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Looks good!

How easy is it to add a marker? Can we see documentation before purchase? Does this require a database?

Looks promising!

Thanks rangerman. Yes it is quite easy to implement this plugin and the link to the documentation is added on the item description page.

The database is not mandatory to use this plugin.

Awesome, thanks :)

Please change the plugin to be like the picture. I would buy the plugin if it were fullscreen and had the same radius search block at the top.


Hi avoli.

Main image is taken after the completion of the plugin so it represent the plugin as it is now.


How easy is it to add a marker?


The default design is not responsive, but everything is editable via css.

The plugin is now reponsive. :)

Thanks !

nice! do you plan to make it responsive in the near future?? thanks


Yes, I am working on it as we speak.

The plugin is now reponsive. :)

svaka cast, odlicno ;-)

Hvala! ;)

1. does it contains sample MySQL database (and corresponding php file)?

2. waiting for fullscreen and responsive layouts :)

3. Categories (and may be subcategories) with filtering would be great enhancement – that will be “universal” (not only map for estates) and i’m sure it will increase Your sales

1. Yes it comes with a fully working example (just like the demo one)

2. You can always set height and width for the map container as it is what you provide for the plugin.

3. The search form that you see on the right side of the plugin is also just in the demo purpose as it is also what you create at your own will. You create search form with all the select boxes, inputs, radio and checkboxes input you like and for plugin you just send form id and it will take care of the ajax search for you, by sending the data to the location in the form action attribute and waiting for the response from that same file.

Also you deceide what it will be displayed in the each infobox of each marker while building response so you can put it what ever you want in it.

The real estate is only for the demo, as it was inspiration for creating this plugin. :)

well… purchased :)

Thanks. :)

Awesome work :)

Thanks ;)

Hi! Your script look awesome… one question: do you think it’s a hard work to integrate tha Google Places API v.3 ?

in other words… performing a Google Places search and display results instead performing a MySQL search?

And if it is possible… you may include this in next release/version or you can do it as a custom modification?

thanks in advance for your reply ;)

Hi mediola.

Everything is possible and nothing is hard, but to search it with the google you would need to buy and API from them since the free version is limited to around 2500 geolocations requests per day.

Another issue is the spead of the search, it will be slow.

It can be done as a customization. You will still need database for the addresses, but since you need DB for addresses than why not build PHP script and harvest latitudes and longitudes from the google API (free one) and have it all including the speed? :)

How do I make all of the markers display once the map loads? Or create an option in my drop down to display all markers? Using your example files

I understand pagination. I don’t need pagination at all. I need onAfterMap to display all results without having to click on anything.

Set that number to the number of markers you have, and in a ddition to that, just comment out the pagination part of the response.

I downloaded the update and it works fine. I just have (hopefully) one more question…I have a <select> option that says “Display All”. How, using the DB.txt file you supplied, would I display all of the markers when that option is selected? Sample code would be helpful if it’s not too much trouble. Thanks.

Is there a function to change the active marker? I moved the infoBox to a static sidebar and something I did made the visited marker function not work. The visitedIcon no longer shows. Is it controlled anywhere else other than the main findmyplace js file? Thanks

I figured out the problem with the visited Icon. Thanks. I still was wondering about the active marker icon. Any help with that would be appreciated :)

Hi keled16.

You set active markers for each place when you create response. Check documentation it is all written there.


Good day, a doubt! Would create an account in php that feeds a txt file, so I can add locations on the map? thank you

I would like to create a registration form to feed the file containing the data db.txt

Sorry is I’m using an online translator

Yes you can create it

Is geolocation supported? any way to show only markers “near your current position”?

Hi rickyvr.

Yes it can be done but you need to create that logic in a script. This is only for displaying the markers. Where they will be totally depends on you.


hi, can I set the markers and information on a basis of sql postal adress (so NO lat – long Information in database…) ?

Hi martinius.

Plugin itself needs lat and lng at the end for beig able to put the marker on its place. How you will provide them for the plugin totally depends on you.


I would like to use mysql instead of DB.txt file for store all of data. how do i adjust the help.php file to search the mysql database instead.

Hi nickvkp.

I am making it for u. I will send you the file via email.


we couldnt see admin panel can you show us.

we can change all places isnt delete or add if we want from codes.

and we can add images

Hi erdalcalar

You need to feed the plugin with that data. The way how you will perform that ( admin panel or raw coding ) is on you.


I tried to install the plugin through plugin uploads and it failed. Please can you assist me with the upload. thank you.

Hi jonmyburgh and thank you for your purchase.

This is not installable plugin like for wordpress or similar, this is javascript jQuery plugin.



I want to buy this plugin, but I am wondering there may be some bug. When I am selecting a radius, it showing 1 to 20 of 20 results, whereas I can only see 5 markers.

Check snapshot here,

Regards, Rajib

Hi rajibdebslg.

Click on it it can be more markers at the same place.


Question presale: I would use the map to show sporting events in various places (inserted by me), linking the pins on the map to my post in wordpress. It’s possible?

Hi er_erbook.

Sure if you create WP plugin / insert it into theme since this is jQuery plugin.



is there any possibilty to use your plugin in the following way:

show a map with markers that show events, linked to a location, plus a filter function above this map to filter the shown events for date/location/category etc.?

Plus is there a way to add multiple categorys and link colours or ven icons to those categorys?

Is it possible to add a custom marker for EACH event O want to show on the map?

If the above is not possible out of the box maybe there a other supported plugins or a way to customise this easily via code?

Thanks for anwering.

Hi HansenAusBerlin.

1. This part is custom so you can put anything

2. This part you build on your own so you can put anything

3. Yes you can set custom marker for each result

4. Just to be clear this is JavaScript plugin and it serves data which you provide to it in specific way.


Hi! This script can work on google map v2


Hi Mikael420.

It loads map regardless of version.