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Hello. I bought your js gallery. I try it here: So far, I do not need to make thumbnails of photos. I’m trying to implement your js on my listing of photos. It works. How do I do a hover effect sharing? Here:

Sorry, I’m using google translator

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Sorry, what happened with social icons? Doesn´t works?

Hi, what do you mean?

Hi, I finally set up the gallery and I’m excited. You can delete my previous query is no longer up to date. Now I have new questions and I add them gradually. Thank you for your patience.

Compare thumbnails of photos on a new experiment page: on my original original page:

Preview page views are slightly blurred. They are not as sharp as I would. Original thumbnail size is 220×220px. Can I enter this exact size for the new gallery? I want to have 4 slopes of square thumbnails.

I call this gallery as follows:  <Script type = "text / javascript" charset = "utf-8"> $ (Document) .ready (function () { $ ('Final-tiles-gallery') finalTilesGallery ({                     Layout: 'columns' Columns: [ [4000, 4], [1024, 4], [800, 3], [480, 2], [320, 1] ], Margin: 20 }); }); </ Script>

Sorry for using Google Translator

The shadow at the bottom edge of the thumbnails has already been released.

Use gridSize:0 to avoid image crop

Thank you so much. Perfect.

I apologize for another question. When sharing a facebook photo, a small square thumbnail is loaded into the sharing form. When is a big thumbnail loaded, what is your example?

Hi, I noticed that happens also on demo site, I’m checking the issue right now.

So any change to FB? I hope you find out what caused the change.

Hi There, is there a tutorial or something that explains how to use galleries for product variations? I’m looking for something like this.


Hi, the plugin doesn’t show product variations but it builds galleries using only the main picture for each product. So you have a gallery of different products and not a gallery of product variations.

Understood, How do I get a refund since I won’t be able to use the plugin for what I need?

Could you please explain how to make videos open in a lightbox? I struggled all night after purchasing the plugin to make this work, but all I get is YouTube/Vimeo videos that display and play as if embedded traditionally. Still images work fine with the lightbox. I have tried it with every lightbox that is indicated to support videos. Hope you can help. Thanks!


kom72 Purchased

Hello. When will the bug fail to load current pictures and labels when sharing on Faceboook?

Hi, I’m having bit of a problem.

I followed all the instructions, but the script does not work for some reason for me, instead, at the top of the page this declaration is displayed in one line above everything else:

$(document).ready(function(){ $(’.final-tiles-gallery’).finalTilesGallery({ margin: 20, gridSize: 40, layout: ‘columns’, minTileWidth: 250, }); });

but the script I entered into the Head section of my document like this:

<script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8”> $(document).ready(function() { $(’.final-tiles-gallery’).finalTilesGallery( { margin: 20, gridSize: 40, layout: ‘columns’, minTileWidth: 250 }); }); </script>

Can you help me please?

I am using a wordpress website, and would like to display some images in a gallery format.

Links to the CSS and JS files are properly linked in the header too.

After some testing, I found out that the above script is displayed only when I use a cashing plugin WP Rocket. When I disable the plugin the gallery is displayed but the lightbox is still not working, after I click on any of the gallery images, it goes to a page displaying the full size image.

Please advise, thank you, Roland

Hi, impossible to help without seeing the issue, can you send me the URL to

is there a way to use have multiple filters applied. so instead of toggling btwn a single filter…maintain the selected filters until they click it off.


Hi, there can be only 1 active filter.

Is it possible to get a Gallery with maybe 4-8 Pictures in Fullscreen? 100%width and 100% height. Like a Full Screen slider.

Well, you could do it by providing exact image sizes but it’s not the aim of this plugin so it could require a bit of work.