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hey presales question: is it possible to set up a link (on the same webpage) that opens the (first image of the) gallery?

Hi. You can do it by using a very short code of custom JavaScript. I can provide it as part of the purchased support.

Hi there , is there any chance to make the gallery like this ??

Thank you

Can you please explain?

Hi there. Is possible to add a text block between images blocks?

Sorry for the late response, the plugin can only use images and videos.

hi any news with the big new update?

Coming soon!


eli1356 Purchased

any news??? really need tthe rtl…

Issues with some Lithuanian characters – question marks are displayed instead of them. Maybe some suggestions on what might be causing that?

Hello. I’m using pro version of Final Tiles, with filters (images assigned) and LightGallery (Deskop and Mobile). Problem is that:

When click filter images changing but on LightGallery – no

With Reloading Page On (recommended by You) – When click filter images not changing at all on page and LightGallery too…

Link to page:

Hi, I only see this message: “Witryna jest tymczasowo niedostępna z powodu zaplanowanych prac konserwacyjnych. Zapraszamy ponownie za minutę.”

Try now please – Wordpress update


tomiskym Purchased

Can You help me ?

I need to upload 100’s of images to gallery and then easily assign to filters and change name without clicking “edit” changing name and clicking “save”. Is it possible with your plugin?

Hi, you can select any number of images and then assign a filter, but I don’t understand what you mean about changing name. Do you mean the caption?

In order to change a caption in our curent plugin you have to click edit, add caption, click save, then wait like 3-5 seconds after it is saved and then you can edit next item. This in annoying. I would like to be able to edit caption for example inline.

Well, for captions I don’t have a bulk edit option, I’ve never thought it could be much used but it makes sense. At this moment I’m in the middle of a big update but I can’t add this feature now as I’m already late with the release, sorry.

Presale question
Is it possible to make with this plugin so, that images are in one column and one image is visible on screen? On image click gallery would open in lightbox?

hi, I’m not sure I’ve understood the question. Do you mean you need to hide certain images and show them only inside the lightbox?

Any chance to get support for PhotoSwipe Lightbooth. I usethis for other areas on my site and want to keep it consistent…

Hi, PhotoSwipe is planned for the next release, however Final Tiles Gallery can work with any lightbox if your theme allows to enable PhotoSwipe on custom CSS selectors. Usually themes activates their lightbox on every linked images, so you don’t even need any customisation.

How many recent posts can it show as a gallery? I’m looking for 50-100. I can’t find any gallery that works with featured images and shows more than a few of the recent posts.

Hi, there’s no limit about how many posts to pull.


prolinks Purchased

Good day,

I am a customer that have purchase and use your plugin product – Final Tiles WordPress Gallery.

Recently I have encounter an issue with your Plugin running on my Wordpress website using the Impreza 4.3.1 Template. Your product was working fine before but within the past few days we’ve had an issue with our photos and videos on our website no longer can be viewed using your Plugin.

Our home page has now only a header, footer with menu side bar along with outher pages missing photos and videos that were being displayed through your Plugin.

Are you aware of any issues rencently regarding any conflect with the Impreza 4.3.1 Wordpress Template or any other Plugins?

Your help is greatly needed concerning this matter.



Hi Wayne, you’re purchase is currently without support so I can only give you some informations, see if you can solve the issue with them. If you moved from HTTP to HTTPS or you changed domain then check you update all URLs inside all database tables. Try to disable all other plugins one by one until you find the one that is preventing Final Tiles Gallery to work correctly. Also try to switch to the default theme of WordPress and see if the issue was depending by your theme. Once you understand the cause you can ask the author of the plugin/theme to fix the issue.


dimentoms Purchased

Hello there! Is it possible to change the template to columns instead of rows?

I use the plugin for my portfolio and its “horizontal” with 3 rows. The images need a long time to load. I have thought about adding the infinite loading script from your site, but it only works if the images are vertical, which is not the case in my gallery. If the template was changed to columns, the pictures would load different. The pictures which are hidden at the right side would load later.

Here is my site for a demonstration: