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Hey, quick question about this cool app. With regards to the chat – could it be used for both – private chat with a single member as well as group chat?

Hi @gmanikumar, the app currently supports group chat only. App users can see and join all the chat rooms. Though, you could take this feature further and implement private chat as well.

Do you have Android Studio version with java?

Hi, unfortunately no. Currently our work remains focused on Cordova/Ionic.

1. Where you hosted Admin App, is it posible to hosted on Firebase hosting or Others commercial hosting provider (what is your recomend?).

2. i’am already buy your business and restaurant app, do you have plan to provide admin app for both app.

1. It is a bunch of static HTML/CSS/Javascript files. You could host it in any hosting environment capable to serve a static website.

2. We are already working on a Firebase Admin UI for the Business Directory App

- https://ionic-stage.herokuapp.com/stage/?app=businessdirectoryadmin

- https://ionic-stage.herokuapp.com/stage/businessdirectoryadmin

There is also a Restaurant Backend System we are preparing to provide as a service. We could provide you early access if the case you would like so. Just send us a private message.

awesome, i will send you private email, thank you

Please check your inbox

Error: The specified authentication type is not enabled for this Firebase.,

I am create firebase project with new firebase and email auth enabled, their mention to update with new sdk.

Have you enabled the email and password authentication using Firebase’s dashboard? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5d8Lqm1ViE1ekpBY0Z4aUZPc3M/view?usp=sharing

Yes, email and password enabled.

I am create the project in new firebase (www.firebase.google.com), it’s different from legacy console (THEY ARE DEPRECATED AS OF MAY 18, 2016) . Please upgrade to our new console! To use our shiny new features, see our migration guides.).

https://www.firebase.com/docs/web/api/firebase/authwithpassword.html YOU’RE VIEWING THE LEGACY DOCS. THEY ARE DEPRECATED AS OF MAY 18, 2016. These docs are for version 2.4.2 and below of the Javascript SDK. Go to our current docs, or see our Web migration guide. https://firebase.google.com/docs/auth/web/password-auth

========== // We are currently investigating an issue affecting Firebase Authentication on some Android devices. We recommend not launching an Android app using Firebase Authentication to production until this is resolved.

I believe you have to update with new one. and for AWS bucket storage migrate to Firebase storage.

Let me know if you fix this problem.


Hi, the app is created to work with the legacy console, so please use that one. We are investigating in order to upgrade to the new console. Though, until then you can use the legacy console which is tested and still works as expected with the app.

You think we can use your app to build a simple classified ads app?

Hi, could you provide more info about the features you need your app to have so I can make sure this app is suitable for you?

I would love to see the new Admin UI you are doing also

Hi, could you please request demo access to our new admin using the following form? https://appseed.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new

Hi i want to buy. But i have a doubt : on the documments, there’s some info how to configure the firebase? I’m saying about the “database” structure

Hi, this kit consists of two applications; one is the mobile app which is the actual app using the data that comes from the firebase “database” and the other one is the app which can be used in order to create all the data that are going to be stored in the firebase “database”. Thus, you should not bother with the appropriate firebase data structure as the admin app is responsible for creating all the necessary data in Firebase.

Hi, I just purchased this kit, and it was amazing! But I have just one question regarding the chatroom, is there a way to create a chatroom? Could you provide me an example json file for the chatroom?

You could add a “createdAt” property to the article object and then change the sortBy variable in the PublisherMobile/project/app/scripts/articles/articles.controller.js to createdAt(instead of title).

Thanks, but what I meant is that is there a way to display the articles so that it goes most recent to oldest instead of oldest to most recent? Because right now, my oldest articles is at the top of the list while I have to scroll all the way down to get to the most recent article.

You can add a “createdAt” property to the article object using the addItem()[1] function in order to track the date/time an article is created and then use the AngularJS sortBy3 filter in the articles.html file.

[1] This function is located in the app/scripts/articles/articles.controller.js file.
[2] This file is located under the app/scripts/articles/ path.
[3] https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/filter/orderBy

there are many changes in firebase documentation and lot of code used in your app like with angularfire, authentication has been deprecated. Do you have the new release.

Hi, we did release an updated version at the end of July. You can downloaded it for free. On the “Item details” tab you will find the change log for more information.

Hello … few questions
  1. what programming language you used for the Publisher Admin?
  2. I see that images saved to Amazon S3, is it possible to customize it to save to firebase hosting?
  3. Firebase support offline mode, do you have offline feature implemented in your app?
  4. can you add text formatting option when adding articles?
  5. I see that there is no option to edit or delete categories and tags, are you planning to add this feature?

1. Both apps (admin + client) are based on the Ionic framework1
2. You will need to write some code in order to do that. In case you want us to do that for you as a mini-project please contact us using our support centre2
3. Firebase offline support does not provide the expected UX and we did not use that for our apps.
4. For any feature request, please, use the feature request form3 and we will take your suggestions into consideration.
[1] http://ionicframework.com
[2] https://appseed.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new
[3] http://goo.gl/forms/fpPrIYVWre

Hi i bought several app from market, but yours bit unique, i was actually looking for some functionality like that, i will purchase before end of the day. My question i teach and ineed to distribute notes articles lessons etc. so i want some user control system, where i can controll who should receive who should not. some switch type i can put on or off when required. also if providion can be made to send fcm push message either individual user or to all registered user. since it is already working in gcm/fcm platform, can we incorporate these functions. What about video link, is it possible to give video link to play within article. Appreciate clarifying above points

Hi, you should have received a reply from our support center on this. Please, check your inbox.

We double checked. You should have received a reply. Please, check again in couple minutes.

A few questions before I Buy

In regards to the above comment, is that possible? Can you provide me with the code needed for that?

Also is push notifcations and tracking integrated in already?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, could be a bit clearer about the code you are looking for, please? I am not sure if I understand your question. This app does not include push notifications but you could find the example code for that in the following app: https://codecanyon.net/item/barebone-ionic-full-application/11565196