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I am not able to see my data properly in my fireAdmin admin panel.It shows me key values at time i click to show data menu. As firebase generate random push key my data are not arranged in sequncial manner.But if i have export modify data with sequencial key order then also i am not able to see data even. it show only blank table structure with field names.what to do?

Hello artyimagination, Can you create ticket on , to send us screenshots of the problem for better finding solution of your problem. We are waiting for your ticket.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

Hi Mobidonia Team!

I would like to know how can i relate and update correctly my related objects on firebase, i have taken a ticket but i did´t get answer about a solution, please it´s the only problem for my project .

Thank you in advance

Hello razek07

Well firebase does’t have pointer / relation capability. So we did come out with our own implementation.

It works in thous two ways, that you have explored. Firestore db, the one that has pointers, usee the “isValuePath” method.

So the thing you want to acheive is not common and as we know the only way to update data when data in other node changes is to use firebase cloud function and create trigers that will do update the related data.

this info is a way to update in both places the related data at seems,

i want to extend my support payement, but i want to know if it will work the problem on related data on firebase database not in firestore, i hope you can make the related data works, because is the only problem that i found in this great work

Kind regards,

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Dear sir,

first of all thanks for the great work ;) I haven’t had problem with firebase connection, but I experienced an issue in Firestore: I can’t get collection to work properly :(

this the code in app.js

{ “link”: “firestoreadmin”, “path”: “CMPoi”, “name”: “POI”, icon”, tableFields“], }

I just see load spinner goes on and on :(. The collection is already existing on firestore DB ;)

Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

Valeria Sinnati.

ok, I solved in facts I changed the default rules and now it works!!! Great job though ;)

Hi cardmap, Sorry for the late response, but if you have other questions please feel free to contact us again. We are so glad that you like our product, and thanks for the purchase.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

HI, just bought the firebase admin and have to say its a great tool and will save me tons of work. Just wanted to ask two

Can I modify the from the fields of an item? They are alphabetically ascending ordered and I would like to have a custom order.

The fields in my DB that are not declared in the collectionMeta will not be affected when editing the documents? (Working with firestore)

And finally, in the main app.js config, I add tableFields to my firestore navigation page and its not showing the only field I putted there, Its showing all diferent fields in the table.

Also I cant edit the child objects from a collection

Hi karlolm, Did you create ticket here?

it will be good to give us access to your db, to check the setup.

Thank you, just submitted a ticket.

Hello, just wondering how i can get the mobile app for 5 dollars…is that still possible?

Hello badfranco, You already purchased only admin panel, so in that case, you only get the admin panel, not the firenews app. That offer is in case if you purchase Firenews app than you get admin panel bonus.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

hi again , i want to make upload file as pdf in cP , how?

Hello muhammad89

In app.js, adminConfig->fieldsTypes->file add the name of the element that you want to be presented as file uploader.

Let me know if that works.

Is this panel able to be used for client websites as a kind of CMS according to the license?

Hello BraedinJ,

Yes, our admin panel is able to be used as CMS according to the licence.

If you have other questions please feel free to ask us again.

Kind regards, Team Mobidonia

Hey! I’ve been using your app as a starting point for a project I’m working on and was wondering if you could help me with something. I need to add in reauthentication and I can’t seem to figure it out. I think I need to import something somewhere, but I’m at a loss. I’m trying to follow along with:

Hello jordanbommelj

Can you provide me with more details, on what you need to do, and what you have already done by creating a ticket

Thanks for the purchase.

Hey, I have implemented firebase functions to send push notifications, whenever a new child is added at a particular node, But in Fireadmin, a child is created first and then the data for that child is entered, is it possible to reverse this process.

Replied on ticket.

Hello Mobidonia,

I downloaded the latest version of the fireadmin UI.

I may be asking you a few questions in the days to come.

But my first one is: How do you add the notification bubbles in the top right of the screen when the login failed? Currently it fails silently.

Hello ppanchangam

In src/Login.js around line 67 uncomment the line 67

Let me know if that helps.


skypu3 Purchased

How can I sort the fields, such as I need move name to Top ?


skypu3 Purchased

Hi, how can I sort the fields, such as arranging “name” into top ?

Hello skypu3

Do you want to order the columms, or order the data by specific column?


thetis Purchased

hi , great work only a question

i have a collection in firestore

and i need to know when a item will be modified , if i use a field “lastModified” of type datetime how can i change it when some other field of the item is modified?

Hello Thetis

Thanks for the purchase. For that you can use Cloud Functions

Specifically, onModify().

There are few examples that you can find there.

how do you prevent any user to delete the element? like in your demo

We do it throught Firebase DB rules

Hi, I ask a question 5 days ago on mobidonia but I did not get an answer. So, I will post it here. I am struggling to display my data on the dashboard. for example, I have this note (capture1). It is displayed like in capture2. but I would like it like items (table with different fields with add and delete buttons). I cannot figure out how I can do it. I hope I will not need to change my notes in the database

Hello coldfire365

We had 2 days off due to Orthodox Easter + the weekend. Will reply on your ticket today. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the purchase.


bizino Purchased

Do you plan to launch a new version?

Hello bizino

Yes, the new version is finally almost ready. And we are doing final testing.

The new features are:
  • Drag And Drop Ordering for arrays
  • Data based on current logged in user
  • Few bug fixes

    Hi, can you confirm if this is fully mobile responsive ?

    I have tried the demo on my phone and it is NOT responsive.

    So if you could confirm would be great

    Hello acuel

    On our tests all work ok. Can you let us know where you see the problem.

    This looks like a wonderful solution, but before I purchase can you confirm if I will be able to deploy this to a windows server running IIS 8? Thank you.

    Hello bdeweese

    Yes, you will be able to use it on IIS 8. At the end, it is like a single HTML+ JS page.

    Thanks for the interest.

    We are having issues with jquery , hamburger menu is not working for mobile view.