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I purchased your plugin from here and noticed that my example from here doesn’t work like yours in the demo It sorts the images ok. But if I’m on “test1” or “test2” filter and click on the image to open it with Magnific popup, it will show me 1/11 and I can go through all the images in that gallery. It should show me just the images in that filter when opened with Magnific popup.

I’ve send a ticket to your support section and I got the answer that I have the version 3.3.14 and that is outdated and I should have 3.3.38.

You only have/offer 3.3.14 on Codecanyon.

No one answered my support email after I pointed out this issue.

Any advice? Thanks!

Can you have the images link to html anchor points on the same page?

You can enter any kind of link, so: yes you can do it.

Hi. I need to know if using the social sharing options I can share a specific image from the gallery on facebook, twitter or G+. Thanks in advance

No, unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow anymore to share specific images. Google also uses the image set in the open graph meta tag.

Yes, but it shares the image, not the page. So when a user clicks on the shared image, from Facebook, he will open an image without any clue about how to go to the website page. So, this way, sharing is useless, it drives traffic to images, not to the website. Pinterest is the only social network that still let users sharing specific images.

pre sale question: i need a tile gallery for my posts. but it doesn’t have to be recent posts but a custom selection of custom post types. is this possible? and i need the callery to be justified at the bottom, so all images in the lower row should “end” on the same line. is this possible with your plugin? thanks!

Hi, Final Tiles gallery can let you make a gallery using custom post and taxonomy. About the lower end it can be done using the Masonry layout, where all images have the same width. Otherwise you could use PhotoBlocks: but the custom posts/taxonomy feature is not ready, should be available in a week.


After installing your plugin and when running a test with wp debug mode, your plugin causes this:

Notice: wpdb :: prepare was called incorrectly . The query does not have the correct number of place holders (1) for the number of arguments sent (3). Please see Troubleshooting in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 4.8.3.)

This is a security risk. Please update your plugin ASAP.

Also tested with all other plugins disabled. Tested by Avada Theme last version 5.5

Regards Trond André

Dear André, as you can read, that’s just a notice and it’s not at all a security risk. Instead, running a production web site with DEBUG active is a security risk. That said, the code will be updated in the next release.

Cheers, Diego

I am currently testing out your free version but after installing SSL, the plugin no longer allows me to upload any images?

Hi, what do you mean exactly? The plugin doesn’t have an uploader for the images, is all managed by the WordPress media panel.

No images were showing and no option to add images were showing either. I had to start a new gallery and for some weird reason I have to click between the ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘big’ list view links repeatedly, until they re-appear (have to do that every time) . A very odd bug and something to do with my change to SSL I assume.

Gallery won’t appear on

Update: fixed the issue

I don’t have an ongoing support subscription, so I’m not asking you to fix this issue, just making sure you’re aware. Final Files seems to be broken when using PHP 7.2 on Wordpress. It results in 100% CPU and RAM usage by apache2, constant crashes, etc. This is the error shown in the log:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/site/public_html/wp-content/plugins/final-tiles-gallery/lib/gallery-class.php on line 1077

This is on version 3.3.11 of Final Tiles. Disabling the plugin results in apache2 using 1 to 3% of CPU and normal RAM usage.

For now I’ll disable the plugin as I have a different gallery as a backup, but please consider fixing this for your ongoing customers. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for reporting. The plugin is tested with PHP 7.2 and the last version of WordPress, the message you reported is just a warning and should not cause any issue. Are you able to describe better what happens? When exactly the CPU starts throttling? The only thing it can explain such behaviour is an infinite loop, but it would be the first time after dozens of thousands of active installations. Also, what platform/os is Apache running on?

GreenTreeLabs, I may have been incorrect. Disabling the Final Tiles plugin fixed the issue for a couple of hours but then it suddenly started doing the same thing again, even without the plugin enabled.

I’ll keep researching ways to fix my own issue, but the reason I pointed the finger at Final Tiles initially was because the log I was looking at was littered with that warning about default objects caused by Final Tiles. I’m running Ubuntu 16.04.

Thanks for your time!

No problem. I thought maybe you were running the website inside some kind of software like MAMP/WAMP, which is actually use but maybe they’re not the best environment. You could type the “top” command when CPU is 100% and see if the issue is really caused by Apache, and if so, look at the access_log and see what pages are called when the issue appears.

Hi there, some pre-purchase questions here! 1. Is this latest version if the plugin? (i see the last update was at May 11 and the latest version is at July 2017). 2. Can i have black and white images and become coloured on hover? Thanks in advance. Kostas

Hi, yes sorry you’re right, the plugin is updated but I have to update the plugin’s page with the last changes. You can add that effect by adding custom CSS (available to these browsers:

ok, thank you very much! will buy it soon. Have a nice day