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Hello, i would like to make a question. im building a website that any member can write a story. i want the member to be able to upload images and videos. your plugin seems berfect for my case if any member can upload directly to a dropbox instead of the wordpress server. do you think that this plugin is what i need?

Hello Drosos,

Filetrip can do that, however, it uses Wordpress as intermediate server. So your files will go to Wordpress first, and if you are enabling Aut-approve uploads feature, files will go to their corresponding destinations immediately.

Thanks for asking


hushnun Purchased

I believe I left a ticket. When auto-approve, guest-uploads and Dropbox are active, files are not sent to Dropbox but are lost. Without auto-approve and moderation it works, but I was led to believe that this would not be necessary. Thanks, Daniel


hushnun Purchased

Also, I feel the Caldera Forms integration is wildly over-exaggerated. It simply put the uploader into the grid nothing more. People are still able to submit the Form prematurely, losing the upload. I could simply place the uploader shortcode into a Contact Form 7 or Visual Composer grid next to Contact Form 7 and come to the same result.

Hi, Can I allow every registered user to upload files to diffrent FTP/DROPBOX/GDRIVE using diffrent forms? I am looking to provide my clients to let upload their project files, which should go to a certain folder in my FTP & their GDRIVE/DROPBOX. How it can be possible?

Hello There,

Yes you can create as many forms as you want, and associate different uploader with different destinations for each channel for each form.


I submitted a support ticket last week and never received a reply so I will address the issue on this thread.

The plugin is not syncing with my dropbox account correctly. I’ve added the API (secret keyword & secret Key) but when I use another computer to try and upload the files…it still goes to one of my folder on my hosting account through the file manager.

Out of respect can you please reply this time instead of ignoring my messages.

Hello Khassell,

Problem solved, please check your ticket for the response.

Kindest Regards :)

The problem is not solved. I still don’t see the folders that I have in my Dropbox folders under the App folder. This will be the 4th support ticket that I’m submitting and still no one can seem to resolve the issue. I gave you my Dropbox login and it’s still not synced to my Dropbox account.

Also, whenever I test the upload functionality of this plugin I receive an email with the message “Someone uploaded a new Filetrip file, please moderate at: Review & Approve”. The “Review & Approve” is a hyperlink that doesn’t work at all.

I’m going to make one last attempt towards getting this to work by hiring someone on Fiverr to figure this out because it seems after 4 support tickets, not even your staff can figure this out. If the Fiverr programmer can’t get this to work then I want a full refund asap. I’m losing money over here and all I’m getting is excuses.

Dear Khassell,

When we closed your ticket and marked it as resolved in the same issuing day, we have tested the Dropbox browsing capability in your website and it shown to be working just fine, in addition of that we have attached the proof of work as an image inside of the ticket.

Here is a snapshot of the resolved ticket:


Here is the proof that the Dropbox browsing capability is working in your own website:


Here is a detailed FileTrip documentation:


Note that for full transparency with our client, we do provide demo account that anybody can use before purchasing the plugin. Check the online Demo access here:


We will be always here to help if you need any further support.

If you insist to get a refund anyways, you can always initiate your request here:


Kindest Regards

Hello mindsquare team, I have a pre-purchase question – lets imagine scenario: - user will upload a file to Google Drive using your Gravity Forms extension. Is possible by your GF extension to save Google Drive url of that file in GF entries? Is also possible to test this feature on your sandbox?

Thank you for your reply. S.


hushnun Purchased

Problem still persists and now I can’t login to the ticketing system anymore. Uploads from guests directly to Dropbox is still not possible…


hushnun Purchased

I actually don’t have time for this. Refund please.


Item doesn’t work the way it should

If an item doesn’t work the way it should and can’t easily be fixed you are entitled to a refund of the item. >>>This includes situations where the item has a problem that would have stopped you from buying it if you’d known about the problem in the first place. <<< If the item can be >>>fixed<<<, then the author is required to do so promptly by updating the item otherwise you are entitled to a refund of that item. (Fix was already attempted, did not work.)

Hello Hushnun,

This is a place for discussion and public support, please try to initiate a refund request from its formal location.



hushnun Purchased

Done. Sorry.

hi, can this plugin delete the original file and replace the old media library file link to the newly uploaded google drive file link? thanks

Hello Rialpema,

Unfortunately this feature is not there yet; but it is in our backlog :)

Thanks for asking

I just filled out a support ticket for a refund. Out of respect for my time and money I need you to refund me back my money asap. Don’t ignore this message like my last two messages. I just need my refund asap. This is the worst plugin ever.

I just submitted my refund request. The screen shots you provided are not folders that’s in my Dropbox account, those are files that’s probably linked to your site, not mines. I’m basically tired of the back and forth with no solutions. I’ve filled out the refund request so please refund my money asap. Thank you.

Question: When will you issue the refund back into my account?

Hello Khassell,

Please comment in your Refund thread if you already opened a ticket.


HI, have two questions 1. I’m running the plugin through Caldera, is there a way to force that the upload is completed before they hit the send button as the file is not completing the loading and user does not know this and sending the form without the file 2. For some reason there is a backup on the selected dropbox folder, i don’t know if your plugin is creating the plugin but it is filling the dropbox folder. Is there a way I can turn this off or at least ask it only to save one backup?

