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Application bug : when you keep the filter “none” and try to share it, the application will crash. Please provide a solution for this bug.

Ok, but you first have to apply at least a filter to the image, or else the app will be useless :) Apply a filter or more than one to the picture, and then tap None filter button, and share the image, it won’t crash.

Agreed. However, if apple team identified this bug, the app will be rejected. Any alternative option to disable the share icon of no filter is used? How may I contact your team in private to discuss customization of this app ?

Ok, we don’t work on weekends but we’ll check how to fix that issue on Monday.
You may contact us by our profile’s contact form. Cheers!

Is it create by Swift project or Objective C ?


I plan to buy your product but i have a question 1.In project have a 3th party like cocoapods or develop this from scratch ? 2.I can play this project on X code current version ?

No, we never use Pod files, too complicated for beginners, our XCode projects are always ready-to-go: open, run, enjoy ;)

You’re wlecome!

Any plan to save images in full resolution? it is saving too small

Hi, FILTERS already saves the images in high resolution, but in a square size, so maybe you want to save images without cropping them into a square size, right? This app processes pictures in a square size because then you can easily share them on Instagram. Cheers!

Hey! Awesome application! Question; When I apply filter to the image, the image is rotated 45 degrees. How to fix this?

taken from camera

All right, thanks, we’ll check it out.

Hi again, we have tested the app on ios 9 and XCode 7, it doesn’t rotate any image on our side while applying filters, so may you please take a video of your issue with QuickTime and your device plugged in your Mac, upload it to Dropbox and share a link with us by contacting us via our Profile’s contact form so we may check your issue?


I am making a photo sharing app and I would like to add filters functionality to it. Will I be able to use the source code from this app and integrate into mine? Is it easy to do? Is there any tutorial you can give to use it in our own projects.

Hi, if your app is written in Swift, you may integrate the source code of this template into your own app, unfortunately there’s no tutorial on how to make it because this is an app template, not just a custom control. Anyway you may copy the Controllers in storyboard and their relative .swift files into your own project and fix the IBOutlet connections if needed.

Hi, I am getting three errors and a warning straight away after opening your latest version of the app in Xcode 7. In the ImageEditor.swift file, there are Ambiguous use of ‘init(stringInterpolationSegment)’ on line 145 & 175. Also Ambiguous reference to .count on line 101. I also get a warning for UIPopoverController being deprecated in iOS 9.


Hi, here’s how to fix it: go on the top of the Home.swift file and remove ”:Array” from both arrays, so they should lok like this:
let filtersArray = [ ....
let filterNamesArray = [...
And open this app on XCode 7.1, Deployment target 8.0

Have tested the latest update and it works perfectly! Thank you, that was first class support.

Thanks, we appreciate your comment, please don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page on Codecanyon ;)

Hi very interested in purchasing this app, just a few questions: 1. if I buy the regular version can I later update it to the extended version if I wanted ? 2. if I made the app to free download but had working adbanners would I have to get the extended license? or could I use banners on the regular license?

1. if you’ll want to successively buy an Extended License you will have to purchase this app again by choose Extended License.
2. If you plan to publish your app for FREE on the App Store, no internal InApp Purchase, and your app serves ad banners, the Regular License is fine.

thanks man :)

You’re welcome!

Is there anyway we can have push segue instead of present modally when imagePicker is dismissed? Because in didFinishPickingImage when dismissViewController is called, it creates a pause before the imageEditor is presented. During this pause it shows the home screen, which is not good experience. How can we go directly from imagePicker to imageEditor without having a glimpse of home screen in the between?

It’s not possible, because you must first dismiss the ImagePicker controller, then present the ImageEditor, so all you can do is change true into false here (in Home.swift):
    presentViewController(myVC, animated: false, completion: nil)

thanks mate! I see your point.

ok great

Hi, Just wanted to ask if there is a way to add custom filters?

I’ll buy it today, if you have a version with GPUImage instead of Apple’s CIFilters. Thanks.

Is it hard to change from CIFilters to GPUImage?

Yes, it is, if you’re not an experienced developer, you would have to rewrite almost the whole code.

Hi do you have a version where, it doesnt crop the image when opened?

Sorry, I was so busy that I got distracted: FILTERS app has already iAd + AdMob banners implemented.

could you also include a tutorial on how to apply combine multiple CIFilters for a new custom filter? thanks!

Hi, we don’t have time to write tutorials right now, you may check this out meanwhile: http://www.raywenderlich.com/76285/beginning-core-image-swift

Hi thanks for putting this together. I have a few questions do are filters like over lays? can I create my own?

Hi, filters are made by iOS Core Image framework, no overlays, you can edit some of them and build new ones, the user guide included in the package explains how to do so.

Please make an image overlay project. i.e.: Take photo / Choose photo, image overlay is applied, user can change opacity of overlay and save/share. ~Thanks.

thanks for your feedback, really appreciated. and don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page ;)

Will the SwiftSnap app save full size images or is it only set up to save square images?

Square images only, for Instagram better fit and also for a better design on small iPhones (4/5).


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hi, whats the max image save option?

how can i add interstitials to this project? or its already added ?

Thanks but I want to show the ad after saving or on specific button tap. How do i do it ?

for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap

Hi there’s filter.psd for the icons but I can’t change the image under!! I though you provide a color layer so I can put new images

then you have to make your own ones, one by ine, simply by loading an inage in the app, apply a filter to it and save it to your camera roll. apply another filter to the same image, save it agsin and go on. once you’ll have saved all images just download them in your Mac and use photoshop to replace the demo layers with your new ones, then save them and replace the filter images in the .xcassets folder in xcode

thanks but it’s a long way 39f I hoped if it more easier in that

it’s the only way you can do that. it’s not hard, it’s just a bit time consuming because there are several filters ;)

Hi I’m running into an issue with the image rotating, it was also mentioned in a previous comment. It’s not happening when you select a photo from the library but when you take a picture. When you take a picture the image comes up correctly until you click on a filter. The image rotates back to normal when you click on ” None” for no filter. Is there a fix for this? Thanks

Okay cool! Once I implement it I will let you know if its fixed. Thanks!

you’re welcome

then don’t forget to rate this app on your downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads ;)


I bought the template today and opened it with xCode 8.3.2. I’m already registered on the Apple Developer portal, I tried to compile the build to run it on my iPhone 7 Plus but it returns the following error:

“Value of type ‘UIImage’ has no member ‘fixedOrientation’” Home.swift

Can you help me? Thank you

no problem, please contact me by my profile’s contact form and write in italian, i’ll get back to you asap, i’m out of office right now

I wrote you through your profile. See you soon,


ok thanks


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I’ve been trying for the last week to make the Admob Banner get into a DECENT position. since the default configuration you set is basically on top of the picture the user will edit (instant bad reviews).

Is there anyway you can EITHER put the banner at the button of the screen or have the image to display lower on the screen, so the banner wont land on top of it?


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As well the app crashes when saving to memory:

2018-04-22 16:53:59.721713-0600 Filters4807:3542762 This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app’s Info.plist must contain an NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app uses this data. (lldb)

1. I’ll update the app and replace the AdMob banner with an interstitial ad, since it’s better and it doesn’t affect the layout on small screens like iphone 4S
2. I’ll fix this ridiculous bug in a little while, it’s jist a matter to click on a + button in a row of the Info.plist file, scroll down to select “Privacy – Photo Library Additional Usage” option and type something like “This app needs to access your Photo Library to save pictures “ in the next empty row ;)