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hi, i am really sorry to nuge… but is the any eta about the big release with rtl? if you remember you said it will be done in 10 days from when i did buy the plugin, and we past 3 month… :-( i really need this. please update me. thaks so much for your amazing plugin.


eli1356 Purchased

any estimation?


eli1356 Purchased

i really am waiting for this… any eta???

I’m sorry but I can’t provide a consistent eta currently

Hi, first i love your plugin … second thumbnails are not always loaded on iPhone mobile Safari and browser crashes often, see

Hi, what version of iOS are you running? Does it happen also here ?

Hi there, is there an issue with the filters? Mine keep disappearing in the General tab.

Can you describe exactly the issue?

Titles and captions doesn’t show on mobile devices. Please help. It’s urgent.

Can you please give me the URL of your site? You can send the URL to if you prefer.

I’ve just sent you an email.

Hi, i run the savoy theme on my website. If i use final tiles, my pages (where i add the shortcode) go completely blanc.. Is there a solution for this?

Kind regards, Daan

Hi, I’ve never seen such behaviour. If you deactivate the plugin it shows the page as normal?

Hi !

I bought your plug-in, but the first 5 images won’t show up on the front-end. From the back-end everything seems ok. Any suggestions?

Kind regards, Boaz

I’ve answered to your e-mail right now, please check it.

Perfect, that was the right solution. Thanks for the quick reply/action!!

Awesome support thumbs-up

Hi, I am using Final Tiles Gallery for 1 year. At the beginning all worked well, but now the lightboxes don`t work. When I click on the photo (the tile of the gallery) there is a loading circle but nothing happens. I tried different kind of lightboxes – the error is always the same. Why? ( the site: )

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Is this a joke? You asked for support during the weekend, just 2 days ago while our terms about support say clearly we need up to 3 days to handle requests.


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Hi! i have a problem on my gallery that occures only on safari browser mac/ios


tomas987 Purchased

already fixed …it was bug in my code

Glad to know you solved :)

Hi there,

How to make a WordPress gallery with filters?

Can we filter between diferent galleries??

Like you have on this page:


Hi Octagonz,

each gallery has its own filters.


I do have a purchased version of this plugin, the client bought it for me and I have the documentation, but I can’t see any info about the filters apart from a paragraph.

How do I go about adding filters and a navigation on top exactly like the demo??

Are we talking about the WordPress version, correct? 1) Define the filters you need under the “general” section. 2) Add the images to the gallery 3) assign the filters to the images by using the bulk operations or by editing the images one by one

Hi! Thats amazing plugin, easy to use and detailed options. Thanks for it. There is only one thing I couldn’t manage. I am trying to use filters, created multiple then saved; till that moment everything is perfect, its working exactly online but after some time, when I logged again to my admin panel and click to general setting in this plugin, I can’t see my filters anymore and if I save like that its not showing online a well. I have to create that again.So I think thats not saving my filters Is there anything I miss or any solution?

Hi, I just tried (FTG version 3.3.0) but I was not able to replicate the issue. Are there specific step I should follow?

My Steps (FTG 3.3.0): 1. Created Gallery 2. Set it up 3. Created filters 4. Added some photos and saved. After those steps if I refresh that page those filters are disappearing from “General” section but showing only in “Images” section. Then for example if I tried to add new filter in “General” section (by the way filter area is totally empty after refresh that page) and saved, except last filter others are not appearing on my website. (I hope I could explain). So what should I do?

By the way I recorded video (kind of TimeLapse) and want to share with you. Youtube link:

Hello, if I set Caption always visibile on mobile it won’t work. Can you please help? Thank you in advance

Hi, i run the SiteOrigin North theme on my website. If i use final tiles gallery pro, my pages (where i add the shortcode) go completely blanc.. Is there a solution for this?

But it works with the lite version of Final Tiles. If I deactivate the Final Tiles Pro the website is running.

I also see only the “general/Allgemein” part of the settings for the Final Tiles Gallery Pro. (In Lite Versions are all of them)

BTW: daanvergouw from this chat, has the same issue

Kind regards, Andy

Hi, I installed a blank version of wordpress and it also doesn’t work. You can check it here:

BTW: I already created a support ticket 5 days ago. #1208545

I’m so sorry for the late response, I’ve just replied.

After install the plugin, I can’t find the Edit Area, Lite version is work fine for me, but Pro version do not have edit area. I have submit the TICKET to You, Please help! Thanks!

Hi can you please give me the ticket number?

1216533, Can you help me as soon as possible? Thanks a lot!