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nice product. I have question, how this scan and how this will know my blood pressure? It’s real or just random? Explain please? I am interested.

It’s just random. :-) Unfortunately smartphone can not measure blood pressure. This application is prank

Thanks for honest reply. :)

Hi I would buy the code, but you have a version for eclipse ??


Eclipse version is ready!

ok, thanks

Great support !! you deserve 5 stars ! Thanks,

Thanks! :-)

Perhaps you have not installed the required components in the Android SDK Manager

Android SDK Manager

Yes I remember API 23, thank you for the information

Good luck! :-)

Hello What is API that work with Eclipse Version ? Because i use API17 i have a lot of errors.

Min API version is 11. Write me an email: rustlestd@gmail.com, to solve your problem

Can you make startapp version

Perhaps in the next update.

I can not download this code , please send me at (mero_1386@yahoo.com)



please, How do i change the application icon and add “select gender” as a splash screen?

Follow the path (look at screenshot), and replace the icons on your own.


To add “select gender “as a splash screen, you will need to add Activity and write the necessary java code.

I will be glad to answer all your questions: rustlestd@gmail.com

Regards, Bezruk!

Thank you very much


k4ng4hid Purchased

Hi, is this still work fine?

Hi, yes of course!