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I installed the Lite version which worked fine. But when I upgraded I’m getting errors. I have deleted the Lite version and tried default themes and disabled plugins. Opened a ticket but haven’t had any response.

Warning: ucwords() expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 given in /home/roofrep/public_html/ajw-site/wp-content/plugins/final-tiles-gallery/FinalTiles_gallery.php on line 2493

Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /home/roofrep/public_html/ajw-site/wp-content/plugins/final-tiles-gallery/lib/gallery-class.php on line 21

Hi can you tell me your ticket number?


5 days and no reply to my support ticket. Too long guys!...



6 days now…

Hi, is there a option to show the image title/caption title permanent?


Yes, it’s the first option under the “Captions” section.

Hi, is there a option to show a frame around the image on hover, while have the caption/title showing permanent?

Hi I’m sorry there’s not such option, you should do it by custom CSS.

Been using this plugin since 3.1.29. It’s been a fairly satisfactory plugin, and it does look/work nicely on the front end.

But since that version, duplicating has always broken custom image links in the copy of a gallery.

The source gallery that was duplicated retains its links, but the copy doesn’t.

Was hoping that updating to 3.3.4 would fix this issue, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Any help that can be given would be appreciated.

Hi do you mean the cloned images doesn’t have images?

Pre-sale question. This gallery looks good. Is it possible to have multiple lines of text display in the description field of the lightbox? I will need about six lines of text for each large image displayed.

Hi sorry, I’m out of office for 2 weeks and I have limited internet access. You can use multiple lines of text but consider the same text is used also as caption of the each image (unless you turn off captions).

Ok, thanks for that.


mastubbs Purchased

Hi there. Great plugin i am enjoying using it a lot. I am using the plugin to display a very large gallery (approx a thousand photos). The problem i am having is that if a user clicks on an image thumb while the page is still loading then the wrong image is displayed in lightbox. Once the page has finished loading then the correct image is displayed. Im wondering if either there is a way to display the correct image in the lightbox, or as an alternative display a ‘loading’ message overlay until the page is fully loaded (this would at least avoid the wrong images being displayed in the lightbox – i don’t mind if the users have to wait longer for the page to be ready). I hope that question makes sense. Im sorry for posting a support question here – ticksy seems to be offline at the moment.

Hi, can you please send the URL to

Also please try adding the following CSS rules:

.final-tiles-gallery .tile {
    display: none;
.final-tiles-gallery .tile.ftg-loaded {
    display: block;

The author had time to thank for the 5stars, that were given. Knowing him & his support from another plugin (Mikado), that was bought long time ago, I assumed that support would be prompt again.

I was wrong. Obviously he has no time for supporting the plugin. My ticket #1263112 is PENDING SINCE 10 DAYS, although I send him in a separate mail the ticket number, described the problem, etc. etc.

Now I submitted a second ticket #1272045 about another issue and who knows, when this one will be answered.

There are two issues: 1. #1263112 The filters do ALWAYS disappear, when opening the gallery on the backend. It is very annoying to type them again … and again … and again ... and again … and again … and again … and again … and again … and again … and again … and again (GOT IT??)

2. #1272045 & WAY MORE SERIOUS. The whole setting for tablets and mobiles in both masonry and final tiles does not work! It shows only the first row and the rest of the images end up somewhere as 1×1 pixels in a digital nowhere land.

Really pity, that an actually good plugin is hampered by such a lousy, or better said non-existing support. Support to which I am eligible for six months. If I don’t get answers soon, I’ll report my experience to Envato.

Ok. I know, that sometimes when the shit hits the fan, then ….. But please try to fix the mobile issues soon. It is really frustrating, that the tiles don’t build up consistently on mobile devices. Can’t show the website as long as there are these issues. Losing permanently on the backend the filters is very annoying, but not such a priority.

Could you please send me an email ( with the URL of the gallery with mobile issues? Ticksy is down again and I’m not able to read your ticket.

The author Diego fixed the mobile issues and now the plugin works perfectly on the frontend. Thanks a lot to Diego.


eli1356 Purchased

hi any news please with rtl. in 10 days my support is over. this means that i am wating for 6 month for something you promised me that will be ready in 10 days…

Hi I’m sorry about that, but I have promised nothing. When you purchase 6 months support you get help when you have problems installing or using the plugin, that doesn’t mean you can request any feature and the author is obligated to develop it. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to develop the feature you requested, unfortunately that feature require much more effort than what I thought.


eli1356 Purchased

i am sorry but you did promise me this as you can see here

“I guess” is the new “I promise” ? Again, I’m really sorry but support doesn’t mean custom development. Never. The new feature is still in my list but I’m not able to provide timing.

Hello there, Pre-purchase question: I have a website with 4 languages on it, using WPML. I want to build a gallery page with filters on it. My question is, is this gallery wpml compatible? Or if not, is it possible to create a gallery for one language, and then just duplicate it and change the filter on it for another language,etc?

Thank you in advance

Hi, some users reported they had issue with captions when using the plugin with WPML. You can duplicate galleries but if you change the filters you’ll need to assign the new filters with the images.


melprok Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to display images grouped in folders?

For example, I want to have several categories and when I press a category all the images in that category appear.

Hi, yes you can see a demo here:

The plugin has both categories/filters and groups. Groups are used to make albums while filters works like this demo: