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Hello, Just one thing, can i change the icon in map? the App Does it work without internet?

Hi, probably your Xcode has not recognized the Melbourne font. Remove it from the left files hierarchy panel, Remove Reference, not Trash it. Drag the font file from the Finder folder into your Xcode project again, Clean and run it, it should work.

it works thanks.

You’re welcome! don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads page ;)

good work ! :) i wish you all the best for your sale ;)


We’re going on vacation until Jan 2nd, we’ll be still able to respond to comments but not to code. Happy Christmas to everyone!

Hi, Can you tell me if i can import data in bulk via csv into this application ? It is urgent for the project, can you help with that. ?

What if when you have to update POI’s you update your csv file and import it again in Parse?

The problem is if you upload a CSV you can not retain the classes criteria ex. GEOLOCATION is not supported and therefore, you will need to convert the CSV to JSON everytime and then do upload. I have a project which is stuck due to this limitation, is there a way to shift this backend to a database like MYSQL where we can update it via CSV import ? or do you have a way to update CSV everytime convert it using a script to JSON before importing it to PARSE backend, another problem is PARSE won;t do overwrite, you need to delete existing class before doing new import.

We have to use Parse for 2 reasons, first because we’re not experienced with PHP, second, more important, it is free and easy to use so that’s a service we offer to our clients. You can check this out, it converts CSV to JSON: http://www.csvjson.com/csv2json
. And yes, when you have to update a Class in Parse, just remove it and Import your updated JSON file again, it’ll take a minute and won’t cause problems.
Hope it helps.

I have correctly imported the classes but still get blank results. Any suggestions?

Figured it out! Its working now…

Great. Happy new year!

You as well. All the best…..

Hi, just one thing as parse Closing now, about backend service, which service are you going to use?

don’t know yet, we have to check Parse migration in node.js or search for an easy, good new backend service, it’ll take time to do so, we still have a full year of time to Parse shutdown, we’ll update our apps as soon as we’ll figure out something.

thanks .

you’re welcome

Hi, Great App, I am new to app etc.. I have been customising the layout etc and using the CloudKit is easy… but now you have released an update (thank you) how do I merge/update without effecting the changes I have made…?

just open the updated Xcode project, right click on Finder.entitlements, choose Open As -> Source Code, copy all the code you see in there and replace the one in your app. Then read the User Guide to switch CloudKit into PRODUCTION environment (unless you already done that), and insert your records manually in the green environment. If you have records into the DEVELOPMENT environment, you can’t transfer them into the Production one, CloudKit doesn’t allow it yet, we hope Apple will update it somehow.

There is a simple way to migrate parse data to cloudkit production environment? Like generating a sql file and import it inside cloudkit? If i need to rework all registers into to the new cloudkit, i will go nuts…there so much data i have inputed in parse

Unfortunately there’s no import function in CloudKit, we hope Apple will develop something for it in the future, but have no news about it so far.

Hi i bought the code from you…im trying to test it a location from US however i am in Europe. I setup the range to 500km but i still can not see the POIs created in production cloudkit. Any suggestions?

Hi, if your CK environment is in PRODUCTION mode you can only test your app on a real device, not the Simulator. So, if you’re running the app on a real device and you’re located in Europe, you can’t see POIs from US with a range of just 500 km, that’s a too small range. The app gets your current location, so just insert POIs not too far from it, or increase the range, for instance from Lisbon to New York there are over 5.000 km :)

Hi, thanks for update file help…. I have managed to switch to cloudkit production and the xcode/app/cloudkit are all working just fine, (i am working from a master Excel file so, when apple sorts a import/export for cloudkit… it will get easier ;-) ) Q’s 1: it appears to take time to load data into app (i have reduced radius to limit the near by POI) Q’s 2: the web link in the app does not trigger the opening of the browser. Q’s 3: the phone trigger is not stable (do i need to add country codes?)... apologies for all the questions.. i am learning as I go… one thing that i am trying to sort in the google analytics, i have registered etc, but struggling with code from google and how to integrate with app code. The Admob code and interface is working fine… ;-)..

1. It’s just how CloudKit works, it’s a combination of your internet speed and CK network, it doesn’t depend by the code
2. set links with http:// as prefix, not just www.
3. you may add the country code if you want, but it should still work without it, numbers must not have spaces or dots, insert the full number like 12345678

have you got an example app of this i can check out please.

Hi, we haven’t published it to the App Store nor we’re aware of our clients versions, sorry, you can watch its video preview. Cheers!

Question. Is there any support built in to cache the data once it’s downloaded? So the app can work offline?


Hi, no, it works with CloudKit and it doesn’t have that feature. Cheers!

Hi, do you offer customization service? I’m considering to buy your template and also looking for a developer to customize your app.

Hi, for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.

alright. thank you for your prompt reply.

you’re welcome

I noticed my admob ads aren’t centered in the app, how would I correct this?

Ok thanks!

What’s the simplest way to update our app?

there’s only a way to update apps: open both your xcode project and the updated one and compare them, edit the code in your project based on the one in the updated version.

Hi thanks for the update. All works in a good mode but no column created for the image of the POI’s in back4app, any solutions? thank you

We’ll fix it soon, right now you may manually add a File column named image in your Parse Dashboard if you want.

Love the App! Any current plans on an Android version?

Glad you like it, we’ll release an Android version of this app as soon as we’ll be free, don’t know exactly when, hopefully within the end of the year.

does your app show the places around me ?

yes, if you insert points coordinates in your Parse Dashboard

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!


Does the app support multiple citys?

yes, since you can set the coordinates of the POI’s from all over the world, although we suggest you to focus on a single city, or state

good morning sir, i don’t know for what reason sometimes the app show results in miles non in km. any help? peace!

you’re welcome, we’re sorry but cannot fix your wired issue, only Apple can, hopefully.

understand bro! peace!

peace to you too ;)