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The admin panel console is great however I am having a couple of problems with it. The tableFields array in the navigation settings does not affect the table displayed. When a database entry is opened and the user returns to the entries table, all of the entries are displayed on one page with the search bar missing. Thank you in advance for the support.

Hello josegil13

I did the update for firebase data paging. You will get email from codecanyon when it is approved. So now, not all data will be returned at once.

And you can see in the change log what is changed and how to upgrade.

tableFields – will only function if you have thous field in the current data set.

Regarding the DataTable search function. Yes it is not that reliable since it is from jQuery and will work only for the initial data set. So the datatable in future will go, replacing it with our own filter.

Hi, I was able to set everything up but I’m having an issue with scrolling. I’m not able to scroll to the bottom in order to see the rest of the data. Any idea what the issue might be? Thanks

Hello wilsonincs

Well, to be hones I have not faced with this problem before.. Can you contact me ad and send me screenshots or link with username to your admin.

Thanks for the purchase.

@wilsonincs & mobidonia i have the same error while using Firefox 54.0.X i cant scroll in demo page

Hello jrg-media

I have fixed the problem in new version

Will update the demo shortly.


abobasm Purchased


I am facing problem when I try to add new elements !

Error 201: We are missing correct insert schema.

could you help

Hello abobasm

Sure. Will be happy to help. Did you follow the video for Schema SetUp

If yes, can you send me link to your admin with u/p at

Thanks for the purchase.

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Hi, This is nice admin panel but when I saw demo it was looking more attractive after purchasing I found I need to customize. I have some basic question. 1. In Demo you are showing image to upload to Firebase db. How I can do that , where I will save image in Firebase database and what format.

2. Does this panel has API’s what I can integrate to Mobile Application to display and update/delete Firebase node data using HTTPS or REST


Hello anwar_imam

Well yes, the purpose of the demo is to show it best possible. Yes, there are configuration to be done, but don’t take a lot of time, there is good documentation and there is no coding.

  1. Yes, follow the video from here You will define what fields are image fields. The images go to the Firebase Storage. There is nothing additional that you should do.
  2. Since this is all based on Firebase, all you data is saved in Firebase. And you can use their SDKs for iOS / Android / Web to get the data. You can find the REST guide here In fact the data is really easy to read. Just add .json at the displayed link in your Firebase Console.

Thanks for the purchase.

HI, I Know how to do SDK integration to mobile app. But I want single Firebase database to be accessed from two different mobile app (com.appleid) which is not possible to configure using SDK. So I am thinking to integrate SDK in one app which is user based and API’s to update Firebase content from Mobile Admin user app. Also I can’t use Firebase Curl API directly from Native Mobile App. This is reason I asked about React API’s with your Admin Application what I can call from Native Mobile App to Add/Edit/update Firebase contents. Your Admin Application I am going to use from Desktop. You suggestion will be appreciated to implement above scenario. Thanks Quick Response

Hello anwar_imam

First, sure you can use firebase SDK ( android or ios ) in multiple mobil e apps. Just click on the ( + ) sign in firebase and add new ios or android app.
If you want to build your own API Proxy, then you can extend our fireadmin to respond with JSON, but by default this admin doesn’t have that functionality.
And my suggestion will be

  1. Use our admin panel to manage data manually
  2. Use the Firebase Provided SDK in your native apps. Definitely will not recommend CURL to manage the data from the app.

    Why it is not inserting new row in table? I am trying but it shows added successfully but not working properly. I want to buy this if it is inserting the date in firebase database

    Hello Iot_apps_vlla

    Are you inserting in array or object? And what is your insert method in app.js? Can you see if after refresh data is there?


    allzone Purchased

    Hi, I have a question. Can this admin panel be installed on a simple web hosting? I couldn’t find any mentions about that in documentations. Please let me know. Thanks!

    Hello Allzone

    Yes, it can be installed on any web hosting. In this video I install on local host MAMP that is same like most of the web hosting.

    Thanks for your interest

    I am attempting to list objects that are grouped under a random key.

    My schema is like:

        "items": {
            "random-key-1": { "key 1": "value 1" },
            "random-key-2": { "key 1": "value 2" },

    How do I make Fire Admin display the items in a table? I attempted to use a prefixForJoin but I don’t know how I would use it if the keys are random. Thank you.

    Hello harveymatt

    Can you try will it work ok with empty prefix for join

    and let me know.

    I read josegil13’s comment about tableFields not working. I’m experiencing the same thing. A search of the code shows that tableFields is never used outside of the config. :)

    Hello harveymatt

    Looks like you are josegil13 are right. I had that function and while developing I have removed.

    I did an update and send in it to codecanyon for review.

    Meanwhile you can update on your own.
    Here is the missing function

    Put it around line 578 in “src/containers/Fireadmin.js”.
    Then there are two usages of the

    element in the same file.

    Make both of them start like this
    < Table headers={this.findHeadersBasedOnPath(this.state.firebasePath)} 

    Let me know if it works.

