Find a Lawyer Android Mobile App for Legal Advice - GOCOURT

Find a Lawyer Android Mobile App for Legal Advice - GOCOURT

GoCourt is the simple yet intuitive app developed for making the lives of lawyers around the world simple. GoCourt lets you add multiple Courts of Practising from a list of Courts available at our backend based on the type of court and country, state, and/or district. The lawyer will be able to add a custom location for meeting and doing case related tasks. Lawyers will also be able to add Clients with details regarding their personal details along with the details of Case such as Court, Location, Opposition Details, Judge and other related details. Lawyers can set their working hour details and edit them when required. Most importantly, Lawyers will be able to schedule Appointments and Court Dates based on the available slots inside the time set for each working day. GoCourt also provides the ability to see notes and schedules in a simple interface with the help of an easy to use Calendar. Lawyers will be able to see the schedules and appointment for each selected day from the calendar and will be able to mark them as complete or cancel them. GoCourt also provides a Reminder feature which lets the Lawyer and/or Client be reminded by an Alarm/Reminder. GoCourt also provides the ability to backup and restore data. GoCourt intends to become the part of a Lawyers with seamless integration.

Features :

  • Simple yet intuitive Design
  • Developed in Native Android
  • Can add multiple Courts
  • Can add multiple Locations
  • Can manage Client and schedules related to them
  • Can Set and Edit working hours
  • Can Schedule Appointments and Court Dates.
  • Provides Calendar for viewing schedules
  • Can set Reminders for scheduled
  • Can Create Backup and Restore the data


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Admin Panel

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1.Added an option in admin panel to update city, state etc

2.Minor Bug fixes