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I have seen a message here that it cannot be used with wordpress, can it not use wordpress user table to authenticate instead of it own tables.. I think if you are able to support this, your sales will be much more and you will end up making more money.. Any comments from you ? or can you provide the details about the authenticaltion part so, may be i use a developer to do the integration..

Thank you

Hi, we’ll highly consider this for the next versions.


doriarn Purchased

Hello, I have opened a ticket in the support section, ticket id 108. Can you please check it?

Hi, Replied

Can you check the ticket again, thanks

where can I see a sample of the chat at the lower left of a wordpress site.

Hi, You can add it as a button not a sticky bar, this is a standalone script

Hello….question….the tiketing….email fetch etc…only works with piping? Not IMAP or POP3 ?

Hi, thanks for your interest. Email fetch only works through piping

hello, how to add email notification for new tickets ? and also i dont find the folder app/start to add telegram notification ??

Hi , you can add both in the same file.

In newer version file is : app/Providers/CustomEventsServiceProvider ( Instead of app/start )

tried to upload your sql manually but got error doing so have sent you ticket from olatunjiadetunji thanks

Hi, Replied to your ticket

Hello please can you check my reply to you seriously need your assistance it is urgent pls! thanks

Replied to your ticket

can i install firehelp in xampp or wamp server localy i mean offline if so what is the steps

Hi, Which version of FireHelp are you installing ? on latest version please check what does /public/ give you ( without /install ) ..

it says Whoops, looks like something went wrong. i try to see ur documentation solution but its not clear sir can u tel me the clear step please

Hi, Please open a support ticket and we’ll be glad to see this further in details

Hi FireCrown, please email me for custom template theme.. i have own design for front-end.. send me mail

Hi, Sent you an email

done reply

This comment is currently being reviewed.

see I really don’t get you with all your explanations, have talked to the bot nothing is happening… so what next and what bot am I to talk to are you referring to botfather or my bot?

I want to ask one more question will my telegram bot be my channel? I mean will it be where I invite all my members to? or can I have a separate channel to invite my members to and then add my telegram bot in to be sending me notifications for that channel?

hello sorry have not been online for a while now have been terribly sick…I have responded to the query on your support site. Thanks

Hi, I have a few questions. 1- Can someone create a ticket without login? 2- With API can my user use their login info login and create ticket 3- What’s APP on admin? 4- It seems we are unable to disable sign up.


1- Yes, via email or API

2- API is for your private use, you can build an app where users check their info

3- It’s for API access

4- Settings in the admin panel can be used to disable signup

Thank you for answering but What is APP from admin panel?

It’s for integrating other systems ( CRM , etc ) with FireHelp, you can give each “Application” a limited access and view its log

Hi there,

I am currently using SnapEngage for my client chats. Is your system capable of handling multiple clients from a single admin dashboard? Is there a way to check the chat demo?

It’s capable of handling multiple clients , do you mean you want to integrate though? integrations require a bit of development expertise. And unfortunately we don’t have a demo of the “actual” live chat because it’s disabled in the demo.

hi, i want to install but i have a shared hosting… my default folder is: public_html, do you have a guide to change this the: public and replace to use public_html?

Hi, For easier access, you can setup it as a subdomain and then point the subdomain to “public” folder


Venewood Purchased

thaks so much!.. Not more updates?...

There are updates coming, if you have suggestions send them

hello sorry have not been online for a while now have been terribly sick…I have responded to the query on your support site. Thanks

Replied to your ticket

replied back

in 3rd step got 500 error

now in 2nd step

12 hr no reply ?

Hi, Please use for support , for this issue also submit log ( located in storage/logs ) in ticket attachment

Replied to your ticket


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I sent you private message from your Envato profile. Please reply me back asap.

Did you send an Email ? because we replied to all emails


hydm Purchased

I just sent a profile message from your profile page on codecanyon. (on this page: )

So, the message I sent you is should be in your mailbox as well. (which email address you are using for your envato account)

And I didn’t receive any reply back from you yet.

We have replied to every email that sent to us as of our last message, if you didn’t receive an email this means we either didn’t receive it or you didn’t receive our reply.

I will send you a message on your profile and you can reply back with your original question


DS4E Purchased

Hi, when I tried to open a ticket I get error 500. Also when I try to add a custom field also get a error.

These 2 are the errors:



Can yo tell me why this happen ?

Also when you create a ticket always should chose a “requester” .. it will be nice to have a “checkbox anyone” or default to be anyone if they don’t put anything there. So the ticket will be send to all until someone take the contro of it.

Please let me know about all of this.


DS4E Purchased

UPDATE: I was with admin user logged in, so the last paragraph with chose requester. is solved.

But i found a bug I think..

On admin / tickets / serach -> don’t work. I can’t find any ticket I created before.

Hi, Great to hear, what field do you search on ? keyword must be 3+ characters

If we get extended license can we install it and sell accounts to users?

Yes you can.

Hi, Im very interested in this product. Can I import clients as csv. I have a table of clients that i need to import so i can be able to identify the client im charting to.

Hi, thanks for your interest. we don’t have import client from csv feature

Hi, I will like to know some things.

-When you use livechat as user , to close the live chat when press the “X” , should go to the main menu. but nothing happen. (In my case I use this script as a webApp so livechat won’t work)

-How I can deactivate or hide the “share buttons”

-Visual bug on login tablet

- Visual bug on knowledge (like login is not properly displayed)

- rename copyright and logo on check update

i wrote all my problems on your tickets platform. Regards