FireHelp | Tickets , Live Chat and Knowledgebase

FireHelp | Tickets , Live Chat and Knowledgebase

FireHelp is a complete customer support solution, that includes tickets , live chat and knowledgebase.
The software is built on the idea of it being very extendable, thus providing you with all tools to help you do so.

You can checkout the demo below:


Admin panel:

Admin login:
Email :
Password: admin 
Staff login
Email :
Password: jane 
Customer login
Email :
Password: demo

Why choose FireHelp ?

With Events feature, you can do amazing stuff, connect to service and have your data anywhere you want and most importantly, it’s simple and easy to customize to whatever fits your needs.

Change Log

Version 1.0.2 [ 17 July 2016 ]
+ Added Guest Live chat
+ Added New ticket through email
* Bug fix for auto updater
* Other minor fixes 
Version 1.0.1 [ 4 May 2016 ]
 * Small bugfix in line-breaks
+ Added KB Articles + Announcements to MagicSearch
+ Added One-click update 
Version 1.0.0 [ 3 May 2016 ]
 - Inital release of FireHelp