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Hello, do you still plan to add data backend with admin panel? It will be good if you can do this with Firebase.

Thanks for your suggestion. :)

Hi PixelSoft, iOS version has been updated with API support including admin panel. Let us know if you are interested. Thanks. Take care.

Nice Application 1- Can i have iOS url to test it on my phone? 2- Can i But i section/Page to be like Blog? Anyone can Add an Post its show in application after i have approved it?

3- what if i want to translate this app to arabic language how can i do that?

HI MemoServices, thanks!

1# Please check this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXo7ZrK7sGM&t=10s

2# Yes you can if you provide price and time for this features.

3# You can update app to Arabic or our team can do that for you. If you provide us the customization contract.

Thanks. Take care.

Hi MemoServices, iOS version has been updated with API support including admin panel. Let us know if you are interested. Thanks. Take care.

iOS App Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/it-finder/id1186685416?mt=8

hello sir, how can i access the admin panel i hve just purchased the app but didnt receive any instruction on accessing the admin panel and how can i host it even the admin part isnt available thank you best regards

Hi 9hsein5, sorry but we don’t provide admin panel with this product.

Hello! Beautiful application. I”m looking to purchase this app. Which admin portal can I purchase as well to go along with this application?

Hi mwestbrooksjr, will you mind to give us an email at founders@audacityit.com mentioning the purpose of purchasing the template. We will guide you in details as like a development partners. Thanks. Take care.

Can I make it to where it only searches for one type of business (ie., Self-storage facility)?

You have to develop that features. Thanks. Take care.


1-does this app contains admin panel?

2-translation ready?

3-If self loaded with google places or i have to add the ads?

1. No 2. No 3. Yes

What is included with this? Is this just a theme or complete app with devloped. I am not a developer. Do i need to hire developer? If i get this file?

Hi, extremely sorry for late reply. Last 4 months, our full team was extreme level busy.

We have allocated our resources to provide support to our customer more well from now. Let us know if you have any concern points. Thanks. Take care.

If you need full support we will prefer to buy this packages: http://appify.xyz/downloads/finder-full-directory-based-android-ios-admin-panel-web-app/

Hello, when buying this item comes with the panel to add locations to the app? Thank you.

Yes but in full package. :)

Sorry, but I did not understand. Does the item sold for $ 19 come with the dashboard to add locations to the app in the iOS version? Is it a full dashboard app, or is it just a dashboard iOS model?

This one is only iOS template app.

Hello I am trying to view demo and I can’t it says it’s not available in the US. Does that mean I can’t buy and implement this product?

No. You can buy and implement this product in US.Thanks.