworks at the same time?

Hello….how to enable the fireworks should happen after click

after initialization, add for example this code:
    var cx = 0,cy = 0;
    $(document).mousemove(function(e){ cx = e.pageX; cy = e.pageY; });
    //mouse click event
        //call firework

has anyone got any ideas on how to install this on joomla 3x ??

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales

It is a great plugin! I would like to buy it, but I need to make sure first that I will be able to use it inside any div of any section on a website. As right now I see it is tied to the body element only? Please let me know. Thank you!

2 Questions- 1.Are these continuous or do they stop at some point? 2.Can this be used on a AVCMS site? This is the script I am using https://www.avscripts.net/ TY

Its possible to use it only when visitor click? (Display firework only when visitor click. No automatic firework)