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How can I change the more games link?

It’s so simple. You should just open the .capx with Construct2 and change the link. Please do not hesitate for any question and mail me:

how many levels it has?

45 Levels

Hi Foxin, Is it possible to change the graphics by our own versions? And just use the code for the game?

Of course you can. You can also mail me for any questions about the issue:

the js code it is obfuscated

This game made with Construct2 and I minify the code while exporting the projects. Please mail me if you need a not minified version or any further information:

(I’m not sure if it’s easy to edit the code other way though.)

Great game! But there seems to be a bug on level 35: You cannot move the green car in the bottom left section up to the top of the screen. Therefore it is not possible to finish the level :( Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for your interest! The colors of the cars are chosen randomly after the level starts. I’m not sure why that car has a problem specifically, but I’ll check.