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Some queries : 1. Is it possible ( How easy/difficult ) to insert images and create new games ? 2. Score to send sever ( via PHP ) in databse / txt file ?

bye the way very nice work.GLWS.

1. It is very easy to replace the images, you just need a pair of images that has 10 differences. 2. It is possible to do but you need to know how to code it.

I am new to construct. When I try to open the source files I downloaded, I get an error message stating I a missing plugins: Plaster and LiteTween. How do I get those plugins?

That’s weird since I am not using third party plugin. Let met take a look at get back to you soon.

Hi there, something is not right. I don’t even have those plugins installed in my computer. Can you please take a screenshot of the error and send it to my email? Also, which version of Construct2 are you using it?

Is it responsive? The images adapts to any device resolution?

It works for all devices but it is not responsive. You can test it in different devices like cellphone, tablet and PC. Let me know if you have additional questions

Do you think i can make it responsive editing your code on Scirra?

To make it responsive you just need to make changes to the background images and keep the main things in the center. To make it fully responsive it will be kind of complicated.

What happens when you complete the game and spot all the differences? Can it open another link?

what do you mean about another link?

It means when you complete the game, does it have some success message or can it open another website link? I want users to play to win a prize.

There is no success message. However, you can add it to the game. Also, you can enable a new screen if the user has solved it all. do you know how to use Construct2?

Hi, is it podsible to change the position of the differences (mistakes)? And is i possible to chance the number of the mistakes? How can I change it?


1) Yes. You need to open the source file using Construct2 and move the red circles in the game for each level. 2) Yes but you will need to understand a little bit of programming. In this case, I would leave it as it is. Every picture contains 10 errors.

Hi, I want to buy the game, but I have a few questions: 1. Will it be possible to change the layout to landcape? 2. Is it possible to change the position of all graphics and UI? 3. Can the skip button be removed and add instead a pop-up to show the game is over, and then automatucally retun to the main menu? 4. Is it possible that the screens won’t be locked (in main menu) or just delete and leave 2 puzzles (none are locked)? 5. Can a sound be added (background, on find, end game)? 6. Can I add more screens at the end of the game – (to indicate success for example)?

Yes to all the answers. However, you need to know how to use the software Construct2 which was the one used to create the game.

Hi, there is a milky transparency area over the background images. In which file do I have to change/delete this?


I am not sure what you are talking about. can you please take a screenshot and point it out. you can use a tool called sniping tool for it.

I mean the first page where I can choose the level (with the locked images). I changed the “tiledbackground” in a strong blue but all I can see is a light blue background. Is there another overlay? How can I send you the screenshot?

Yes. The image is set with opacity value of 25. Just click on the image, change the value on the left sidebar to any value you desire. 0 equals transparent and 100 equals to opaque.

Hi, is it possible to unlock all levels right from the start, so that the User can choose from all images? Can you guide me how to put the reset Button to each Picture Game, so that the User can reset each Picture individually. regards

1. Yes. Just open the Construct2 file, delete the lock images and export the game again. 2. This requires more programming. If you need additional help, please send me an email.

I am interested in this game. But how do I create a new image for new stages in this game? If I want to change the gameplay to time countdown, is it possible?

Yes for both questions. However, you need to know how to use Construct2. If you just want to change the images, it would be simple. If you need to create more levels, it will require programming. It will also require programming to change the gameplay to time countdown. I am available for freelance in case you need something specific. You can send me an email with the details.

why the game dont has a success message and success music when you complete the game? and a countdown? are you available for the requeriments?

why the game dont has a success message and success music when you complete the game? and a countdown? are you available for the requeriments?

please contact me to pegasus6464@hotmail.com


I sent you an email

Hello, great job! Some question before more… 1/ If I have only 8 differences, it is easy to update into Construct? 2/ Can I transfer the folder to an iPad to play localy? 3/ I need to launch into Safari iPad or I can build an app icon for iOs? Thanks

Thanks. 1. Yes. You will need to change some variables and values relate to 10 errors. It is not intuitive but if you know Construct2, you will be able to do it. 2. Usually HTML5 games don’t work on standalone browsers due to security reasons. The browser won’t run the files using the FILE protocol, that’s why you will need to upload it. 3. If it is online, you can use any browser in any OS you desire.

Let me know if you have more questions

Hello there,

I’m interested in know where I can change the background images, title png files, etc. I’ve tried to use the data.js file but haven’t been successful.

Thank you in advance.


Yes. Just open the source file in Construct2. Let me know if you need additional help