Find Words

Find Words

About The Game :

find the word it is an easy to play game, that helps the player to learn the correct spelling of the words in a funny and a challenging way. In this game a word will be shown at first, then the player should find it in a list of auto generated words as quickly as possible.

it comes with 3 interessting and easy to costomize modes :
  1. The Easy Mode : The player should find an easy word in a list of those only upper cases letters ( The list is easy to be customize and supported by any language you want) in 60 sec (can be changed), then after each level the time will be decreased by 1 sec (can be changed) until he reachs a minimuim value (that can be changed). In this mode the game will give the player five hints per game and 1 per level (can be changed) if he takes so much time to figure out the letter, and also 5 helps (can be changed) if he doesn’t complete the word. This level contains 3 rows and 3 columns.
  2. The Medium Mode : The player should find a word in a list of those uppers and smalls cases letters in 50 sec that will be decreased after each level. In this mode the player has 3 hints per game and 3 helps.This level contains 3 rows and 3 columns.
  3. The Hard Mode : The game in this mode became so challenging, it gives the player 40 sec that will be decreased by one sec after each level. 1 hint and 1 help per game and a list of words that contains uppers and smalls cases words and also numbers to make it more and more challenging.
each game mode has its own words list to give you an over game’s control.
Find Words - 1

Features of source code :

  1. AdMob Integration (Banner and Interstitial).
  2. Very easy to customize and reskin.
  3. Sound effects.
  4. Custom screen records.
  5. A separate list of words for each mode.
  6. Support both phones and tabs.
  7. Play/Pause sound button.
  8. Rate and share button.
  9. Help screen to explain the game logic to the player.
  10. Clear graphics at all screen resolutions.
  11. Helps and hints for the player.
  12. Unlimited levels.
Find Words - 2
Find Words - 3
Find Words - 4
Find Words - 5
Find Words - 6
Find Words - 7

What You Get :

  1. Java, XML and APK files.
  2. Necessary Library Files required for game.
  3. GIMP files :
    1. All the activities graphics.
    2. The 2 logos used in the game.
  4. A video documentation of the game that includes :
    1. How to import the game using eclipse.
    2. How you can change the images.
    3. How you can change the backgrounds and texts colors.
    4. How you can change fonts.
    5. How you can change sounds.
    6. How you can customize the game rules. (very easy)
    7. How you can change a text.
    8. How you can a word to the list of each mode.
    9. How to change AdMob settings.
    10. How you can change the letters to generate.
    11. How to change the shared text.
    12. How to change the games rules page.
    13. How to change the application icon.
    14. How to change the application name.
    15. How you can change the package name.
    16. How you can export the apk file.
Find Words - 8

Updates :

In case of any bug we will be delighted to fix it and update the source code.

Notes :

This game was developed using eclipse .

The maximum length of the word depends on the screen resolution of the device in which the application runs, we recommend 9 so that the application works in any device correctly.

Demo :

Download the demo apk.

Find Words - 9

In this demo we used the same list for the three modes but as I said you can change the list form mode to other to make the game more interesting.

The admob will not work correctly in this apk because We don’t have an admob Account.

More :

Find Words - 10

Find Words - 11