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I want to buy the game,can you help me with adding a moregames button and adding admob in the game and convert it to android?

Hi, only able to help with the extra button.

Is there a how to guide?

hi, yes the game come with the documentation

very nice game. demo works on chrome but doesn’t with safari desktop. is it a bug or safari browser isn’t support?

well, i’m using a mac with latest osx (el capitan) and safari browser. tried your demo game with removing frame. it was loading till 100% and stuck at the yellow background. on chrome the game runs just fine

the game is running fine on Safari browser, you can try refresh the page if it doens’t load

maybe something wrong with my browser. i’m able to play it on ipad safari. but there is a logical issue. I found the pug when there was 3.2 seconds remain and got “Stage 1 complete: you found the pug in 3.270 seconds!” Actually, it should be “you found the pug in (total time minus 3.270) seconds”. Anyway, this is a very worthy game. Will purchase it soon

hi, Can I add a button redirect to a webpage after play?

Yes, sure can.

when i used on my smartphone, img quality is bad. not cleary. how can~?

With interaction element the whole puzzle have to be scaled, but browsers have notoriously poor image scaling algorithms, which will cause the ugly pixillation.

No, there is currently no way to fix in canvas.

and it is open code ? can i edit this code?~

pre-purchase question: is it possible to embed the game with an iframe in any webpage or facebook tab?

yes, you can embed the game with iframe

ok thank you very much for your answer