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What does this actually do? Can you use this with other ios apps?

If you can integrate into your existing app then yes..if you can’t then we can do this custom work with minor charges..


9hsein5 Purchased

dear sir can i have ur skype to contact you i am interested in buying the app but i have some questions before

You can ask.

our skype is icanstudioz


I really want to buy your script.

2 important questions before buy:

1. We don’t use a web admin but a easy to use api. Do you have it or can you make it and show a example? (like pushover)

2. I want to give users access to a private catergorie, if i don’t give access they can’t select it.

Please tell me you can make this happen?



Thanks for your interest. YES. we can do it. you can contact our skype for further information. our skype is icanstudioz


hi, this app sound very innovative. but not sure if I understand. Can I create Geolocatiin push notifications – user will get msg when close to a certain area.

How do the user register? Do they dowload an app or can they register via a web page?


No you got wrong.Geo location means you have to send notification manually.But if you want this kind of customization then you can request for custom work on icanstudioz.You’ll get idea about procedure there.


Ok … so all notification are manual conducted, correct? so a good Use Case, would. If there is a fire in a certain area, the admin would send a notification in that are, correct?

YES. for more clerification you can check demo and contact us on skype: icanstudioz

In demo version only Admin can send notification. Can you change this, and let users registered send notification?


YES. this is possible. you can send this custom request to us. kindly contact us on skype : icanstudioz



I am interested but i have some query, kindly accept my skype session

kindly allow my request

Already did.


Kindly share your contact number

can I use both apps (IOS and android) with one admin? Instead of having 2 admins and 2 apps.


Yes..you can use both in one panel.


may I know is the Push Type be “Data Message” or “Notification Message”? https://firebase.google.com/docs/cloud-messaging/concept-options


it’s Data Message. Regards.


our pleasure

Hi icanstudioz,

We integrated this with our iOS and Android apps through Firebase.

The notifications sent are not always received by all devices. When testing directly from FCM console, the notifications are going to all devices.

Any pointers?


You might miss something when integrating our source. make sure you point out your installed admin panel correctly.


Hi, Can this also read the device phone number into the admin panel. I can see email there. Also is there an IOS client for testing?

Also, can i send from anther web app to the admin panel via api ?


Yes. Reading Phone Number is somehow possible but not accurate. and it’ll require user permission too.

no ios client for testing. if you want to test by providing your UDID then it’s chargable. kindly contact us on skype for further information.

we don’t have any REST API for registering other clients. but you can ask customisation.


Hi, I just bought it – so simple and it work. But I am wondering if you can combine the Category and Location Criteria together. So example: Send notification for people who live around (Lat, Log) coordinates or address but want Restaurants

That would really be nice

Any chance of making it happen in the next update :)


Thanks for suggestion but if you want this custom work then you can contact us.Our skype is icanstudioz.