Find a Lawyer Android Mobile App for Legal Advice - GOCOURT

Find a Lawyer Android Mobile App for Legal Advice - GOCOURT

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Go Court is the simple yet intuitive android lawyer App developed for making the practice of lawyers around the world simple. This allows you to manage all your matters from the palm of your hand whenever, wherever you are. This software enables lawyers and client relationship managers to send information and updates to their clients by using fingertip. Go court can keep your small, medium or large law firm to improve processes and delight clients.

Benefits of GO COURT

  • Manage your law firm operations through mobile

  • Boost your firm on the market

  • Build loyal relationships with clients

  • Protect and support your clients at any time

  • Spend time and money wisely.

  • Get more referrals

  • Keep existing clients and connect to new ones.


  • Simple yet intuitive Design

  • Developed in native android.

  • Filter by Location.

  • Manage Client and schedules related to them.

  • Can add multiple courts, locations.

  • Options to set and edit working hours.

  • Schedule Appointments and Court Dates.

  • Calendar for viewing schedules.

  • Option to set Reminders for scheduled.

  • Options for backup and restore data.

  • Customizable- Full Source Code.

Screens of GO COURT App

Home Screen:

This is a simple app that include a calendar, schedule and client tab so that you can keep track of your upcoming and completed schedule list with particular date and time along with the client details.

Profile Screen:

The platform allows you to create your profile. That make visible to the clients and easy to access.

Settings Screen:

The Setting screen includes the feature of listing the location , court and working hours.

Schedule an Appointment screen:

Includes an area to fix the case and a date on which the customer wants to meet with you. Also provide the sms and reminder notification.This feature is sufficient to increase your client connection.

We are also having scripted GO COURT by including all the required features .The admin panel in the webscript  has the features to control and manage the entire site without  having to deal with the code. Click Here

Important URLS

Video Link:

Play Store:

Admin Panel


User: admin

pwd: admin

Get in touch with us for the below customization requirements

  • Customization to show email notifications, for each customer registration.

  • Customization to show email notification while adding lawyers on the backend.

  • Customization for paid registration for lawyers.

  • Customization to show reminder notification for each appointment.

  • Customization to  add OTP  verification to customer registration.

  • Customization to add multiple language selection.

  • Customization to show push Notification

  • Customization to add review and Rating option.

  • and many more as per your requirement spec

We have made everything as seamless as possible for managing your business, as you would expect from a top class Android Application. Our customized law firm practice management software solution will enable you to tackle all the challenges that you face now.

Why choose CodeInfoTec?

We power On Demand solutions for lawyers and law firm owners. We are one of the only companies that provides full suite of services tailored software solutions for legal firms.Streamline your operations and develop your practice with Go Court ,a client intake solution for lawyers.

Whether you need help getting started or you’d like to learn more about Go Court, We are at your service Click Here or mail to our support team




1.Added an option in admin panel to update city, state etc

2.Minor Bug fixes


  1. Mail to with your enquiry details
  2. Our agent will reply back you in 24 hours or
  3. For live chat support, visit and chat to our agent. Ticket id is mandatory to chat with our agent.