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Okay, here is a simple, yet grave problem that I am facing: all uploaded in the gallery are shown in the lightbox, but not on the general page. Please help!

Hi, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. What is the general page?

Hello. I just wrote you an email… but answering here regardless. This is the so called general page:

For some awkward reason, MANY of the images I’ve uploaded to Final Tiles do not show up at all. Please help.

Okay, found it, it was Grid Size! Thank you regardless!

Here is the purchase information:

Plugin: Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid Plugin ID: 1002 Plan: Ultimate Plan ID: 1845 License ID: 55268 License Type: Single Site Subscription ID: 32176

Does this plugin comes with enough options to create a gallery like this one?

Is there a support I can contact during my 14 days trial?

I am playing with the options in the link you gave me but, the caption always disappears once I hover over the pics and not matter what option I choose. Same for the opacity effect?

Send me the URL to so I can check it.

Hi ! I add image in the galery but when i want open image write: The image could not be loaded.


Using latest version…when opening in lightbox, images do not advance…like when using keyboard arrows. I have to open each image separately. I’ve gone thru all the settings, and I can’t find anything that addresses this. I know that it has this function, I just don’t know where to do it.

Thanks for your help.

That lightbox is the theme’s one, not the one included with Final Tiles Gallery.


I have a question regarding the “Gallery” page of my website. I am using filters for the photos, but when I activate one filter, open the filtered image in the lightbox and navigate it always shows ALL images. So when I click on the filter “Austria” I got shown Canyon pictures from the US in the lightbox…

I found out through the comments here that more people got this problem, but I never saw this answered?

Could you help me to solve this?

I purchased the Pro version, so I need this to get worked… but unfortunately my Support already expired.


(Actually currently the filters on my page don’t work at all, but I didn’t do anything…. hope to get this solved)

Thank you! Kind regards Sandra Metzbauer

Hey guys, how do I stop the tiles going white then black when the mouse hovers over each image? I can’t seem to get the setting to disable this:

Hi, that shouldn’t happen, actually. Add the following code in your Custom CSS box:

.final-tiles-gallery .tile:hover .tile-inner:before { display: none !important; }

Hello, how can I export the galleries and then import them to a new site?

If you need to export also the images then you should use some specific tool, like Duplicator.

but I should only export the galleries, not the entire site …. with duplicator I export the whole site ….

Well, the main problem are the references to the images. How did you copy the images from site A to site B? If they have the same ID you can export the tables of the database and update the URL of the images.

We are using final tiles wp gallery for a client of ours that currently has several large galleries on their website. The client wants captions to show for all the images but the images are already loaded from media library. Is there a way to do this by pulling in the image title for the caption without re-adding all the images again? One of the galleries can be seen here

Hi, there’s not a way to fetch the captions once the images are added to the gallery. The only way would be a customer query to run on the DB as the final tiles gallery images table has the reference (id) of the original image.

Your plugin is cool ! but i found some bug.

When using album ( hide image and grouping )

On mobile version only show 1st thumbnail image (happen on mobile device , Chrome sandbox mode ,See pic )

On desktop seem no problem.

Please fix this bug. Thanks

ps. Already send this question in item support.

LightGallery Group Album work fine on Desktop. but not on Mobile

I mean … It only happens on the mobile version and my client doesn’t happy about that …

I didn’t come to comment for storytelling…

I wish u can patch this bug. If you can’t fix this. I’ll make a refund.


Are you sure you’re using LightGallery also on desktop? Can you send me the URL at For the mobile version you could use SwipeBox, unfortunately I can’t patch lightboxes as they’re not developed by me. No problem if you prefer to be refunded.

I’ll deal with my client . If they okay with SwipeBox on mobile.

I’ll not make a refund , Anyway thanks you for your fast reply & support :)