Support for Filetrip | Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + S3 + WordPress

Support for Filetrip | Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + S3 + WordPress

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How Filetrip can send files to multiple cloud locations (folders) ? Can I create many uploaders ?

Simply with Filetrip you can create as many uploaders “Instances” as you want, and for each uploader you can select what are the channels that you would like to forward the corresponding uploads to. Thus whenever user upload files from the front-end you can queue them for review first before trip them to your (Dropbox, Google Drive, and FTP) or just auto-approve everything and forward every upload automatically to whatever channel you need.

How to setup Google Drive with the 2016 new Google Developer UI change ?

Here are a step by step configuration instruction for creating your own Drive API to connect your website.

  1. ​Login to your Google account and then go to “Open Google Developer Console
  2. ​Click over “Select Project” menu from the screen top right menu.
  3. ​Click over “Create Project”.
  4. ​Give a name to your new project “New Name”.
  5. ​Wait until the project is been created.
  6. ​You will be redirected directly to your new project page.
  7. ​From enable and manage API’s, make sure to enable “Drive API”.
  8. ​From top left menu, go to “API Manager”.
  9. ​Click over credentials sub-menu and click over “New Credentials” button.
  10. ​From the options shown select “OAuth Client ID” and then “Configure Consent Screen”.
  11. ​Fill out the form shown with your desired information and then click “Save”.
  12. ​After that select “Web Application” from the option list shown.
  13. ​Now it is important to go back to your Wordpress Dashboard and click over “Filetrip Settings” under “Settings”, and then copy the fresh link generated in your browser URL box. Now past the url inside “Authorized redirect URIs” input box.
  14. ​Finaly copy the “Client ID” and “Client Secret” to Filetrip Setting under Dropbox Tab and follow the instructions.
  15. ​FINISH


Does the plugin backup the WordPress database?

It sure does. Your database tables will be dumped to an SQL file that can be used later to recover your database.

What do I do if I get the wp-cron error message? In another word the automatic backup doesn’t work ?

The issue is that your wp-cron.php is not returning a 200 response when hit with a HTTP request originating from your own server, it could be several things, in most cases, it’s an issue with the server / site. There are some things you can test to confirm this is the issue.

  • Are scheduled posts working? (They use wp-cron as well ).
  • Are you hosted on Heart Internet? (wp-cron may not be supported by Heart Internet, see below for work-around).
  • If you click manual backup does it work?
  • Try adding ‘define( ‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true );’ to your `wp-config.php`, do automatic backups work?
  • Is your site private (I.E. is it behind some kind of authentication, maintenance plugin, .htaccess) if so wp-cron won’t work until you remove it, if you are and you temporarily remove the authentication, do backups start working?

How scheduled backups will be generated ? And why am I having a problem ?

NOTICE: The plugin uses cron job system (WP Cron) to execute scheduled backup. For WordPress to recognize when to execute a backup job, your website (inner clock) needs to be set regularly. And this set happens whenever someone (including you) visits your site. If your site happens to not being visited for a period of time, WordPress’s inner clock gets sort of slow. In that case it takes an extra server-side cron job to regularly call http://yourdomain/wp-cron.php and tell WordPress what time it is.

A simple way to find out whether WP Cron works as it should on your site, try to create a new post and delay its publishing time by 10 minutes or so. Then leave your site (that’s important), come back after 11 minutes and check whether your scheduled post has been published. If not, you’re very likely to have an issue with WP Cron.

Why does transmission process go away ?

By default PHP has its time limit set to 30 seconds. The plugin will attempt to set the time limit to unlimited in order to complete the backup, however if safe mode is enabled this will not be possible. In addition the Apache TimeOut directive has a default of 300 seconds (5 minutes) that cannot be altered without manual intervention. It is not recommended you change this value. However, the plugin has been designed to get around these limitations by using a backup monitor that will detect if the backup has gone away and resume it from where it stopped. In short, this is a feature! :)

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