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is there a GameCenter feature?

hello there is no GameCenter feature but i will add in future within 3 weeks.

I submitted the latest code with game center feature. it can be live in 2 days. Thank you.

Nice game! : -)

thank you for the feedback

Is there an Android version?

Hello. This is only for iOS. Thank you

Gamecenter please?

I submitted the latest code with game center feature. it can be live in 2 days. Thank you.

Hi, my Ads are not showing, I put the Ad ID in the correct place.

Hello Please make sure that you wait 2 hours after creating your Ad Banner id on admob.

Game Center?

Yeah i will update code with the latest syntax along with game center feature. I will let you know when i am done. I will try to finish within this weekend. Thank you.

I submitted the latest code with game center feature. it can be live in 2 days. Thank you.

Hi, what a nice game! I would like to load the first screen that shows the round start buttons and leaderboard, after every game instead of the second screen with the rectangle start buttons. Can you please tell me how to do that? thank you!

By the way if you are not happy with the code you can always ask for refund from code canyon refund request menu. i always accept refund request from customers but you need to delete anything related to code and never use it. Thank you.

Your attitude is not nice.. Thank you for your time

Hello. I think, you misunderstand. I did not write it to be rude. I just wanted to be nice because you sounded like you disappointed with functionality. Of course if you are happy with the app you can keep it. it would make me very glad. Thank you.

Hi, the app has been rejected..From iOS app review: ’’The usefulness of your app is limited by the minimal amount of content or features it includes.’‘

the game is nice, it made me and my friends laugh. Children loved it. No matter what happens, I really don’t want a refund, it deserved the money spent, even if it doesn’t make it through the app review…

Well I did and this is their answer:


We understand that it can be difficult to determine what the best experience is to offer your users.

While there isn’t one set answer that works for every app, the following iOS development videos offer great information for helping understand how your app can provide a great user experience: https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/design/10/ https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/design/14/

well. maybe you can watch those videos and figure out what needs to be added. i am pretty sure the review engineer himself did not watch those videos if he did. he would have a clear answer what needs to be done. if you reject an app with broad reason it is impossible to pin point the exact problem. if they think this is not acceptable for app store. There must be a reason and they need to clearly provide those.