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Will you be updating this to support iOS 10?

we’ll update all our apps to Xcode 8 when a stable version of it will be available

hi, are you going to change over to cloudkit for backend in next update?

absolutely not, why should wedo that?
Apple would reject apps like this with CloudKit because in order for it to work you will have to sign in into iCloud, and they don’t want it, ridicolus but true :)
If you’re worried about Parse, don’t be because it won’t disappear since we’ve hosted the SDK on back4app.com, what will shutdown is only the hosting service on parse.com, not the SDK, that’s now open source and maintained by lots of developers ;)

Hi again bro! same problem with your spotlight outlet button in the other user profile, word “Optional” appears in the button

thanks bro..other issue in this version: PFKeychainStore failed to set object for key ‘currentUser’, with error: -34018 (sometimes this happen when i update my profile)

Sorry bro! i restart the computer and works fine, this xcode 8 sucks, peace!

yes, it sucks, you’re right :) Apple must fix it.

Hi the update you applied to chatty for the.plist for the 2 privacy rules could you submit an update for this version?

We already did it, on Sep 27th, please check your Download page and download the updated version of FindMe

what is the “The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format” issue?

ok, thanks, we’ll reply to you asap.

Thanks for your very fast support!

you’re welcome. don’t forget to rate this app on your downloads page ;) https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Hello bro, i download an update but the ContView persist in there. any help?

No, you haven’t downloaded the update because Envato has not approved and published it yet :( it’s been 2 days we’ve submitted it, and usually they approve updated within 1 day, but this time they’re late, you’ll receive an email from Envato when they’ll approve it.

oh man understand. peace!

how do you change the location distance?

in Configs.swift, this line:
let nearbyDistanceKm: Double = 100

Hello bro i think there’s an issue on search by tags, when a user for example registered on toronto, ontario and i try search toronto doesn’t find anything but if i search toronto, (with the , ) find. any solution? thank you an peace!

the thing of it is that the app generates keywords based on separating words by space, so if there’s no space between a word and the comma (,), the app will store that word and its comma as a single keyword (“toronto,”)

Hi, what a nice app! When a user reports another user, is the reported user blocked automatically until the admin unblocks the reported user?

yes, correct ;)

hello bro!. I have one issue with a website link in profile. when I insert a url in the profile section and then other users wants to connect to that url the address finish with ”!” at the finish of the url address and the url link doesn’t work. any help?

Well, i have never seen url’s with ”!” at the end, may you send me such link to see if it works?

You may also check the code where it saves the data in Account.swift:
currentUser[USER_BUTTON_LINK] = spotlightLinkTxt.text
Check if there’s some extra ”!” in it, it may be a mistyped