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Updated to latest and getting fatal error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ’,’ or ’;’ in /home4/prechor/public_html/precisioncritiques.com/wp-content/plugins/filetrip-plugin/filetrip.php on line 150

Hello Rnovakjd,

We have already fixed this PHP version incompatibility issue, but Envato has not approved the new fix yet as we have just posted yesterday.

Please PM me to send you the latest compatible release.

I am assuming you have PHP version (<=5.4) to see such an error ?

Please PM us by going to Profile page and contact us in the right side bar contact form. https://codecanyon.net/user/mindsquare


Hi, Is there a max file upload size? Regards.

Hello There,

You can allow guest by going to “Allow Guest” option under Uploader’s option page.


I see where that is but what then is the difference then between being a guest or not a guest? In other words I will have clients that will be setup to register and then login to their specific page. There will also be clients that will not need to register and I will what them (guest) to be able to upload an image to ftp folder that will be different from the folders that I assign to my different registered clients.

In this case you need to create two seperate uploaders, each with its own configuration and upload destination.

For instance, you can create a Filetrip Upload and call it “Private Image Uploader” and not expose it only for registered users and point its upload to go to FTP->Folder1 & Dropbox->Folder2, and create another uploader and expose it to Guests and point it to forward uploads to FTP->Folder2->Folder4.

Actually you can create as many uploader instances as you want, so you can configure and use each with your desired settings.


Hi. I neet an upload form for my website visitors. With possibility for them to upload big files 1-2GB Videos. Directly into my dropbox account (not stored on my webserver). Is it possible?

Hello There,

Yes it is possible. But note that your server will act as a mediator. So you have two options with FileTrip:

1- Allow users to upload videos with predefined cloud destination configurations; and then go to your Dashboard once you get a notification to Review/Approve/Automatically Forward files to Dropbox. 2- Allow files to be uploaded first to your server; then forwarded automatically without reviewing; and at the same time uploaded files could be deleted from your server right after successful forwarding.

So the way FileTrip works is “Upload & Sync”; and unfortunately there is no mean provided by any cloud storage to upload files directly from the browser without a mediator for many security reasons.

Thanks for asking :)

Hello, Once you upload, say to ftp, can you then download the file (image) after it’s been worked on? Regards

You welcome,

At the moment there is no such a feature, but I have already registered the request in the backlog.


Hi, I keep getting false emails saying that “Someone uploaded a new Filetrip file, please moderate at:”. Can someone help me with this issue, please.

Hello There,

You can go to FileTrip/Settings and uncheck “Notify admin” option.

If this option is enabled, you should only get one notification per upload session. If you are using FileTrip with 3rd party form builder, please ignore FileTrip notification and only use Form Builder mailer options.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.



I’d like to use filetrip with Caldera to upload a series of files. I’m interested in the rename filter, but can’t find the doc for this to see if it’s easy to take a field from the caldera form and then use that information in the file rename process. Is this possible?

Hello There,

Currently we have rename filter for developers that they can use.

But your idea is really interesting and we are going to include it in the next update.

Stay tuned with our social channels



sabram Purchased

Trying to upload the plugin via Wordpress and cPanel and I keep getting errors, uploading with Wordpress I am getting this error after trying to activate:

Fatal error: Call to protected method iTechFlare\WP\Plugin\FileTrip\iTechFlareCore::showAdmin() from context ’’ in /home/site/public_html/wp-content/plugins/filetrip-plugin/includes/lib-extension/itechflare-core/Libs/Core/iTechFlareCore.php on line 78


What PHP version are using?


sabram Purchased


I believe if you upgrade to the next version this error will disappear. FileTrip also 100% compatible with PHP 7.0

Please upgrade your PHP and let us know.

Hello, I sent you two screenshots of the steps I was taking to select my ftp folder and also one screenshot of the error message I receive. I would really like to use your product but I need to be able to select an ftp folder myself, without having to contact you and getting you to do it for me. There will be more folders to create down the road and I need a solution found for this issue, otherwise this product is useless to me. You have been helpful up to now and I hope you continue to help me in finding a solution to the issue I am having. Regards, Dale

Hi, I am using version 2.0.4.

Hello There,

Then please give me few seconds to fix this issue for you. I will have to fix it and then post a new version containing the fix.

I will keep you posted, as I am currently working on resolving your issue.


Hello There,

Problem resolved. We have submitted the updated version to Codecanyon. It might take day or two to be approved.

So if you wanted before then, please PM us using our Profile page so we can send you the update.


Hi! I just want to be able to allow my users to upload file directly to dropbox. Will this plugin help if I use the [file] field from CF7 plugin? Thanks

doesn’t work with usernames that are email addresses

How? What feature doesn’t work ?

