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Please is urgent , the platform have some bugs, I posted all in your platform still waiting response.

Hi , replied to all your inquiries

I have posted some bugs but still didnt get any reply . When staff logs on its home should be /admin as the default home doesnt show tickets posted to him

Would you bother to reply ?

Hi, Sorry for the late reply, i was on a one week Holiday and just came back today. We started answering all tickets and we’ll answer yours shortly.

Do you mean that the default should be “Assigned to me” instead of Department`s tickets ?

Hello, I sent you a ticket on your support website 3 days ago, still no reply. Would you bother to reply?

Hi, Sorry for the late reply, i was on a one week Holiday and just came back today. We started answering all tickets and we’ll answer yours shortly

I cant install your Plugin. On our Webserver and on localhost, there is only nothing – a white Page. Please tell me, what can we do.

Hi, go to /storage/logs , and send us the error log through our helpdesk

I buy the app but the app only minors updates.

1º No new functions. 2º The update from V1 to V2 only the laravel updated. Is for you is Major Update? 3º FireCrown not a other level Apps to helpdesk. Exist date to create a really MAJOR update?


One example which is PHP7 support, which was requested by many users. If updates didn’t affect you they were helpful to others. Otherwise if you have feature requests or suggestions you can send them along and we’ll consider them.


- Integrate chat in websites - In offline form to send message on website - Change colors the theme - Priorities, change name, create news - SLA - Favicons - Connect to others app same connect others app to firecrown - Receive tickets from email account - Escalate chat to other member staff MORE?????

Thanks for your suggestions, some of the things are already in plan and other things will be considered.


andaonm Purchased

Hello, I tried to install your software and it gives me the following error. This folder should not be accessible through web. The web document folder should be / public. More here.

Proceed to installation anyway you can install it for me. Thank you

Hi, Are you installing on a VPS or Shared host ? this article may be helpful:


doriarn Purchased

Hello, can you kindly look at the open tickets in the support portal? Thanks,

Hi, we replied to your tickets couple of days ago


doriarn Purchased

Hello, I still have issues. Kindly check my reply

How do I add Google analytics to front end of the tool? see update sql and got error Error SQL query:

CREATE TABLE `conversation_tokens` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `token` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `conversation_id` int(11) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=1 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 MySQL said: Documentation

1050 – Table ‘conversation_tokens’ already exists

Hi, Add it on top of resources/views/client/master file

As for the upgrade error, it means the upgrade is already applied before


DS4E Purchased

Hi, I still waiting on your tickets platform to answear some of my tickets..

There are some bugs that I need to be fixed urgent.

ERRORS / BUGS: 1. User can’t change their language. (only admin can do it for all users) 2. Export problem of ID’s (the reports export ID instead of the value or name) 3. In ticket already created you can answear without write nothing. 4. If you forgot your pass and try to reset it, it sends you an email with a link. when you press it you get error 500 with this code: a8622eea-7383-47b9-9eb2-6f46440af684.

Replied to your tickets

Hi presale queston,

what does API of this script use for ?

Hi, in case you wanted to integrate it with other systems you have, ex: escalating a ticket from a CRM

it can be integrated with any web site?

Yes, you need to a developer to integrate with your own system though


andaonm Purchased

Hello we have a problemos, we install again the script at the moment of placing all the data, basede data, user ect. Then it asks for the name of the site, but then it fails, and starts back to the database installation and does not pass from there. Request for assistance.

Hi, please send us your information in a support ticket at


doriarn Purchased

Hello, I have a question, if a new ticket is created by a user, will the admin or the staff receive any email to tell them there is a ticket awaiting to be answered?


doriarn Purchased

Hello, I have some major bugs in the script and need some attention from you, I have created 3 tickets in your support website since last week, can you check them?

Hi, replied to your tickets


doriarn Purchased

Hello, thanks for your reply, can you check your helpdesk, I have opened a ticket for some telegram missing files error. Thanks.