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xezus does not currently provide support for this item.

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advanced view don’t work. Except search field, nothing appears or is disaplayed. Also mobile menu dont work. I use prestashop

Correction. Mobile menu is working.

hi , can i make the mobile menu sticky – and add the cart to it , if yes , will it be updated with products added

Hello, unfortunately not.

Hello, can you add the possibility to put icons also to the items of the submenu?

I leave you my email, write me so you can give me support for this.

I need to solve this, in case it is not possible please proceed with a refund. The sale is specified that it is all customizable and beautiful, and the fact that the sottomnu always starts from the left is very ugly and unprofessional. Which website wants a sub-menu like that? I hardly believe anyone

I am sure that I never used the sentence “all customizable and beautiful”. And as you probably already guessed, the advance menu was created for other use cases as you can see in my demos. The simple menu can be used for simple dropdowns under a top item. There is nothing unprofessional about that. But if you think that this menu does not fit your need then, of course, you can ask for a refund.

without rancor friend, but I will ask for a refund, it is not suitable for my needs. In any case, I advise you to delete the big “support via email” and replace with “no support” so it is clear that the product does not have a support. Thanks anyway and I wish you a good job.

Hi I dont understand but i cant create a mobile menu (prestashop 1.6) I know you does not currently provide support but you continue to sell it. so can you help me? Thanks


yes, I still help to fix potential bugs in the menu. Please contact me through email with some description of your problem.

Best Regards

Hello. I would like to know when is the update for version 1.7.4?

Hello, I will prepare some estimate during the weekend and let you know.

Hello, unfortunately I wll have to make some bigger chagnes for 1.7.4 and can’t start right away, but I wlll try to add support in a month.

I find this module to be very good. However I have this issue which apears in about a day or two every time. I have a shop in multiple languages and everytime the languages get all twisted and the only way to fix it is to empty the cache. Is there a way around this?

Update for Prestashop 1.7.5 ?

Hello, thank you for the interest. The update is waiting for approval from Envato and will be available soon.

Hello, Having a few issues when it comes to the mobile aspect of the menu. 1. How do I enable/show the submenu of the categories. 2. How do I show the “hamburger menu icon” for mobile?

Hello, if we are talking about submenu for mobile devices, then it will be generated automatically when the selected category has some subcategories. As for the second problem, the mobile menu will only show up when you have some menu items for mobile devices, but if the menu is visible and no icon is present, then I would need a link to your website so I could inspect the problem more deeply.

Well.. Easy to install but impossible to display the menu… Not support…It’s suppose to be a great add on but right now it’s a nigthmare. Documentaion do not showcase what I have in reallity ..

Hello, I am not sure what problem you are facing, but I mentioned couple times here that I help fix bugs that may appear in the menu. You can contact me through email and send me access to your website, so I can take a look.

Hello, I have a problem with carrousel, it don’t work. Thanks Amandine

Hello, the answer was sent on your email.

Hello, I wish to know if your module is 1.7.5 compatible now ? And if it’s possible to create tabs with custom links and sub-menu to CMS page or category page ? Is it possible to customize each tab with its own color and a background image (by css if each tab has its own class ?) Thanks

Hello, support for 1.7.5 is almost ready. I am just waiting for review from Envato and an updated version should be available soon. And as for the questions, all then the asked features are already available in the current version.

Thanks for your reply. As there is 5 month ago, you was already waiting for the Envato approval for this version, is it possible to use the 1.7.4 version ? Are there a lot of difference between the both ? thanks

I am sorry for my imprecision. You are right 5 months ago the update was for and now it is an update for .... And the features remain the same. I just added necessary bug fixes.

Sorry, I don’t see my reply so i try again : thanks for your reply. Can I use the module for 1.7.4 with PS ? Thank you.

Hi ! I tried it and it’s seems to work correctly on my version of PS. Perhaps not very well on mobile. I’ll send a mail because I need just a little help. Thanks

sorry i don’t find your email. Thanks

Hello, my email is, you can contact me there.