I was using auto folder create for each user, only users that had a username that was not an email address could upload. The site now uses woocommerce social login that make a user immediately using the email address attached to the user account they logged in with. – this may have a bearing on the issue, hope that helps

Is it possible to use this plugin on this theme https://themeforest.net/item/boombox-viral-buzz-wordpress-theme/16596434?s_rank=1 So the users can uploads their images automaticly to dropbox,etc but display on the website? the reason of this is I want all the images uploading automaticly to dropbox ,so not on my server

For large file sizes is there a way to allow files to be uploaded directly to an ftp folder? I am getting upload errors “Response string format is not a Valid JASON:[]”. Also getting “500 Internal Server Error”. Please advise. Thanks

For the 500 Internal Server Error. Make sure you have FTP php_ftp.dll enabled in your PHP.INI.

Because if you don’t have FTP Client library installed in your PHP server, it cannot connect to your FTP server, and this might be the reason why you are getting the 505 ERROR.

Check your host on that. http://php.net/manual/en/ftp.installation.php

Why can I not upload a .zip and .tif?

Have you tried to go to Filetrip-> Settings -> MIME tab and enable:

   - Compressed File (.zip)
   - Compressed File (.rar)
   - Tagged Image File Format (.tif)

Then go to your Filetrip uploader option page, and make sure you allow the following extensions in strictly allow extension options:

“tif, tiff, zip”


Files go to my server than go to dropbox or google drive? or do direct to dropbox.

Hello There,

Yes, FileTrip buffers file through server in two different ways:

1- It saves file to server for further review and approval, and once somebody approves a file, it will be transferred to the corresponding configured channel. 2- If Auto-Approved is enabled from setting, files will be buffered through the server immediately to the corresponding pre-configured channel for any specific created uploader.

Thanks for asking


hface119 Purchased

Hello, I purchased FileTrip last year and am considering renewing my support license, but I’m hesitant to do so since last time the problem I had was never resolved.

When FileTrip is added to either a Gravity Form or Caldera Form, every day between 6AM EST and 7AM EST I receive an e-mail notification that a new file was uploaded. Originally, I thought this was spam. However, at this point it is a very clear pattern that this only happens at 6AM-7AM daily. I use the setting to require Title/Description before upload. When I get the notification a file has been uploaded and to review/approve, NO FILE has been uploaded. The setting for automatic filetrip is not enabled – I want to review and approve. If I upload a file, it works just fine. My concern is that my client will get emails every day at 6AM about a new upload that does not exist.

I wrote to iTechFlare about this issue last year when I first purchased the plugin and I have updated to the latest version but the problem is still occurring. I know there is a workaround (using Gravity Forms or Caldera Forms notifications and disabling FileTrips notification) but that is not ideal – there shouldn’t need to be a workaround for an error that shouldn’t be happening. Has this issue been reported before and is there a permanent fix?

Hello HFace,

Thanks for contacting us.

I remember your ticket, and we had a hard time reproducing this issue since then. We have our Testing Server running 24/7 and we have never received any random notification between certain period of time and so do many other customers.

We totally understand your frustration, and we would like to dig deep and cooperate with you to resolve this unique issue. There is a high chance that your Email server is buffering emails and dumping emails out at specific period of time, which could happen when SMTP servers are over stressed in a shared hosting environment.

I hope that you understand that ideally the plugin works OK, otherwise it will never pass our Testing phase; and in your case, reproducing the issue would be so complex, and we don’t have permission nor the support coverage to access customer’s infrastructure to drill down to find the root cause.

Again, if you know an exact sequence of instructions that we can use to regenerate the issue in our testing server, we will be happy to help you without even extending your support period. Because we care about our plugins quality.

Thanks :)

i am really unhappy with this product, i would like to ask for refund:

led for https://s3.amazonaws.com/arquivos-wordpress/2017/03/12110212/0_upload-1489327332.png in /home/ceco/public_html/bemvindo/wp-content/plugins/filetrip-plugin/includes/lib-extension/classes/class-filetrip-upload-distributer.php on line 243

i am getting this error

Hello Danie,

Please let us know more about the problem by opening a ticket in our support system, and we will take everything from there. Please don’t submit sensitive links in public using this thread.

Please open a ticket here: http://www.itechflare.com/support


does this plugin replace the wordpress media library

No it doesn’t, but it builds extra features upon it.

For instance, once you enable FileTrip Channel (Dropbox, Google Drive, or FTP) all Media Library files can be forwarded in bulk with a click of a button to any pre-configured destination.

In addition of that, FileTrip provides uploading functionality that can be used independently or in integration with famous Form Builders like (Gravity Forms, and Caldera Forms). This uploading functionality allows you to create unlimited number of uploaders, where each one can distribute files to different cloud destination folders realtime or in a batch format.

Thanks for asking :)

Hi, Plugin seems good but gettting some very frustrating issues.. I thought for a while that it wasnt uploading any files at all to dropbox.. as nothing was appearing on my windows synced folder..

But then after logging into my account through web.. I can see all the files were uploaded.. but are not syncing…

Every file starts with *+”@ -—- why are files being prefixed with a character that windows does not support ? seems a bit uh.. yeah.. whats the fix ?

Can you copy and paste this into a new ticket please.


We will make sure to resolve your problems ASAP


Done, cheers

The support system on your website is really bad.. all my posts come up blank so I’m not sure if the information has been received.. and I have not received any information to confirm that it has or that anyone is looking ?