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Game not have gamecenter

There is a problem. If the person does not move the bottom ball it just continues to bounce up without changing direction. Maybe the bottom ball should be positioned just off centre. Also how do I change the speed of the bouncing ball as I want it to go faster?

Oh, sorry. I fixed it and upload new version. After it review you can upload it.

How do I change the speed of the ball? Also what do i need to configure for iAd to work correctly?

Hey nice job with the game and GLWS. It would be really great if you could ad chartboost and gamecenter though. Also, in-app purchases are becoming a very popular standard on codecanyon, so if you could make one that hides the ads that would be awesome. Let us know, thanks

Well, so far I do not plan to update the application.

When I uploaded this to the app store, they said there was a bug on iPad Air where player would only show as a red X. Has anyone else had this issue?

Check to see if you accidentally removed the graphics from app.

This seems to work great on iOS8…but on iOS7 is is VERY glitchy. do you have a fix for that?

thanks //cliff

I would love to buy this game. Could you please add Game Center? It plays a huge role in downloads and user satisfaction on the App Store

How can I change the speed of the ball?

code is encrypted, cannot use

Games on iOS7 matter . Unable to play the game because the game is very heavy . Please update it.

You can setting game