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rnovakjr Purchased

Updated to latest and getting fatal error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ’,’ or ’;’ in /home4/prechor/public_html/precisioncritiques.com/wp-content/plugins/filetrip-plugin/filetrip.php on line 150

Hello Rnovakjd,

We have already fixed this PHP version incompatibility issue, but Envato has not approved the new fix yet as we have just posted yesterday.

Please PM me to send you the latest compatible release.

I am assuming you have PHP version (<=5.4) to see such an error ?

Please PM us by going to Profile page and contact us in the right side bar contact form. https://codecanyon.net/user/mindsquare


Hi, Is there a max file upload size? Regards.

Hello There,

Filetrip can upload up to 2GB of file size based on Chunk uploading mechanism.

So MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE is not an issue anymore.

Thanks :)


I need a way for my clients to upload their files (images). So the term Uploader (s), can that be a User? For instance my client logs in to their area, will there be an option for them to upload a file to FTP so I can access it?

Will your plugin work with a membership plugin or will I need a membership plugin for this to work.

Regards, Dale

Dear Dramsay,

Thanks for your question. Yes you can create uploaders that forward files to a specific FTP destination and can only be used by members and not guests.

Here is the flow:

1- Create and uploader and configure it as you need; and make sure to enable its FTP Channel and configure its destination as you desire. 2- Make sure to disable guest from uploading in the Filetrip Uploader instance you have just created. 2- Copy the shortcode for the new created uploader and place it inside a special page. e.g. (Membership Document Collection). 3- Go to Filetrip settings and allow files to be forwarded to FTP without approval, if you find it necessary.

Done :)

For more information, please read Filetrip documentation: https://www.itechflare.com/docs/filetrip-documentation/

Thanks for asking

Hi. I neet an upload form for my website visitors. With possibility for them to upload big files 1-2GB Videos. Directly into my dropbox account (not stored on my webserver). Is it possible?

Hello There,

Yes it is possible. But note that your server will act as a mediator. So you have two options with FileTrip:

1- Allow users to upload videos with predefined cloud destination configurations; and then go to your Dashboard once you get a notification to Review/Approve/Automatically Forward files to Dropbox. 2- Allow files to be uploaded first to your server; then forwarded automatically without reviewing; and at the same time uploaded files could be deleted from your server right after successful forwarding.

So the way FileTrip works is “Upload & Sync”; and unfortunately there is no mean provided by any cloud storage to upload files directly from the browser without a mediator for many security reasons.

Thanks for asking :)

Hello, Once you upload, say to ftp, can you then download the file (image) after it’s been worked on? Regards

I also notice that even though I have added the file extension “psd” it does not show up has an allowed file type when I go to upload a file.

Hi Abdulrhman, Thanks for all your help yesterday. I wanted to ask you, once my clients upload their image (s), to their assigned ftp folder, is there a way for them to download their image (s) after changes have been made to them. Regards

You welcome,

At the moment there is no such a feature, but I have already registered the request in the backlog.



I’d like to use filetrip with Caldera to upload a series of files. I’m interested in the rename filter, but can’t find the doc for this to see if it’s easy to take a field from the caldera form and then use that information in the file rename process. Is this possible?

Hello There,

Currently we have rename filter for developers that they can use.

But your idea is really interesting and we are going to include it in the next update.

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