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can i add korean word or crillic word?

Yes sir, you can add any language you like. We try it using Korean and it works like a charm.


you game support arabic Right to lift

Please check you inbox Sir. We sent you an email with image on how to modify this line. If You have any other question we will be delighted to answer it. Have a nice day.

yes … working 100%

Thanks Dear ,,,

It was a pleasure working with you Sir, Please rate our game and follow us to receive notification of our new coming projects.

how i can adding intertialcode in app sir?

Sir thanks for purchasing our code. Please contact us on dalviksup@gmail.com.

email have send

Which database you have Used ? PHP ? Or MySql ?

We use the strings.xml resource file to store the words and the SQlite database to store the scores.

very nice support from seller and code is working fine :)

I’m really interested in this game. Very nice work! Couple questions: (1) Can you provide me an Android Studio compatible project? (2) Do you offer any reskinning service if I were to buy it?

Sir please contact us in dalviksup@gmail.com so that we can make an agreement :)

Ok, email sent!

Amazing support files! Thanks :)

Thank you sir for trusting in us :)

Does the project supports android studio?

The project was developed using Eclipse but we can convert it for you as a freelance job if you want; and that will not going to cost you a lot. You can contact us on dalviksup@gmail.com.

can i load an image instead of the letters or numbers like if A a.jpg and i give answer ask means load a.jpg, s.jpg and k.jpg and few random images

Sorry sir this functionality is not included in this version but we can add it for you as freelancing job. If you are interesting contact us on dalviksuo@gmail.com.

your mail id is not correct/ i tried to send this but returned. Pl. mail me vasthurengan@gmail.com. Hi, Thanks for the reply. i want to use Tamil Words. if the answer is yes then show 26.png, 5.png, 21.png with other random images (unused) Give me code so that I load all images referred by numbers or letters (I think numbers best suited as we have 247 letters in all in Tamil). If you can I will buy immediately. What will be the charges?

sorry this is the correct email dalviksup@gmail.com, please contact us so that we can make an agreement.

Hello I need added features in word search like categories to choose how much you charge for this functionality?

hi, Is it support arabic language RTL ?

Nice work! Good Luck

Hello, Does this game support writing words from right to left (ARABIC) ? and does it have banner and interstitial admob ads ?

hello, are you giving support if I got error when open the source code in android studio?

do you still support this app?