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How do I disable the hover overlay?

Hi, there are really no demos of use with woocommerce which is what I’d like to get this for so, have a couple of pre sales questions:

1) If the images are taken from the product categories do those categories then become the filters? I need a filterable gallery but I don’t want to be manually creating filters and then adding a product image to that filter everytime I add a new product. If it is taking images from categories I want to be able to filter those categories. Does the plugin do that?

2) Does it add the price field as well as the title to the product images? I don’t care about add to cart buttons but Ineed the price on the image along with the title otherwise it’ll look a bit lacking.


Presale request:

is it possible to add fade entrance? It is important for my project

Hi GreenTreeLabs,

I just purchased your gallery plugin. I am using it to display galleries with a lot of images (300+ images). Is it possible to automatically sort the images by name (or the time the image were taken). It would be very cumbersome to manually sort all the images. Thank you very much in advance.

Hi, I don’t have a tool for sorting images, but there should be more than one plugin to sort images inside the media panel popup. That way you can sort the images before adding them. Also remember you can reverse the order of the displayed images from the General section.

Hi there i love the plugin finale tiles gallery, but i have one question, is it possible that new picture goes automatically in the top and not in the bottom? When i add new Pics to my gallery i need always to change them to the top of the page, because by default there are in the bottom, and usually for me it make sense that new pics are always in the top. Is there any solution for this?

Thanks a lot for your feedback Regards Nicole

Yes, you can change the order of the images from the General section

Hi there, i do believe your product is tied in with my theme but i figure i would ask this question anyway. I am trying to move my database from one server to another using bigdump.php and I am receiving the following error

Error at the line 48958: ADD UNIQUE KEY `Id` (`Id`);

Query: -


ALTER TABLE `grow_FinalTiles_gallery` ADD UNIQUE KEY `Id` (`Id`)

MySQL: Duplicate key name ‘Id’

Is there anything i can do to move past this as the script author is saying ‘something goes wrong when importing your dump file, it can be broken or not compatible to your mySQL server.’ is this something you could help me out with as i am at an impasse on how to get around this. Thank you in advance for any assistance.


Hi, my support has expired but I thought you might be interested in this issue I’m facing: I’ve setup a test gallery with the EverlightBox and selected a filter (Africa) as preset. If I then open the page only pictures or Africa are shown. The problem now is the lightbox. I get ALL pictures shown in the lightbox. But if I manually click Africa as a filter (or any other) and then open the lightbox, I only see the filtered pics.

To sum it up: It makes a difference if a filter is preselected or if I manually click on it. Is that an intended behaviour?

Thanks, Armin

The plugin has stopped working and broken my page… I have tried updating the plugin and updated wordpress, but it has not fixed the issue. The page will no longer load if I have the shortcode on it.. Could you please see here and let me know what may be the issue?

Hello. Can I get a response please? I see you have responded to the guy below? Thanks

Hi, I’m sorry but purchases without included support have a low priority. Try to switch your theme to the default one and see if the problem is there. Did you also make changes recently? Updating plugins, themes, changed URL, HTTPS, etc?

Ok. Thanks for the no help. Tried all that before contact you , and no, it still doesnt work. I have purchased this plugin a number of times for different clients. Im going to delete it and buy another plugin that actually works, from someone who will support their product.

Hello I have submitted a second support question that I need answered please. I didn’t hear from your support the first time. Thanks

Did you happen to get this sorted?

I am needing to take my website live within the next few days and would like to get this resolved and I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue. Any progress? Have you tried contacting me other ways as I haven’t heard from you in 5 days.

Hi, sorry it tooks more than expected. Please send an email to so I can send you the fixed version, so you don’t have to wait the Envato moderation queue

Hi, is there any way to disable the alt text from the images?

No, sorry.

Hi there. I sent an email via your support system, but never heard back, so I’m trying it here. I’d like to include a link in my caption/title, but it creates a second color overlay across my image (and text) on hover. How can I disable the second overlay? Thanks!

Hi, yes unfortunately it’s not possible to add links inside the captions, as they’re already inside a link.

If you would start from scratch with final tiles gallery, what is your suggestion for preparing photos to get the best image quality with final tiles? I take photos with a fullframe camery (greater than 3000×4000px). I am willing to postprocess / resize all my images to get the best results for presenting them with final tiles. What are your suggestions for perfect image sizes to upload (either vertical or horizontal) in pixel sizes?

Hi, I usually compress and resize my images to the largest size used on the website (usually 1600×1600 for the lightbox). Then I use some PHP image resizer like MThumb ( to resize images on the fly.

Sorry, my previous answer was about the standalone version of Final Tiles Gallery. For the WordPress gallery I use the same flow: resize and compress to 1600×1600 and then I add the sizes I need inside the functions.php theme file

Thank you for your answer and I understand I have to restart with all Images resized to 1600×1600. Is there a function or a checkbox within Wordpress or Final Tiles, that helps me to resize Images in the best possbile way for the usage with final Tiles? (Unfortunately I am not skilled with php-scrips) and next to that, I dont know, which sizes I have to add to the functions-php because I dont know, what sizes Final-Tiles need for example in Rail Gallery or Grid or Masonry view

Hi Green Tree Labs,

I use the Final Tiles plugin for several sits. I’m now seeing white spaces in the galleries with images which are in the portrait (tall) orientation that are using the Final Titles Layout.

When I use the Masonry Layout it looks fine.

I’ve disabled all the plugins and it made no difference – I’m still getting the white spaces under tall images.

How do I fix this?

Thanks for your help.


winnephew Purchased


really nice gallery :)

One question though: when I use the lightbox gallery on desktop some images get rotated. They’re correctly rotated (or rather: not rotated) in the tiles and also in the same lightbox gallery’s mobile view.

Do you have any idea how to fix this?