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Sample panel looks slow.. is it the forecast free version or is it just a case of me having slow internet? Also what is the maximum users you can push to? Does it solely depend on your type of host?


There is no kind of thing as you are telling.Its demo which contain all the features.Maybe your internet is slow.There is nothing related to hosting.panel just need server requirements as we mentioned in description.


Yes I understand.. I wasn’t talking about delivering messages in sample.. I was talking about navigation of admin panel being slow.. is it normal with Laravel? Or it’s just my internet?

Thank you

Your internet issue cause laravel has no such kind of error.

Hello There is a problem in that the notices do not reach the user, except in the case of the application in action


msasdf Purchased

Dear: I waited for a response

Hi, i like your project and bought it but i have some problems about it. When i try to install web services, installation page give an error ‘Database error: could not find driver’. Btw i installed all sql drivers to my server.

Second that when i change .json file in Android project. Than i get issues about cannot find your old path etc.

Third one is the name changing thing. When i change the name app never start functionally.

Thanks for your interest and fast response.


You missed something on server.Please read the pre requirements for server

- PHP >= 5.5.9 - PDO PHP Extension - Mbstring PHP Extension - Tokenizer PHP Extension


Make sure your server has all the required extensions enable.

Second thing we didn’t get you.

Third thing make sure all thing before you change..


Please read the documentation before installation of server and android code

Don’t change anything until you know what you are doing.

Still if you found fault in script then contact us on skype : icanstudioz.


How are you my friend Can you add scheduling ?


Please write in brief.We didn’t got your point.


How many projects can I add ?


There is no limitation.For more information refer this link :



i create 7 project when I want to create the project 8 display me this message :

You’ve reached the project limit for your account. You can add Firebase to an existing project or contact support to request an increased limit.

Its your firebase account limit.please see the pricing which i sent you on last message.At least open the link so you’ll get idea.


Hi, there is not option to send notifications to all users, how can i do it?


From the category section you can send to all user.You just need to select categories.



I bought this. Where to get the “Google Api Key” in the setup?


I am very sorry to have bought this product!

I completely implemented the steps in the documentation pages. But the categories do not appear on the phone. And No user list in admin panel! I think the project files are missing.

I would also take your product for IOS. But now I do not consider buying any products from you.

I want you to fix the product you sold, immediately.

I sent you a message via Skype, but you do not answer. If you answer, I’ll be happy…

Please provide support for the product you are selling.


Calm down.There is sunday and we are not working on sunday.So we not available 24×7.How mean you are…we never say no for support.What is your username on skype? We are not magician that we know you sent message on skype and we know you are this person mustafacelenk .SWo always respect for author.We are developers not beggars.So keep that things in mind.

Hope you are understanding this simple thing.If not then still we will help you.