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nice product. I have question, how this scan and how this will know my blood pressure? It’s real or just random? Explain please? I am interested.

It’s just random. :-) Unfortunately smartphone can not measure blood pressure. This application is prank

Thanks for honest reply. :)

Hi I would buy the code, but you have a version for eclipse ??

Eclipse version is ready!

ok, thanks

Great support !! you deserve 5 stars ! Thanks,

Thanks! :-)

Perhaps you have not installed the required components in the Android SDK Manager

Android SDK Manager

Yes I remember API 23, thank you for the information

Good luck! :-)

Hello What is API that work with Eclipse Version ? Because i use API17 i have a lot of errors.

Min API version is 11. Write me an email: rustlestd@gmail.com, to solve your problem

Can you make startapp version

Perhaps in the next update.

I can not download this code , please send me at (mero_1386@yahoo.com)



please, How do i change the application icon and add “select gender” as a splash screen?

Follow the path (look at screenshot), and replace the icons on your own.


To add “select gender “as a splash screen, you will need to add Activity and write the necessary java code.

I will be glad to answer all your questions: rustlestd@gmail.com

Regards, Bezruk!

Thank you very much

Hi, is this still work fine?

Hi, yes of course!


I changed the AdMob ad ID’s for the app by following documentation however, the ads do not show up. When are the banner and interstitial ads suppose to appear to the user?

Sorry for the late reply. Do you still have this problem?

nope, I forgot to change the package ID, now problem fixed.


cwens Purchased

hello bezruk today i bought the app

with android studio I can not change my AdMob ID in the StartActivity.class section

and I do not get “generated apk” when I build

Hello! Add Interstitial.


Add Banner.


Generate signed apk.



Best Regards!

i want to purchase this app. please reply me email. raj1232@gmail.com

I replied you.

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