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Thanks PreScriptZ

Hey, This looks like a great product, something that would definitely come in Handy. I have two questions. 1. How easy is it to integrate it with a firebase app? 2. How much does it cost to get a platform like mobidonia developed? I have been looking for something similar lately.

Hello BytePing

Thanks for the good words.

  1. I’m making a video on how easy is to set up. It is 3 min process. Really easy.
  2. Mobidonia is been developed 3 – 4 years now. Believe me it costs a lot. But you can become our reseller.

Hey, appreciate the prompt response, Is there any way you can guide me on implementing a login/registration system in my Android/IOS app using firebase? That’s all I need to figure out in order to put my app out, and this admin panel would be perfect to handle the rest. Cheers!

good job, very nice work ! wish you lots of sales ;)

Thanks EricProchnow.

Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks WaterproofThemes

Hey. I have a firebase app that I have been looking to have an “admin panel” to control the data from the app but from a browser without having to be in the firebase account mangement. Will this do the job and hook into it for me?

WinITGuy, this is the same reason I created this script.

It gives you more User friendly admin panel. And it works for every kind of firebase setup.

You can do
  1. Add new items ( dynamically)
  2. View all you firebase data in tables and structured
  3. Update existing data
  4. Delete items

Hi, Your project looks great admin UI for firebase, It work for auto generate key? like this

Hello yothinks

Yes it does. We call it “prefixForJoin”

See the video

Hello, can this admin panel understand any firebase data model and manage its data? or it need to be customized by coding? .... What is the web hosting requirement? can we host it in Firebase hosting?

Hello pixelsoft

Yes, this admin panel can understand any firebase data model and manage the data.

Read, Update, Delete – Don’t require additional config.

Adding – you have to enter the desired schema of the structure.

You can see this part of the explanation video to see how easy I set the schema.

The admin panel comes with more complex schema example. This is also interesting. As you go inside the elements, the add function will work from current element down. So I create the following schema

   --- Prices
   --- Info

And if I’m in prices item, the “Add” button will add new price based on the schema entered.


I have a question, is there a way to limit users allowed to used admin panel to only one?

I see any user on firebase with an account can log in. This does not work for me as the users on the firebase database are all customers.

Thank you!

Hello imateu123

Thanks for the purchase.

Sure, the easies way will be to manually modify login.php’s javascript to something like this

Looks at from line 16.

Let me know is there is any other way I can help.

All best.

Hi, I bought your code and followed your instructions, but on clicking the + sign on the top right-hand corner, it doesnt add anything to my table. I left a support ticket on your site last week, but no ones gotten back since then.

Hello gerryong

It is problem with the schema object. Can you email your settings.js file on



I am having a hard time adding schema. Would you be able to help me with appropriate schema for this situation:

I would like to add trials, for example “Type 1 Diabetes” under the “Diabetes” section:

Thank you.

Hello imateu123

Can you export your firbase data (It is done in LiveDatabase->Export) and send to us on contact at This way I will provide you with full schema and joinByGroup elements.

Thanks for the purchase.

its showing the wrong data when i click the view button, how do i fix it

I’ve created a support ticket, but haven’t heard anything back

mine is a simple table without any image uploads

We received the ticket, will fix the issue asap and let you know.

Definitely great work. Goodluck with your sales

Thanks st1s


lilyvo30 Purchased

Just submitted a support ticket about the schema and hoping you can help. Thanks!


lilyvo30 Purchased

Just checking on my support ticket.

How do I add additional dropdown, datePicker and checkbox? As there’s no instruction found. Thanks!

Hi! I would to know if is possibile use this plugin to send custom push notification from orders admin panel woocommerce. Thanks


dsbuckley Purchased

I’ve installed twice and I’m having the same issue every time. There are no menu’s on the left. It’s always blank. I even removed the schema and other options just so I could only have menu items. Still no luck. Any ideas as far as what the server needs to have installed? I’m using digitaloceans LAMP 16 install.

Hi, i follow every step and dont work for me, show me alert: “There is no user record corresponding to this identifier. The user may have been deleted.”