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Notice: Undefined index: path in /var/www/html/ on line 9

Can you help look into this? Thanks.


Thanks for reporting this bug.

In menu.php replace the code whit this one.

Let me know if it works. I will update the script.

Thank you. It is now working.

Where should authorizationPushKey be place inside settings.js?

Hello, you should put it in the root element in settings.js Like this

Let’s say I have a “shop” object and it has attributes like “name”, “description”, “address” etc. Currently the edit object screen appears to sort the attributes alphabetically, showing attributes like “address..” on top. How can I re-order the attributes by making sure important attributes like “name” will show first? Any hint that which PHP file should I be hacking?

Well this it a complicated one.

1.You can use order, but you can’t set the ordering that you want exactly.

Other problem is that since this is general admin panel (and every query is done from admin.js ), the ordering will affect all queries and not just the menu you want.

2.I believe better way will be to declare new variable for each firebase.php item ex. order:[shopName,address,description]. Than in js->admin.js around line 371 to rearrange the object based on the menu declared ordering.
Follow and

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the helpful reply. I will research further. Cheers. :D

Great that it helped

Another question, any tips on which file to modify, so that we can display date related fields like “date created”, “date modified”?

Very useful. Thanks!


hello if I want to make a leaderboard with this back end is it possible to do this

Do you want to order the results based on value? If so follow with changes in aadmin.js


valokafor Purchased

Hello, the add item button is not doing anything for me, clicking on the button does not show the window to add any items. Do you know what I can check

Hello valokafor

In order the “Insert” button to work you must have correct schema set for that menu. Pls email me link to your admin, and possibly user and pass on contact at .

fyodor1821: Just put path: ”” in settings for Home-section