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I have sent you a ticket a few days ago, number 80.

I have tried to install FireHelp but I have some problems with public folder. I have followed all step from your documentation but I can´t change public folder status, which appears as a visible. More details on ticket.


Hey, If you can send your information we can fix it for you

Hello, I have solved the problem. Thanks

Hello again, I have some doubts:

1- How many time I should introduce to set for CRON, every minute? 2- How I could change the Favicon? I can´t see this option in Admin Panel.


1- Yes, it should be every minute

2- Upload your favicon to folder “public”

Hello, a couple of pre-sale questions, if the ticket has been updated by the support staff, the user will receive an alert by email? if they reply by email to that ticket it will be logged in that ticket history for the support staff to respond? Also, if I assigned an email for support, like and someone not registered in firehelp support send an email to that email, will a new ticket be created by his email in firehelp support?


Hi ! Yes, user will receive an email when it’s updated. And yes you can setup and email for customers to contact you to open tickets through email.


I have sent you a Ticket (number 80) according to set up email replies. I get an error code.


Hi , replied.

Hello, problem solved. I have sent you another ticket about replies from e-mail and synchronisation between e-mail and Ticket System. Thanks


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i have two question: 1 i upload the attachment of image, but it can’t open< no filename extension>. i modfiy the site ico file?


Replied to your ticket in our support site.


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I have sent you a Ticket, number 83.



Replied to your ticket.

Any planned updates

Yes there are planned features , no timeline yet.

Pre-sales: Can people login using a username? Or only email?

It uses Email only for login, no username login implemented.

You need VPS to install ? Any updates coming up – are you open for suggestion features :)

Hi, it can be installed on shared host as well. Sure we’re open to suggestions !

Hi. I purchased in another account but i have a problem. I used Laragon with php7.1.1 and mysql mariadb-10.2.3win32, but can’t install becouse nothing happens when i go to localhost:8000. I saw the faq, i get this error

Any help?

Hi, This could be related to php 7.1 , go to “config” then “app.php”, there is a debug mode try to enable it ( by writing “true” instead of “false”) and see if it outputs the error

I get this error:

Function mcrypt_get_iv_size() is deprecated

in C:\laragon\www\firehelp\bootstrap\compiled.php

public function setMode($mode) { $this->mode = $mode; $this->updateBlockSize(); } protected function updateBlockSize() { $this->block = mcrypt_get_iv_size($this->cipher, $this->mode); }


The error above is related to mcrypt being removed from php 7.1 , you can either use earlier php versions ( you said you have php 5.6 on other installation ? .. or php 7.0 ) or you can reinstall mcrypt extension on php 7.1

I have a presale question. We have a laravel app that users already sign in to in order to use. While searching for a knowledgebase script I found yours and it looks great and even developed on Laravel. My question is how easy would it be to modify your script to pull the users log in information from the main apps database instead of yours? Could and should this be accomplished with the API instead? Just trying to wrap my head around how to not have to have users register on two different apps just for support for our app.


API wouldn’t be suitable for this case, however for authentication we use “eloquent” driver so you can: - use “users” table from your other app by: 1- Define a new connection to your other database 2- Change the connection in “Users” model to use a connection to your other database

You can see an example here in Eloquent section:

Can you allow language change? I want to test Arabic

It’s there and It’s already available in arabic

Thanks for the reply, it there yes but it says when selected, Disabled in demo! I want to test before I purchase!

Support RTL?

Yes, it does support RTL.


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Hi, when i would like to add mail pipe. Cpanel give this error :

Directory paths cannot be empty or contain the following characters: ? % * : | ” > <

Hi, You already showed us the error, you can do the 2nd method:

Go to “App/commands” file and change commands in line “name” from firehelp:mailpipe to firehelp-mailpipe


opssrah Purchased


This is another error when i try to create new ticket or view ticket :

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

Hi, Is this related to the previous error or it’s a different one? Have you set the mail settings ?

Hello, Dose it support email pipe, Direct Email to Ticket and Reply via email to Direct Tickets? Both are working ?

Hi, Yes, both features are working

Great! One more question, on Live Chat dose it support customer GeoLocation, IP address, Country, Real-Time Visitor Monitoring, Current page, Referrer, browser Info, Operating System Info, Push Chat, Spell Checker Etc.

Hi, Yes, it does. All above are monitored except spelling checker

Hi, I just submitted a ticket via your support system (I hope this is the way to go.) It is ticket #93 – I am having some trouble getting the system installed on our forge/digital ocean server. Just following up here in case that was not the way to submit a support request.

Hi, Replied.

Hi there! I really like the script but please let me know if you offer assistance for integration with WHMCS ?

Hi ! Please open a sales/support ticket and we’ll take the details of the integration :)


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Hello! I wanted to make a suggestion. Put call status as: in progress, forwarded, parsing, denied, terminated, opened. :)

Hi ! Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider it.