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winsold Purchased

Hello there, can you do customization services?

Yes we can.

Just send us your requirement here, and we will make sure to quote what you required ASAP.




winsold Purchased

I Just sent you an email. Please check. Thank you.

We will get back to you with a response ASAP



siddy24 Purchased

hii when a user uploads the file there is no way to save that record I mean what if user want to check which file I submitted. how is going to check common it’s such basic and important feature just give dropbox upload is not a solution user should get history too which file he uploaded tell me how to do that


siddy24 Purchased

hello where are you guys its weekdays going on a not weekend if you can’t support your plugin just give me a refund others plugin and theme support give a reply on same day for you it’s more than 48 hours and still no reply from your side

Dear Siddy,

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Your question is a feature request type rather than a support type. Check our documentation and demo account:

www.itechflare.com/demo/filetrip/wp-admin.php demo/demo

We haven’t mention that we have user upload recording feature anywhere. However, we considered your request and we will put it in our backlog to include special hooks in the next update.



Is it necessary to “approve” uploads or can the plugin an automatic upload to a directory on dropbox ?

Is the plugin still supported ?


Hello there

Yes, this plugin have support. There is option called automatic approve that u can use to forward uploads immediately.

Thanks for asking

Hi does this allow the files to also be downloaded?

Uploades Files can go to Media so you can share them in your website. But if you are talking sharing files from Google Drive and Dropbox, then this feature is not there yet.



I’m a wp developer. I would like to change the $fileName which I found. I use a custom function now to use a particular name.

But when you update the plugin, my changes will be lost.

Any ideas to quickly do this ?

We have replied to your email 5 days ago.

Please check your ticket status: Ticket #465639


What is the url to the support site ? Nothing found in my email

Hello There,

Here is the link:


Does this work with any form other than Caldera Forms? Caldera Forms doesn’t offer a recatpha, thanks

Hello KimberH,

Currently it does only integrate with Caldera Forms.


I have opened a ticket without response. You plugin caused my site to go all white and totally unresponsive. Would love to get it to work. Please get in touch with me! :)

Don’t worry. We will get in touch with you shortly



We purchased fileTrip wordpress plugin from Envato. For small files its working as per requirement, But for large files its not working.

For example, when we are trying to upload 400mb files or 500mb file, Then in starting we can see processing GIF, But after 10 seconds, This GIF disappeared. and i waited for 4 hours, But didn’t get success message.

(we checked browser console, And we notice that, we are getting cancelled error from /cf-api)

And sometime when we click on submit button after selecting file, Then immediately it’s shows success message.

And in end, we can see its showing wp-admin/admin-ajax.php 404 (Not Found) in browser console.

Actually we have not access your website at all yet.

We started doing local testing only.

I just want to know how much time you will take to solve simple problem. I raised this query 17 days ago and didn’t get even single reply corresponding to my problem.

It is really very bad.

Hello Passoftech,

I strongly apologize for the embarrassing delay. We have just looked into our system and find that our technical support have put a note over the ticket; but it was not been posted for some reason.

Please check your email for a reply that we have just responded with; and let us know if there is anything that we can help with. We will give you higher priority and make sure you will get whatever problem you have settled.


Pre-sale question: I was using your demo to test uploading 2 files on the Wordpress Media example; and one of my uploads got an error: Response string format is not a valid JSON: [<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ”-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN”> <head> <title>408 Request Time-out</title> </head>

Request Time-out

Server timeout waiting for the HTTP request from the client.

Additionally, a 408 Request Time-out error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

<address>Apache Server at www.itechflare.com Port 443</address>

] Which is fine, things happen… but it didn’t automatically retry or allow me to cancel that upload so I could upload another file instead/retry manually. So the only way to fix it was to reload the page – which is a pretty bad UX.

Can you fix this? Either make it automatically retry the upload. Or perhaps make the red X remove the upload from the list when there is an error so that the user can upload another file?

Hi, First of all great plugin!

I was just wondering if there are plans to include a more accurate and quicker responding progress bar. Because at the moment it takes a while for the upload percentage to update so a user might think that the upload is stuck.


Hello Mindsquare,

I want to put some specific extension into “Strictly allow extensions”, but its definitively not working.

Did you have an idea ? Best

Hello, 7 days to wait. Can you answer me ? Thanks

Hello, I am interested in your plugin but have few questions before buying. Can I connect to FTP server with user and pass and copy files to wordpress folder or directly to dropbox? Can this operation be scheduled? Something like sync. files between FTP and dropbox. Regards

I am using with Caldera forms and I can upload mp4s with Chrome and FF on a Mac, but not Safari. Can you look into this ASAP please

Can you please give us a temp access to your website ? Or give us the configuration you use and the file that you are having a trouble uploading.

Open a ticket here:


Can this only be used on Caldera forms?

Hi, I just installed Filetrip plugin on my WP, but it doesn’t appear under Settings in the admin section. ​I have WP 4.7, is that a compatibility problem?

Hello There,

Filetrip is working smoothly with WP 4,7, and it does has its own menu; so if you want to change settings, go to Filetrip/Settings.

So it is normal not to find Filetrip under settings.

Please let us know if you need any further information.

Oh, yes, I just noticed, thank you. I was looking for the items described in the instructions, probably was for an older version.

Anyway, I have another question – is there a way to skip the approval process for the files to go directly on my Google Drive without having to approve it?



smilenj Purchased

Hello – I’m using Filetrip with Caldera Forms and I’m wondering if there is a way to append a field (name or email) to the file when it is uploaded to Dropbox? I have a lot of guest submissions and would prefer not to force them to create an account on my site but I would like to know who the file is from when I look at it on Dropbox. Great plugin. Thanks. Joey

Dear Smilenj,

Thanks for asking.

Actually this feature of appending text into files is not available. But we will consider making a hook for it in the future.

We will consider creating sub-folders on the fly according to user input.



smilenj Purchased

Thanks for the quick response – and to be clear this was about changing the filename (not appending data in a file). Not sure if that changes anything.


galloc2 Purchased

hi, great plugin, i’ve just a problem with safari (it doesn’t upload..)

Can you please open a ticket here:


Please, provide us with the test link too.