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This look good. But I have one question. May I update it remotely? I mean there are a server side to update new images.


If you change path to images from local to web – yes you can do it. If you know how to do it :)

Can I add more images from server site? Using .plist file for example.

If you change some code – of course you can.


Do you have a license option for creating multiple apps?

How easy would it be to add iAds into the app?

Regards, Jason

With Extended license you can sale multiple apps. Adding iADS is easy, documentation links provided in included tutorial guide.

Thanks for your swift reply.

When I checked the wording of the extended license it states that the code can only be used to create one application.

If I purchase the project will it include a license saying I can create multiple apps for sale?



This is Envato licenses and i cannot change it. What you buy on codecanyon is similar file, that not depends on license type your select on site. So it cannot contain different licenses.

If you will buy Extended license you can use this code as you want and build so much apps how you need. You will dont have any problems with me and law. You buy files on Envato, but this is my files and only I may have some questions for you, not Envato. But with Extended license I will not have any questions how you will use my files – you bought extended license and can use my files as you want. No limites.


Have now purchased the code and seems to be working.

Would it be possible to make a few changes?

It would be nice if it placed a tick or something on each level that had been completed.

Once i’ve filled the first page of levels, could there be a way to ‘swipe’ to another pages of levels.

Would it be possible to have the option to ‘lock’ levels and then ‘unlock’ them when a user completes the previous level?

There’s no way to go from the levels menu back to the main menu, could this be added.

At the moment the ‘tell to friend’ button does nothing??

Regards, Jason

Thank you for your ideas, may be I will use it in next updates.

Tell to friend button works on real device, dont use it on simulator.

Nice one as always :)

Hi, Can you send me the link for iTune for this game in English?


Link provided in description of file.

Hi, nice app and I just bought it. However, how do I convert it to iPhone app also?

Change project type to iphone and make all xiba changes for another resolution.

Hi please you have iPhone version ?

Hello, No only iPad. This game is not good for iphone, because of it small screen.

thanks i will buy it but they are tutorial for how i change the picture ?

Yes, app contains Documentation with step by step guide how to add your own images and levels.

Hi, I just bought this and I am trying to find out how to add iad. Documentation says: You can implement iAd/Admob code in the FirstDetailViewController.m file…

Where can i find this file? Thank you.

You need to put iAd in some class where you want to show it in app. Read iAd documentation.

Thank you for swift reply :)

Hello, i have another question, is it easy to add admob on it ??


Link to AdMob integration help provided in Documentation.

Hello, as a freelancer, I would buy the code with these changes: 1) Save the level by entering your name (so game time) 2) 15 levels of total anti-gambling 3) Active 10 levels and 5 to unlock when you exceed the 10. Background music turned on and off. I await your response. thanks

Hello, we don’t provide modifications for this app. You need to do this yourself.

If you can not change it, will want to say that it will purchase the project. thanks

Hello, how do I go back to the home screen from the game, there is not any button. thanks

a coffee? I would like to spend more but she does not want to make any changes!

This is a starter kit that you need to use to create your own unique game. This is not app that you can submit to appstore as is and earn milions of dollars.

Since I arrived here I was there! But health? Where is it?


I have two questions:

  1. If I purchase this app under Regular Licence then shall i can this app as paid app.
  1. Does this app support in iOS7 version too.


Sorry to disturbing you again. I have one last question from you regular license says in your app profile:- Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.

SINGLE END product is product for ONE client. If you distribute app for several peoples (even free) you must use Extended license. Regular license for your own use only (or one client).

Thank you for update :-)

Has it been modified for iOS 7?

It should work on iOS7

Hello I am interested in buying this code can you send me a link me to a design asset list? Also in regards to your last comment you said it “should” work on iOS7 are you not sure and if it doesnt do you support it?Thanks..

We don’t support iOS7 in this application as you can see in it description. We don’t have links to design, you can check app demo in app description.

can you provide the project without any adds,pop-ups

No, we don’t have it

this support ios7 ?

Hi, no, check item description.