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I updated to 3.3.13 and it caused the gallery to disappear from the pages that I placed the shortcodes on.

I then updated to 3.3.16 and it’s still the same issue.

This is one of the affected pages in case you’d like to look at what’s happening.

Hi, I’m sorry yesterday I’ve updated the free version and changed the name of the plugin which clashed with the name of the paid version. The fastest way to fix it is to delete the plugin (all galleries and settings will be kept) and download and install the paid version from Envato (from the “Downloads” page after you have logged in)

Perfect, got it working. No problem, stuff happens! Have a great day


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My swipebox is not working for me on mobile .When I select an image it never loads the image in a lightbox

Hi, I am using bridge theme and the album is not working properly on mobile & desktop. I have to reload the page continuously. When I access the site through Instagram the page appears blank. There may be some type of conflict or something. Waiting for your help and already posted a ticket. Thanks

its been 2 days and no reply to my question!

it was multiple questions and i haven’t received an answer yet! but the most important one is about AJAX feature, it takes too long to display the photos which causes my visitors to leave the page before the pictures appear. is there a way to make the photos appear before the visitor scrolls down to the bottom of the page? thanks

I actually don’t understand where and when you asked the questions. However, the ajax loading is meant just to load the images when the user reaches the bottom of the page, otherwise you can disable the feature.

i totally understand, and i appreciate it being an added as a beta feature, i was just wondering if there’s a way to make it load the photos faster (it takes about a second to load now). by then the visitor will leave the page not knowing there’re other photos.

I have a purchased version of Final Tiles Gallery for Wordpress but the Filter function is no longer working. It says I have to upgrade in order to get them to work. This can’t be right: the version I bought was a lifetime license and the fileters were included. Can you please advise?

Hi Paul, I’m sorry 20 days ago I’ve updated the free version and changed the name of the plugin which clashed with the name of the paid version. The fastest way to fix it is to delete the plugin (all galleries and settings will be kept) and download and install the paid version from Envato (from the “Downloads” page after you have logged in)

Hi. Yes, that’s totally sorted it (I had to ‘re-input’ the filter categories but all other data was saved). Thank you so much. And thanks for such a prompt reply!

Is it possible to use this with wp/lr plug in to sync with lightroom?

So any input as to if it can be made to work??

Hi, sorry for the late response. There’s not a lightroom feature, sorry.

However, if you can find any Lightroom plugin that is able to upload your images to WordPress then you can easily add the image to Final Tiles Gallery as you would do normally.

Can you add two more social media icons for the lightbox options, I need to have Instagram and Linkedin. Also, Can we have the Facebook and Twitter image sharing work the same way as Pinterest, and be allow to share the specific image?

Okay thanks! I just downloaded that plugin but it says “This image is used if the post/page being shared does not contain any images.” so right now the final tiles gallery default seems to be the first image in the gallery i made, so how do then take that image off so the new image can be in the SEO yoast plugin

Sorry ignore that last message, it was just taking a while for the changes to apply, its working now, thanks!

No problem. Remember whenever you change the og image you need to delete the Facebook cache by using the Facebook debugger tool:

Hi, I have a grid on the home page of a website i’m building. It is a custom theme. I have both of the “Lightbox & Links” options set to “No Link”. The grid works as expected on desktop (the caption and title appear on hover and NO lightbox on click), but on mobile, any tapping on an image results in a lightbox. I can see the caption/title box appear very quickly right before the lightbox opens. I need to get the lightbox disabled on mobile and just have the caption/title box appear when a user taps on a photo. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I just purchased this. Do you have instructions on how to do the WordPress album (lightbox groups). Thanks


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Hello, no one has responded to this or my help ticket?


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I just submitted another help ticket


jennymess Purchased

I figured it out :)

Hi, The copy for my social sharing for twitter and Pinterest both are showing up twice. Would you happen to know why it shows twice and where I can edit that to change it


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Hello, I am desperate, I tried over hours to get the same effect like your demo with filters. No problems to assign filters and groups, but there are only the picture of group in lightbox not all, if there are all pictures shown. I use Magnific popup, like in your demo, I although tried every other lightbox, I change the theme and much more, but always the same. Could you perhaps make one or screenshots of your values. Thank you very much for any help. Torsten


slash77 Purchased

Any ideas?

Hi, sorry for the late response, I suggest to open a ticket next time for a faster response. The behaviour you describe it totally correct, groups are there just to group images in lightbox.

Hello. I’m having to reenter the filters for my galleries EVERY TIME I open the gallery on the backend to edit it or add new images. And then my filters don’t even work when I reenter them. So for ALL my images I have to reenter the filter and then reassign each on every time I add new images to that gallery. It’s incredibly time consuming and frustrating.

Can you please let me know if this is a bug or how to fix it? Thanks, Alicia

Hi I’m using Safari

I see that the filters are there when I edit it in Firefox. But this can’t happen with Safari?

I’ll check the code. Do you confirm you’re using the last version of Safari? Are you on a Mac? Safari on Windows is very old and buggy.


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hi any news maybe about rtl? also any chance for adding a slideshow?

I have an error after moving complete site to a different hostingparty: The error: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 14

Tnxs!! It works again!