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Do you have ext. lic?

It should be available under extended licence as well as application license, I’ve left a note with the reviewers. I expect it will be in the next day or two.

It is now available under an extended license.

Thank you Cameron for finding a substantial bug with the system that affects the way Finder interprets indenting into hierarchical data, specifically, it affects the way Finder reads through DOM rows and decides what goes where.

I have fixed the issue and will be releasing a product update package this evening as soon as I get the .zip put together, it usually takes Envato a couple days to quality check new packages but as soon as that is done, you should all have access to a new stable release.

Hi is it possible to link the results to an external page? So when you see the results you can click on it and it takes you a new page


Yes absolutely, check the documentation for the Triggers and Events API , then create your hooks that will use them to window.load


great script, but this modyfied select list from example :

<select name="finder_select_2" class="finder"> <option value="1">Option A</option> <option value="2">-- Option A-1</option> <option value="3">-- Option A-1-1</option> <option value="8">Option B</option> <option value="22">Option C</option> <option value="23">-- Option C-1</option> <option value="24">-- Option C-1-1</option> <option value="30">Option D</option> </select>

is not processed properly.

What about that ?

There is a new version coming out in a couple days that has dramatic improvement in parsing the HTML into JSON data which is I suspect the issue.

Will this work on Drupal 6, with jquery 1.3 and with data of around 2000.

You’ll have to give me some of the generated HTML that the library is trying to parse, then I can try and help.

The component is great, but how can I programmatically set the value from another component and have it be reflected in the page.

For example: element.selectedIndex(4); is not reflected in the dropdown in the UI. The standard dropdown works.

Please forgive me if this is JQuery 101.

Correction: elelement.selectedIndex = 4;

One problem that I noticed is that in the example index.html, if you set one of the child nodes as selected by default, the dropdown only displays a list of the child nodes at that level.

In index.html, try adding selected to the node for Option A-1-5. You will only see the child nodes Option A-1-1 through Option A-1-5 in the dropdown.

Please diregard/delete my previous comments. We are getting the hang of using this component and JQuery.

The remaining challenge is to figure out how to make the component re-generate the unordered list after a refresh of the select options (via ajax calls).

The only way this seems to work is to dynamically create the select tag within div tags, and completely empty the div contents and rebuild the select component from scratch each time the value list needs to be updated. This is obviously not ideal, but I don’t see another option in the API .

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I have a fix for the case when the tree has branches that end at different levels. The _buildDataStructure() function needs to account for pushing a node onto the array that does not have children.

Code change:

    // df - need to check the level of the next option
    if (next.html()) {
        nextLevel = next.html().split(plugin.options.indent).length;                                        
    } else {
        nextLevel = depth+1;

    // Is this option the same 'depth' as what we're looking for?
    if ( pieces.length == depth) {

    // Add the option to our array at current search depth
    // df - added condition to only add children if the level of the next option is greater than the current option.
            name     : pieces[pieces.length-1],
            value    : option.attr('value'),
            children : (nextLevel > depth) ? plugin._buildDataStructure( option.nextAll(), depth + 1 ) : [] // self-reference to build subordinate data structure (depth+1)

Thank you dflynn!


You wrote : “There is a new version coming out in a couple days that has dramatic improvement in parsing the HTML into JSON data which is I suspect the issue.”

My question : When ? :)

I completely apologize! New job = ran out of time fast! You are definitely not the only one requesting a new version that fixes a bunch of bugs.. You have my word I’ll put that together ASAP.

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He did! but he’s alive

Hello, Looks like a great extension! Will it work for Magento, do you think?

It will work for absolutely any <select> list that you can control the element text of. That said, yeah it should work pretty well in a Magento integration, if you do it send me a link I’d love to see it in the wild.

I bought it some time ago. I’d like to know if there is a new version which I could download.

Thank you.

Hey FzMaster! there will be as soon as I can put together a package for it!

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Hi all,

probably it does not accept a “category” wihout “subcategories” except of the situation that it is the last option. If it has no “subcategories” and is not the last one, it gets all the suboptions from the option below.

This works:

<select name="finder_select_1" class="finder">
  <option value="1">Option A</option>
  <option value="2">-- Option A.1</option>
  <option value="3">Option B</option>
  <option value="4">-- Option B.1</option>

This does not:

<select name="finder_select_1" class="finder">
  <option value="1">Option A</option>
  <option value="3">Option B</option>
  <option value="4">-- Option B.1</option>

Any chance to fix it, please?

Allright, I see that dflynn100 probably fixed that, I was just quite surprised that his fix is not included in some nw update.

Pre-sale Q

How do i add this as in email form?


Due to the nature of html emails this widget is not a good fit for that application.