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Find My Place

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What is Find My Place?

Find My Place is a lightweight multifunctional jQuery plugin that allows you to graphically represent locations on the map, do radius search, integrate with your custom search form, integrate your own or use pagination from helper file.

Every element of this plugin can be customized. For example you decide where to place pagination, what to include in it, add different units for radius measures, set content of each info window, make every marker with different icon and more. This plugin has 22 custom events that will allow you to extend its functionality even further. This plugin is easy to integrate with lightbox / fancybox if you decide to add images to info window and wish for them to open in a nice way. Plugin is built using Google Maps V3 and supports all google options for map, markers, circles(radius).


Map Radius Search
Search for locations within specified radius.

Result Pagination
U can use the built-in helper function or create your own pagination system. Place it on the map at the location which you can choose, or place it to some element outside of the map.

Custom Search Form
You create search form for filtering the results and send form class or form id to the plugin so it can connect to it.

Custom Events
Use some of 22 custom events available to extend the functionality of the plugin.

Fully Customizable
With tons of options you are free to organize plugins elements at your own will. For example, change the location of the plugin’s HTML elements ( radius options or pagination ), use different marker icons for each location, customize map, markers and radius, add you own distance units, make every info box content different and much more.

Report Wrong Marker Location
Allow or disallow your users to participate in correct marker placement. A user can report wrong marker location and send new coordinates simply by dragging a marker to the right location.

Easy integrate with fancybox/lightbox
You can use fancybox or lightbox to display images from within the marker info window. This is easily done by including the necessary fancybox/lightbox files and setting only one extra option for the plugin.

Supports Localization
All of the words used in the plugin can be set to a desired language via plugin options.

Simple Usage
Even though the plugin has many options, only one is required and the rest of them are optional as they are set to their default values. In addition to this, documentation contains textual and graphical explanation on how to use this plugin.

You Decide What To Display
You decide what will be shown in the info box when creating the response. Each info box can have different information in it.

Handle multiple markers on the same location
Plugin has ability to handle multiple markers on the exact location or multiple markers which are very close to each other by stacking them one on top of the other ( using markers with shadow allow you to easily locate them by tracking darker shadow as a consequence of stacking ). When you click on that group of markers they will expand in a spiral shape allowing for you to select one marker.


To see documentation and all of the options follow this link

15.04.2014. Version 1.1
  - Added css fix to be responsive.
12.04.2014. Version 1.0
  - Initial Release.