Discussion on Filetrip | Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + S3 + WordPress

Discussion on Filetrip | Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + S3 + WordPress

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Can we connect this also to our onedrive?

Hello? Any response to this question? Can OneDrive be connected?


I’m very interested in your plugin!

I would like to know if you can upload a “featured image” for a wordpress post directly from the Google Drive library?

Is that possible?


1. The plugin bugs regularly, every 1-2 days it refuses to work: the progress bar moves forward, then it stops and the message appears: ‘You violated a security check!’. Only when the cache of the site is purged does the uploader work again. Obviously, purging the cache every day is not an option. What would be the solution?

2. I already reported it 2 months ago: the plugin is not compatible with AMP. You promised an update, it was supposed to arrive a week later but it’s still not here. Would it be possible to have it quickly, please? Thank you in advance for answering these 2 points, it is very important.

- It is impossible to contact you through the support because the click on ‘Go to item support’ ends with ‘Fatal error’; and your site is not accessible anymore either.

Time is running out, my questions are not being answered and the support is inaccessible My support ends in 12 days – thank you Mr. Developer for quickly restoring order to the services around FileTrip, propose the update that has been promised for more than 2 months and repair the support.

Hi, I’ve just bought the item and I’m trying to set up google drive.

All seems to be fine, except for: - filed don’t get uploaded -i can’t see folders

It appears that the instructions are incomplete. Moreover, the support website seems to be down (wp error).

There are no errors apparent anywhere

Hello, is it possible that the files are automatically uploaded to google drive from the contact form?

Yes, you can configure the uploader to only store to Google Drive channel and not Wordpress; it is flexible, and at the same time you can multi-select different destination storage channels to fanout your uploads.

My last question :). How does Google Drive organize this information? Do you create a folder for each form? Thanks!!!

Hi, I’m waiting for your answer :)

Is the plugin creator still alive..?

Congratulations :) Just this question question: is an update planned soon? Because this wonderful plugin that I sincerely love seems not to be compatible with the current AMP. Many thanks

Thanks for the notice, Yes, there will be an update coming soon for AMP, our new release target is next week :)

Excellent news, thank you!

Hi, can the files be sent automatically to Cloud or need a manual click as in your video ? thanks

Hi , is it possible to dynamically set filename and destination folder name before upload ?

No answer to my previous post, too bad. I maintain my previous questions but I’d like to add this one too : is an update planned soon ? The plugin is still offered for sale but less and less compatible, it seems. Today I see the message that FileTrip is no longer compatible with AMP Thank you in advance for your reaction

Hello, 1. I see the following message when I try to upload a file: You violated a security check! And Filetrip refuses to upload it. How can I solve this issue? 2. How do I decide where the new uploads should go, in which folder? I haven’t found any information about this. Many thanks

Is this plugin compatible with Elementor Forms?

Hi Guys, here’s a user scenario I’d like to create. We sell bespoke furniture online. I’d like to upload easily a photo of the finished product to the customers order or account in my website that allows them to check the order before we send it. I am wondering if you can suggest a way to do this using this plugin?


1. Our production team make the order
2. They take photos of the items
3. They upload them to the customers order (via this plugin I hope)
4. A customer folder is created in G Drive
5. A message/email is sent to advise customer their order needs checking
6. Customer can view the pictures
7. They can call us if they see a problem.

thanks for reading

Can your app create folders on the google drive for each gravity form submission? I have several file uploaders on one page each with a different title. When it sends to google drive I need a folder created for the user, then each file uploader to have its unique folder within the user folder. Is this possible?

Hi Does this plugin upload the media files directly to google drive/drop box or does it upload to local server first and then send media files to google drive/drop box

Hey there,

It stores the file first in your Wordpress site, and then it forwards files to Cloud destinations.

Hi can you add integration to woocommerce product addon plugin – file upload ( )

Introduction – there are many plugins that gives options to add product addons on woocommerce. & all of them have file upload feature. customers use this option to upload their own files. Example: To create custom designs on t-shirts, mugs, or business cards. currently “woocommerce Product Add-Ons plugin” has these options –

(the reason for using this plugin is there are so many plugins compatible with this woo no plugin conflicts)

Problem – But there is no third party upload option in this plugin. All the uploads are directly going to our own servers. so it would be great if there is an option to send uploading files to google drive or any other third party storage.

i selected the filetrip support and after that i am getting this error

There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.

Also facing difficulty configuring google drive and dropbox was done but also getting error on dropbox.

no reply from you, no support from you, i need my money back. if i dnt get support. Google drive configuration is not working. please reply urgently

Sorry for any inconvenience. I just checked the response that confirmed your Dropbox channel is working.

For refund, please use the following link:

dropbox is working but i want google drive. as dropbox is taking lot of time to upload. please provide support, then there is no issue for refund. i have sent you all the details on your, please check from your end.

There is a way to approve or upload file automatically after submit a form and not at the moment that user insert a file? I test it with CF7 and Ninja Form, and with both the file go for approval or is upload before sending the form

Yes, there is an automatic approval option under FileTrip -> settings

yes I noticed it but when a user uploads a file, it is immediately uploaded to Dropbox or else before submitting the form. I would like the files to be uploaded only at the time of submitting the form. it’s possible?

Hello, How are you? i’ve got an existing images on wordpress. Can this plugin transfer all existing images to s3? Thank you so much

hello, i need to create an entire web site where customers send their file (extension file .stl it’s a 3Dfile format). They paid for send this file via woocommerce. We transform their files and send it back efter treatment). Does your plugin do the job? With notification in both side. Thanks a lot for this plugin

I have Google Drive linked correctly but I cannot see any folders? how do enable folders on my Google Drive to show in the list?

Hi, I’m trying to build a form where a user can upload many files. Sometimes as many as 1200 individual files with each file being around 20-30mb. Would this plug-in work for what I’m trying to do? Thanks!

Hello There,

1200 individual files would be too much for a browser based uploader to handle with no disruption, probably it is better to batch multiple files into a single zip that can get up to 2 GB of size and then the user can upload it once.

Filetrip can support 2 GB for a single file size with no issue.


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