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Hi. Great Plugin. Congratulations.

I’m having this problem: When I’ve some text after a Grid from Final Tiles Gallery, when the images are still loading the text gets all messy before going to its right place. Only after the Grid is full loaded the text goes to the right place.

Is anyway to solve this problem? You can check what I’m saying here:

Best regards, Vasco

Hi, I am considering buying a Pro version for a customer; before I do, are there any limits as to the numbers of images you can add per gallery in a Pro version? (I think it is 20 for the free version.)

Are there any limits as to the number o galleries you can have – ether pro or free?

Also, is the $22 a one-off fee or is it per year?

PS I love this plug-in!!

Hi, sorry for the late response. The Pro version doesn’t have any limit about the number of images. And there’s no limit about the number of galleries (even on the same page).

Many thanks for the info! And congratulations on a wonderful gallery!

PRESALES QUESTION! Hi, this plugin looks amazing but I have a question, I don’t see any videos on your demo, I’m trying to build something like this:

Is this possible with your plugin? Thanks

Yes, you can do it, there’s a demo here:


s3yth Purchased

Hi there, I have 2 questions after my purchase.

1/ I can’t find how to resize the picture after the creation of a gallery. When I clic on each picture, I only have the choice of the real size of the picture

2/ How can I have this little dark opacity effect when the mouse is over ? I put a small zoom and rotation but when the mouse is over, there is no layout (dark with opacity). I need this dark opacity because actually, the social icons don't appear very well.

My page :

Thanks !

Hi, please open a support ticket here:

Hi, I need to know this before purchasing, because I cannot find a plugin or theme to fit what I’m looking for to save my life. I am a journalist, and I’m looking to update my online portfolio. I was wondering if there was a character or word count for the captions on the light boxes.

Hi, do you mean a limit on the words you can have in lightbox? For example, when captions is clicked on the right as the option, is there a limit to how many characters or words I can use when my mouse hovers over?

sistudio Purchased

Hello! In your plugin, can I change the lightbox background color? Change black to white, for example?

Sorry, if your theme settings have a “Custom CSS” field you can place this code there, otherwise edit the gallery and paste the code inside the “Custom CSS” box (Customizations panel).


sistudio Purchased

Sorry, but my theme don’t have Custom CSS place… And if i put the new code in the Custom CSS of the gallery, the gallery it’s run but the new Css no… ;(

can you write the URL of the page with the gallery? If you prefer you can send it to


clctech Purchased

First and foremost – the form for this product / developer is buggy—I was able to select the plugin from the dropdown for this developer, but the ticket and submit fields were hidden. I had to force them to display with Chrome’s dev tools but still couldn’t submit a ticket. Hoping someone who reads this can look into or contact someone to get this resolved.

So here’s the question:

Subject: Display title & excerpt on recent posts Contents: I like a lot of things about your plugin, but when using the recent posts functionality I want to be able to display BOTH the post title AND excerpt. This does not appear to be an option. Is this in the pipeline to fix? Or is there a setting I’m missing that makes displaying both of these things possible (again, specifically for recent posts)? Thanks!


brinsond Purchased


Just bought this plugin and it was exactly what I was looking for.

A couple of points. Is it possible to format the filter text and centre it? Also, I don’t want the thumbnails (5 across) to fill the width of the window, how would I change this? Lastly, the image thumbnails appear very ‘blurry’, what settings would I need to change to fix this?

Many thanks.

Hi, to center the filters paste the following code inside the Custom CSS box:

.final-tiles-gallery .ftg-filters { text-align:center; }

If you don’t want your gallery to fill the entire width of its container you can set the desired size in “Width” parameter (General section).

If you have blurry images you can try to:

1) use a larger image size (click “edit” button on that image and select a larger size)

2) use a lower “Image size factor” (general section)

Pre sale question, Is is possible to embed a twitter or instagram video? not an account stream, but to take an embed code from twitter/instagram and place it like a youtube embed code.


I have a pre sale question. In the free version i saw that there was a option for Woocommerce. I had a look on but i couldnt see a example of products. When you have the Woocommerce option on is it possible that the link of the image goes to the product page? I also saw that there was a option for social media. Is there also a option to email the photo to someone?

Hope to hear from you soon, Dutchwyse

Pre-Sales question: Does this plugin support RTL?



rareaaves Purchased

Can the filters be displayed as a drop down menu?

Hi, I have setup a gallery and everything is fine, but the hover effect stopped working after a while, can you please check here and see what’s going on ?

Check the fields “WordPress caption field” and “WordPress title field” (Captions section)

Hi, we need all the images of the grid to look the same size even though they are all different in real size, is there a quick way to achieve this at the options ?

Hi, you need to choose the Masonry layout and then choose images with a cropped size. If you need a custom cropped size you can follow this guide: