Film Strip - Storyboard jQuery

Film Strip - Storyboard jQuery

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Live Demo (7 Layouts)
  • Jquery Film Strip Automatic Slider
  • All technologies / platforms are supported.
  • Only requirement is jquery.
  • Easy integration to any html pages.
  • Well defined, class based setting file.


  • Use many images that you want
  • Infinite Loops
  • Adding links to cards (Select whether you want the links to open in different tab or not)
  • Configurable Slide Speed (Slide Duration)
  • Configurable Width/Height of the cards (images)

Supported Layouts

  • Fixed Top film strip always at the top of your page when you scroll)
  • Fixed Bottom (film strip always at the bottom of your page when you scroll)
  • Absolute Top (film strip at the top of your page but will not be rendered when you scroll down)
  • Fixed Left (always fixed at the left of the page)
  • Fixed Right (always fixed at the right of the page)
  • Include Content (with this feature you can put film strip anywhere that you want in your page. It gets all feature of its parent block. )

For 100% UX Satisfaction

We definetely suggest that you should make sure you have enough images on the screen for better user experience. If your film strip ends before first image disappers, it seems like strip is stopped. This is why always use enough pictures. (at least 2)

Total image width has to be more than screen size + 1 card width (if you are using horizontal layout then height will be the one that you consider)

Not Included

All photos/pictures are used only demo purpose. This plugin doesn’t contain any image.