Finance Management

Finance Management

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Basic Finance Management

This plugin gives your Ultimate Client Manager the ability to manage your income and expenses in a basic easy to use manner. Receive notifications when recurring bills are due, forecast your earnings and see an overview of payments recorded through your system.

Finance Manager Features

  • Schedule recurring expenses (eg: web hosting bill every month)
  • Schedule recurring income (eg: adwords every 3 months)
  • Dashboard notifications when a recurring expense or income is due
  • Group your income and expenses in categories and account types.
  • See an overview of all previous payments recorded in your system
  • See a 6 month summary of upcoming recurring bills and income, with a basic running estimation of your bank account balance over those coming 6 months (you can adjust 6 months to whatever you like).
  • Adds the “Expense” column to your dashboard summary page, quickly see and compare your expenses between the previous days and weeks.

Feature List and Product Comparison:

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How to install

  1. Download and install the Ultimate Client Manager on your website
  2. Purchase this plugin
  3. Find your licence code for this plugin (click here for instructions)
  4. Go to Settings > Upgrade in your system
  5. Click the + button to add the additional licence code
  6. Enter your licence code for this plugin
  7. Click the upgrade button
  8. This will install the latest version of the plugin for you, and keep it updated in the future.


  • Working UCM install
  • Check the upgrade system works on your hosting account (in Settings > Upgrade)

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