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Can video be placed in the portfolio?

yes you can place video iframe cod like youtube , daily motion etc but you need to replace img tag with iframe video code. Thanks

Can I use a custom background and integrate this CSS3 Portfolio into my existing website ?

yes of course you can change background and integrate it but you have some knowledge of HTML/CSS. Thanks

HI recerietech, I sent you my details, I’m unable to implement this into my website.

Thanks, following my mail i am going to help you.

looks fine… but is there just that overlay? no images lightbox for a bigger view?

Can I implement this in to my photography website?

Hi, yes it have only overlay because it using only CSS3 technique. Yes you can implement it into your photography website. thanks

Can I combine it with a magnifying or lightbox? Without it’s useless for me :( that would be sad!

Yes you can used jquery/js lightbox with it but remember that documentation didn’t help you. so you need to search out and see the documentation of any lightbox which you want you used. Thanks

It seems like there’s an issue with your ‘Theme 3’. I’m interested in purchasing this, but that’s the theme I’d want to use, so I want to be sure that the layout won’t be broken when I click on any of the sorting options. Can you take a look?

Hi, I am interested by responsive? tale you update your plugin Thank you


did you receive, the link?


yes i got the link please check your email. thanks

hi, for the month of September, our responsive template urgent when , the next update with the reponsive please Thank you


for when

Version Responsive Bootstrap?

Thank you

Hi, When you count gives us the update? I thank you

in “how many” days?

hostingames i can’t say thing about it. i already updated my item with latest animations, more good looking and fully responsive design. I can’t grantee anything about the new features.


simple question, how to add on “filtro” show the number of images “a counter”

thank you

Hi, i bought this understanding that it is a responsive thing, however this isnt the case, it does not resize with my browser however your advertised version is. Could you please explain? And or help me how to make the version i purchased responsive?

Hi Borrlo, It is full responsive and work well. can you show me url ? Thank you for replying so quickly :)

I can see you are using older version which isn’t responsive at all. Please update it with latest version. thanks.


simple question, how to add on “filtro” show the number of images “a counter”

thank you


simple question, how to add on “filtro” show the number of images “a counter”

thank you

Your first question was regarding issue the item not working and i help you out to solve this issue.

Next you asked question about responsive design that is about added new feature in item. According to Envato, we can’t provide any new feature into existing item but still i added responsive for you.

check about support here

Anyway if you don’t want to buy Support no problem. Thanks.

added a new feature to the article? possible I resumed support for 6 months

Hostingames, i will not able to provide you any support regarding Adding new features in item Can’t provide you specify date time of any of updates Can’t help you with customization can’t help you with installing the item.

According to Envato i can only help you with following.

Availability of the author to answer questions
Get assistance with reported bugs and issues
Help with included 3rd party assets

As your recent question : how to add on “filtro” show the number of images “a counter”

it’s look like you want me to add new feature and i can’t help you with that.