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ravi000 Purchased

I have a very simple filter for one custom field (brand) for woocommerce products. Works fine on the same page. But I need it on the sidebar.. so I took the widget and pulled it in the right sidebar. All is good.

But when I want the result to be loaded on another page there is only the searchvfield again and no result there.

Thanks for any inputs on this.

OK I worked some more with it.. and it works well!!

I have one problem with the layout.. how to display the product price. #meta__sale_price# does not show anything. Is the Sale price really a meta?

Hi ravi000, select _price and use #meta__price# instead.


smemedia Purchased

Hi Websupporter.

Firstly Happy New Year and what a marvellous job you have done on this plugin.

I have two questions that I hope you can help me with:

1. Is there a way to exclude categories, I’m planning to use categories to separate and display selected posts within the headline sections on the homepage. of course I don’t want these categories showing as an option?

2. would there be away which I can use a search such as the uber menu search bar or maybe you widget in the menu to provide results on the same page with the filters on?

Thanks in advance.


smemedia Purchased

Also one more question:

Is there a way to search for GE without pulling up results that have those letters in words, like large?

so have equals exactly “ge” or along those lines?

Hi smemedia,

1. Exclude Categories:

There is no native support. But you can write a small script to do so. Here is an example:
add_filter( 'sf-filter-args', 'sf_exclude_terms' );
function sf_exclude_terms( $args ) {

    $term_ids = array( 1, 2, 3 ); // The IDs of the categories, you do not want to show
    $taxononmy = 'category'; // The taxonomy.

    if ( empty( $args['tax_query'] ) ) {
        $args['tax_query'] = array();

    $exclude = array(
        'taxonomy' => $taxononmy,
        'terms'    => $term_ids,
        'operator' => 'NOT IN',
    $args['tax_query'][] = $exclude;

    return $args;

2. Search like Ubersearch

If you mean the city search, no, this wouldn’t be possible.

3. Search for “GE” but not for “large”

I assume GE is a brand or something. You could restrict the search only to the meta field (or whatever data source) where there is no text except for the brands. But I am not sure, if this is what you need.

Hope, this helps.


smemedia Purchased

Hi Webmaster,

1. thanks for this, where would I put this script?

2. I meant having one search field (a standard Wordpress seach field) which would direct to the desired results page having searched and having the filters there is the user wants to use them.

3. GE is an abbreviation for something in the industry, when searching for this it also bring up words such as large due to “larGE”; would there be anyway similar to google’s each phrase http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.aspx?p=675274&seqNum=5

thanks in advance


I have pre sale question. My need is I want to make a search which people can “Type” or “Select” what they want to find. I make a custom field for each product and I want to know if this plugin can do like that?

I also attach a picture to show my idea in this comment too. Thank you