    Worked great! Thank you!

    Great, happy to hear that. Will be great if you can rate this project. Thanks


    valemk Author Team

    Team support


    Coda88 Purchased

    Problem with routing, problem with date field, problem with css

    Hello Coda88

    • Routing: The routing is reporting errors, but so far I think it works correctly. Since it is dynamic routing, had problems avoiding thous issue. But I think the routing works correctly. Do you experience problems with it?
    • Data field comes from the regular JS. The code is located in public/assets/js/demo.js. The data format is settable form there. I will look into setting the dateformat from the config file.
    • The css is completely based on the following theme. Can you tell me what is the problem so I can report to them or maybe there is an issues I had made.

    Thanks for your feedback and purchase. Our goal will this item is long term, and we will update it constantly.

    NPM is generating a large number of warnings when I run the script – no errors, just warnings. Should I be concerned about any of them?

    Hello vetoquinolusa

    I will say there is no reason to be concerned. All of them are of the following nature.

      1:26  warning  'PropTypes' is defined but never used  no-unused-vars

    Defined but never used. Will work on optimization and this warnings will be gone. But really no need for to be concerned.

    Thanks for the purchase. Pls rate the project if you like it.

    Thank you. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t a result of something I did when installing.

    Sure, no problem.

    Could this be used for a secure client ordering system? No eCommerce.

    Just upload our product list from the admin, and each client can order on their own account?

    The order will just be emailed to us after complete – no inventory required.

    But have a highly customized list -

    need to update list and limit some access of each user

    need super admin, admin, user type 1, user type 2, user type 3

    thank you

    Hello socialari2

    Unfortunately not.

    This admin is for admin usage only. Although it is good starting point for system like you described, it requires a lot of additional development.

    If you need the admin just for adding / uploading your products, than it will do the work. But for the complete use case , no.

    Hope this answers the question. Thanks for the interest.

    Does FireAdmin support MP4 video files? This is critical for me as I would like to use for managing a video library in addition to images and other content. Thank you.

    Hello vetoquinolusa

    At the moment no. But will be easy for me to add that functionality. Will work on it today, and will email you the update, so you don’t have to wait from CodeCanyon update. Pls contact me on to have your email.

    Will be done in 1-2 days max.


    George121 Purchased

    Hello, I purchased FireAdmin yesterday and is amazing! But unfortunately, when I create a new club event, the image selection and dropdowns don’t work. In other words, I cannot access the content like choose image from my computer or in dropdowns, the selection does not response. Could you tell me where could be the problem? Thank you.


    George121 Purchased

    Ok, I sorted out the dropdowns, but the image selection don’t work.

    Hello George121

    Thanks for the purchase. Sometimes image select appears slower. Can you tell me on what browser, and on what computer you have the problem. Also, does this happens when there is or there is no pervious image.


    George121 Purchased

    Hello, is true that I didn’t put any image before, so I tried to put image into Firebase manually and insert this path into .json. Using Chrome and Safari, neither of this browsers allowed me to choose picture from my computer. Anyway, the picture on the form changed as I changed the .json, but the button doesn’t work. I am using flowing: “photo” : “https://firebasestorage…..” and app.js is as default. Could it this problem related to yarn? Thank you


    George121 Purchased

    Two more question: 1. Is it possible to have the tablefields ordered by date or time? I guess is ordered by the key from the database. 2. When adding new element, would it be possible if the view would respect the schema.json? I mean, when adding new club event, the form is sorted in alphabetical order like “Date, description, name”. I would perfect to have it ordered like “Name, description, date”. Thank you

    Hi George121

    1. Yes, by default it is ordered by their key in the Database (and this is time based). What I’m missing is that I should display them in reverse, and this will show the event by time of creation. I will provide new update for this shortly. Sorting by event date will be tricky
    2. This is really good idea, to follow the ordering same as in schema.json. Will work on that also and keep you updated, together with the above update, and few new function (like file upload ) will send an update soon

    Thanks for the purchase and the feedback.


    George121 Purchased

    yaaaaay! Well done! Looking forward to it.


    majamis Purchased

    Hi, i am facing a problem where the date-pickers don’t update the fire admin form text fields but do update the firebase db elements. Could you please provide a fix

    Hello majamis

    Can you check if modifying

    in line 23 in src/Components/fields/DateTime.js will fix the problem.

    Thanks for the purchase.


    jrg-media Purchased

    Hi, bought it as a second try (bought it since some weeks and was not so good….) but every item has a second chance =). But!

    Using this new Version, seems like it has some bugs? When i load this page with firefox or chrome its a 50:50 chance to get an paging, (page 1 of 40) otherwise loads 300+ elements…

    and it doest not show all of my data rows:

    using this: { “link”: “fireadmin”, “path”: “Teilnehmer”, tableFields“] } (shorted)

    In my Firebase this row contains ~ 100 entrys. But your Script only show me 20 of this rows? What can i try?