Any luck on how to check if a file has been loaded before submitting a form?

Please can you create a ticket here:


We will look on this and make sure you have the right setup you need.


I have made the file “required” on caldera, now I can not send the form as it see the field empty even though the file has been loaded

Please advise if you are looking into this?

Please can you create a ticket here:


We will look on this and make sure you have the right setup you need.


I have created a ticket, your system does not have a reference number so there is no way for me to follow up on this. Can you please advise if you are able to fix this issue?


tunik Purchased

Hello, in a previous comment you say:

“Filetrip can do that, however, it uses Wordpress as intermediate server. So your files will go to Wordpress first, and if you are enabling Aut-approve uploads feature, files will go to their corresponding destinations immediately.”

Does the file remain in the server that wordpress is installed or does it get deleted after moving to google drive? Main reason i want to use this plugin is to save disc space from the server so it is essential that the file is not stored there bu only in Google Drive!

Thank you!

Hello Tunik,

The good thing is that Filetrip can handle the deletion of the file right after it sends the files to the cloud. You only have to enable Auto-delete option from setting.

Thanks :)


tuxon33 Purchased

Just purchased the Plugin and I’m trying to hook up GDrive and I can’t do it because according to your video after clicking the “Create your Google Drive application now” it would go to: https://console.developers.google.com/ I would be able to create a project… well, when I click that it goes to https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library instead and I have no idea which Google API is used to connect to your Plugin… Could you please help? I need to get a frontend upload to GDrive for a new project asap and now I’m stuck… Thank you in advance!.

Hello Tuxon,

Here is a step-by-step instructions link in our support page: https://codecanyon.net/item/filetrip-easily-upload-to-dropbox-google-drive-ftp-wordpress/11267642/support Please follow the instructions and let us know if you need any further help by opening a ticket: https://www.itechflare.com/support

Thanks for asking :)

pre-purchase question, so lets say I have website with a alot of pictures saved to http:// www.xyz.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/9GHOlikofBgnm7OS2VpUQ8TqZU2.jpg and then with your plugin, I can “set automaticly” upload to lets say “google drive” and I set automaticly delete all the files that storage on my “content/uploads folder” and then to use automaticly files that already uploaded to google drive? to save bandwith on my wordpress site?? and how to automaticly replace files from http:// www.xyz.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/9GHOlikofBgnm7OS2VpUQ8TqZU2.jpg alll my post to the same files from google drive? do I have to manualy replace the link one by one ?

I just read other people comment, look like cannot automaticly delete the original file and replace the old media library file link to the newly uploaded google drive file link

I wish I can use this function to save my bandwith server, now I have to skip your plugin to look other plugin

Hello Begoo,

Yes you were right, we still don’t have the link replacement feature added.

Thanks for asking

I want that if any media is added into wordpress, it will should directly goes to google drive/dropbox. The media file should not be saved within wordpress website.

I want that visitors can not access the data through direct link.

Is it possible with your plugin?

No, the uploads in Cloud storage are not exposed to public.

The uploads will be stored in a private folder structure that only you can manage through Dropbox or Google Drive.

I want to add attachments which i want that can be downloadable by logged in user and logged out user should not access the attachments

You can do that by create private page in Wordpress. However, Filetrip doesn’t manage download, it only facilitate acquiring small to large media files with Form integration, and help syncing the uploads to Cloud Storage.


hface119 Purchased

Does the plugin offer the ability to send uploads to FTP via SFTP (secure)?

Hello There,

Thanks for asking.

Currently we only support FTP. SFTP will be supported in the next few releases.


Hello – I see this has ability to support multiple file uploading (with ctrl click) but is there some way within the GUI to make it more user-friendly to end user to upload multiple files? (e.g. staged upload—push “UPLOAD” when ready)


We have been using file trip for a year now on our page here:


But the icons and the tick never seem to line up up to the theme coding I guess, is there an easy way to fix this? We love the app. Also are you thinking of adding a percentage bar? and can we change the colour of the upload bar?


Hello There,

Thanks for asking. There is a CSS conflict in your form, maybe it is caused by fonts. We can help you fix the problem through our support system:


Looking forward to help you.


I’m struggling to get even a simple uploader to function. Is there a tutorial somewhere that shows a demo of a Filetrip Uploader, on a page, and working?

Hello Simon,

Thanks for asking.

Please read the documentation: https://www.itechflare.com/docs/filetrip-documentation/

Let us know if you need to know any further details.

I’ve read the documentation and watched all available videos. I’ve even poked around the demo site.

I suspect the creation of an uploader is supposed to be a lot more seamless than my experience, because the documentation essentially says “click the Create An Uploader Button, then customize with options” but doesn’t explain the options.

I’ve successfully created an uploader, but so far, with no custom options on my part, the uploads stall out / never complete.

At this point I’ve opened a support ticket and am crossing my fingers that it’ll get addressed.

Hello There,

I believe, that your ticket has just been addressed. Please check your email.


Pre-Sales Questions: Fantastic looking plugin that you have created! I wanted to ask (regarding plugin usage with Gravity Forms) if, with regard to naming the uploaded file, there is any way to utilize GF field data to create the name? Thanks in advance!