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I’m using a checkbox element to filter by values -small, medium and large. My data-source has comma separated values, some posts have just one value (small) others have multiple – (small,large). I want the results of a search for ‘small’ to include ‘small’ OR ‘small, medium’ OR ‘small, medium, large’ etc. I’m guessing this has something to do with 'operator' => 'IN', from ajax.php? Thanks for the help.

really need some support here!!

@Bezman, I feel the same way. I’ve been trying to get a hold of this guy for a couple weeks. Maybe he no longer supports the plugin?

Is it compatible with WP 4.7.2/3 ?

Hello, is there a way to have a multiselect select box with checkboxes?

Hi, I sent you a message directly, but you didn’t respond. Can you tell me how do I restrict your plugin to use by admin only? It’s open for regular users as well and they can mess it.

Hi, I sent you a message directly, but you didn’t respond. Can you tell me how do I restrict your plugin to use by admin only? It’s open for regular users as well and they can mess it.


I purchased the plugin and it is working fine however in the page I am showing the search form the header has its text a bit modified. It shows the text a few pixel above than the other pages and this causes to overlap with other page floating elements.

any ideas on how to solve this?

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I have submitted a few questions without answer. Currently I am struggling with the css to eliminate a blank space above some radio buttons. These are aligned with display: block but still there is blank space between de field name and the first radio option.

Could you give me some hints?



Hi I’m thinking about buy your plaguing today sorry to be pain but just need you to answer questions 1. Do you provide a refund if the plug-in does not work with my theme] 2. Does your plug-in work on Avada and fusion theme 3. Do you have a results page? 4. Can I redirect the results page to another page? 5. Can the search be place as a short code? 6. Can I change the colour easily? 7. And the fonts be change 8. And does the plug-in have keywords search and can it be horizontal l 9. Can I still style the page with fusion builder if I use your plug-in? 10. And does this plug-in have a keyword search that can be place horizontal next to the filer 11. Also is easy to change the look a colour of your plug-in design like fonts box sizes 12 Is the search button a button can it be a button

Hi, I’ve purchased this plugin in and I’m using it on a site i’m designing for a client, how do I create two filters/searches without them intern linking? Also how to I remove the heading that automatically appear before an user has search anything?


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Hello there, we bought the plugin some time ago. We need to set a RANGE element a little more suitable for mobile users. Is there code or something we can do about it?

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Hi. I bought plugin and it worked perfectly untill last few days. I’m using ACF and filtering search by ACF postmeta. Now when I add new ACF fields it doesn’t appear in postmeta tags, so I can’t add filters. Any thoughts what can cause this problem? Looking forward for help. And by the way, amazing plugin.

Hi. We are thinking to purchase your product but we would like to determine whether this plugin would be compatible with our website. Can you please answer whether the filters are mutually related. In other words, when the change is made in first filter does it affect the second one, second one the third one and so on? And also is it possible to make this plugin filters in a horizontal shap?. In the way that all of them are standing next to each other in the horizontal row. Thank you in advance. Best regards

Can you also please answer whether this particular plugin can work with normal websites and taxonomies since our website is not woocommerce based? Thank you