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can you release sorting items code earlier? (reordering?) does that mean reordering for table would be possible too?

This will be our priority. Yes, it will work for the arrays/table.

Is there any way to block the creation of new elements and new fields in some views? I would not like my clients to add fields in some elements

Hello Gabriel

You can achieve that thought the Firebase rules. Learn more here

Thanks for the purchase.

i’d like to show only a few fields in the table preview? i.e., in the table view? say A.) if i have 15 fields, i’d like to show only 5 in the preview and the rest as the user clicks on edit? how should i go on about that? B.) i’d like to show those “5” fields in order as well as define which 5 are to be shown in table preview.

i have te same question than Penandweb too i try with table fields but don’t work

Hi,just wondering which part of the code is the data model part?

Hello Harryocelot

  • For Firebase: /src/config/schema.json
  • For Firestore: /src/config/firestoreschema.js

Hope this helps.

Is there any way that pressing + takes you to the modal to create an object instead of creating it automatically?

Hi gabrieluy7, Unfortunately no, for now the only way is by clicking on a ”+” icon. And for now is impossible to display model.

We are hoping that you enjoy using our product. And thank you for the purchas.

Hello haariiii,

We don’t know if this app uses Firebase. If this app uses Firebase as a database then you can use this admin panel.

If you have other questions feel free to contact us again.

Regards, Team Mobidonia


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i’m really having a lot of trouble with html component, saving it empty crashes the component and hence the entire page.

i’m sure you guys have the same bug, if you leave the html component empty, it crashes the page/app. please tell me if there is a fix or not, i also posted on your support forum and haven’t got any response, instead the ticket closes after waiting a week.


2.) the radio buttons have been set to true / false on saving that it stores 1 / 0 that is fine. only when you reopen the page, there fields dont have retention, it shows no option selected? how can i fix that?


Penandweb Purchased


Hello Penandweb

We tried to reproduce your bug, but we couldn’t. Can you try, edit. and delete in our demo. now editing is allowed.

User: Password: password.

We tried there, and locally and it worked ok. Can you send us screenshot?

Hi, I purchased the firebaseadmin reactjs product for the restaurant menu admin dashboard as i have seen in the video.

Can you share restaurant schema for firebaseadmin reactjs product. I need that schema for my project

Thanks Abhi

Hello abhinav118,

Can you create ticket here for sharing files and for better support.

Thanks for the purchase.

Can you help create my admin page. I sent you firebase access. Also can you fix the mobile responsive bug as i couldn’t add/delete items in current event pages