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Hi there, I was just wondering if your plugin is responsive, as a lot of my clients would be using the site on their phone and would need to upload documents on the fly, is this a function your plugin has ?

I have now purchased the product but it doesn’t let me upload like your demo does on my mobile devices even if I try to use it with the drag & drop disabled. . On the PC it works perfectly

Also cannot join your support portal for some reason.

Please can you quickly open a ticket so we can help:


I’m sorry but it seems I will need to get a refund for this plugin because it has been a week since the last communication from your support staff.

Pre-sales question — We have a small membership wordpress site and are looking for a way to let members upload pictures that they take on their iphones directly to an individual wordpress page that is setup just for these pictures.

We have a convention once a year and members want to upload pictures that they capture during the convention and view them later on one certain page. Is this possible with your plugin?

Also, to be server friendly, it would be great to store these pics on our Google Drive but yet be viewable on the setup page.

Hi, i contacted you already through Discussion page on Closify Press and suggested this plugin(Filetrip | Easily upload to Dropbox + Google Drive + FTP + Wordpress ) but i would like to ask: 1- Does it accept multiple file selection upload? i tried to upload from android mobile phone huawei honor 7 and it does not allow multiple file selection…am i doing something wrong?

hello, thanks for quick reply.

I have not bought it yet i tried it through your demo dashboard. (multiple file selection upload for mobile phones)



Hello There,

We have just double checked the multiple file selection feature and it seems to work as expected using Android (7.1.1) device and iOS device.

Drop us an email, so I can show you snapshots.



I just it right now using google chrome and it works fine so i think it is browser issues. It fails on firefox .. I will inform the person who needs it and be back to you.. Thanks a lot

Any plans for integration with Ninja Forms?

amazing plugin, presale question, 1. Hi does this plugin allow me to store my images on google drive, use as featured images still but not get stored also on my hosting webspace?

2. it will works with this theme and all user post or upload store my images on google drive, use as featured images still but not get stored also on my hosting webspace ?



Bookmarked this one.

1) – Can this be integrated into a WooCommerce product page ?

2) – What is the changelog for 2.0.7 ? It is not listed here within the changelog ?

3) – Can it be added by using a shortcode ?

1) – I did not see within your DEMO the area that allows us to enable or disable multiple uploads.

2) – Will the plugin allow us to force the visitor to upload files taht are 600px in width or less ?

Hello, we get the error below when uploading folders with FileTrip.

“Response string format is not valid JSON: ()”

Seems that your plugin doesn’t support folder selection to upload entire directories, right? Thanks

Hello Subidalibre,

Yes, you cannot upload a folder, you can only select multiple files to be uploaded all together.

Thanks for asking


byunk Purchased

Bro… please add youtube post feature, so every video uploaded will post to my youtube channel

Hello,How are the uploaded files organized in the Dropbox folder? Is it by username?Date?If a user upload files on different dates, are they going to be organised by date in the username folder?


Hi, Can I select a local file and it be sent simultaneously to gdrive, dropbox, wordpress and ftp? I want to keep copies of every file uploaded.Thanks

Hello Ayron,

Yes you can, and this is the core feature of FileTrip.

To be more specific, it is not whenever you upload a file to Wordpress using Media the file will be forwarded, but you will have to go to Media and do a bulk selection and transfer to any cloud channel you setup and want.

At the same time you can allow guests to upload any file from the frontend and it can automatically keep a local copy of whatever uploads and send the others to whatever configured channel.


Sounds pretty good to me. My software (windows) generates a license file on the client machine. It is submitted to a web page with a web form, fills in the data and attaches this license file. The file is sent to wordpress, dropbox and google drive automatically. My software when run on the client machine verifies the existence of the file in wordpress, if it does not find, it checks on the dropbox and google drive. This ensures that the system operates when one or two servers do not respond for some technical reason. Is this workflow possible?

Unfortunately I do not think that will be possible. When I send the file to a specific folder for the google drive or dropbox, the url of the file is not a path with the folder path and file name. I can not write the routine to read a file that will get a totally random value.

SFTP? Contact Form 7?

Hi there

I want store my entire WordPress media library on google drive or at least the images i intend to use with woocommerce. When i upload images via Wordpress, i would like them to be uploaded directly on GD and not stored my Web server, i have a product catalog and would like use the images stored on GD with Woocommerce. Is this possible ? Thank you

Put in a support ticket a couple of days ago and still haven’t heard from you. Please advise.