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czaki Purchased

Hi, Uploader works correctly when viewed on a computer. Both thrown directly on the page and with the Calder form. However, it does not appear on the phone. What could be the reason?

Can you check if you enabled guests to see the uploader, inside filetrip uploader option page.



czaki Purchased

Ok, that was the problem. Thanks.

I have one more question. Is it possible for Filetrip to show the number of files inserted. I would like to use the counted files in Caldera Forms as a multiplier in Calculation.

Hello, Can I list file and folders from google drive to my frontend site using this plugin ?

Hi, could you please confirm what the option – ‘Information submission is required ’ achieves please?

I am having issues where the files upload but the form does not submit. Will this submit the form information first?



mbagri Purchased

Hello, 1. how can I rename the uploaded files? 2. How can I add more submission fields to file trip upload? 3. when I use gravitiy forms with file trip and choose a file, than it is directly uploaded without form submission. How can I realize that upload is only possible with form submission?


I have a pre-sale question:

Is it possible to transfer the uploaded image, video, music … etc that uploaded by members automatically to google drive and delelte the file from local server and change the file location in the databse fro old location to the new location is google drive?

I need to use google drive as a CDN to free my localhost.

Hello. Is this plugin compatible with Gravity Forms 2.2.5 & WP 4.9.2?


4 month ago we ask the following question and never got back.



I get this error when I upload : You violated a security check!

Do you have an idea why?

What should I check to fix this error?


We still got the error, we need to fix this asap.

Thank you for your help.

Looks interesting, but what wonders me is the date of the latest update. That is long ago. About 9 months. Seems like it is not well supported. What is your response to that?

Hi, is it possible to upload files straight to Dropbox without uploading them to Wordpress at all? This will increase the speed a lot … Maybe a little tweak :) ?

Pre Purchase Question I want to ask a question here.

At us in the form attach the photos, sometimes the volume of the general investment reaches up to 30 megabytes. 1. The plug-in allows you to add such a volume of photos (attachments) 2. Does the plug-in have the ability to automatically create a folder with names in an arbitrary structure in the cloud or another way? let’s say “date” “name” “last name with files 3. more. folder with photos and csv with info about person

hi, several questions: can I use this plugin to load remote files from dropbox instead my media library (I’d like to optimize my site by allocating media files out of my wordpress)? can I send files from my media files to dropbox through this plugin (or I have to do it manually)? if i use this plugin for remote media files, does it work with visual composer and/or revolution slider? does this plugin works with free dropbox account or only paid one? also, if I have clients and I want to share privately files to each one (they send to me images and I send them invoices in PDF for example), is it possible? if this is possible, can I setup different dropbox accounts for each user (this will be very cool)? is there front-end interfaces for them or they need to access to admin panel? for backups, does this plugin let me setup my backups or I need an additional plugin and then move generated backups through this plugin? please let me know, i’m very interested. also, there’s no a problem if the plugin doesn’t do all this things, I only need to know what it does in order to look for complementary plugins.

sorry, one more question: for backups, can I select what files and/or db tables to backup or it takes all files? thanks. I’m very very interested.

ok, I read and read over an over again to understand your plugin. Some questions: is it only for backup or it includes an interface for users to upload files as well? i understand the plugin copy those files automatically from WP to Dropbox, but does it move them too or only copy them? thanks.

Pre-sale question.

I am building a wordpress/woocommerce site with an eCommerce theme that will offer image manipulation for customers and the customer will be required as a part of the purchase to upload one or more high resolution image files.

My question to you is this: Uploading an image is critical to the purchase process so at what point in the process would you consider placing the uploader? On the products page or on the checkout page.

Would it be better to have the uploader on the actual checkout page and if so what if they have multiple image manipulations to purchase? Each instance of a purchased manipulation would require an uploader next to it on the checkout page.

Considering that once they have chosen a specific image manipulation they must add it to the cart first so would it be feasible to have it on the product page, How would they add to cart and then still upload the images? Can the add to cart button be used as a trigger to upload files once its selected or;

Looking forward to hearing your suggestion on integrating this wonderful plugin into my purchase process.

Still waiting for a response from you concerning my question on placement of filetrip on product page or cart area. Asked over 5 days ago.

Hello Bqwhitten,

My deep apology for the delayed response.

You have a very valid use cases, and unfortunately you can only achieve these kind of orders through one of our supported Forms {Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms} and in the next release we will add more supported forms {Contact Form 7, and Ninja Forms}.

For WooCommerce integration, we already have this feature put in our backlog, and we will be adding this feature in the next release that will come on May. With no integration, even if you put the uploader any where in your product checkout flow, the uploader will be totally decoupled from the order.

Until then we will keep you updated.


Thanks for the update. I will keep a watch for the woo-commerce integration. That will be a solid addition for filetrip.

Pre-sale question (Please respond ASAP!) We currently use a file upload service that is scheduled to shutdown March 31st (CloudWok). We need to find an alternative fast. I like the look of your plugin, but we need a specific function: We need our customer’s uploaded files to be stored in separate folders. This is easily accomplished by allowing a simple text field for the customer to enter their first and last name> which then creates the folder name containing their files on our Dropbox cloud. Also, does an email get sent to notify us of a user’s uploads? Here is our current plugin frontend: https://weddingpassports.com/upload/

Hello There,

I will try to answer your questions respectively :

1- When you Integrate FileTrip to any Form builder, users can upload files and record them separately in the backend. For instance you can build a form using Caldera Forms where you include all of the fields you need then add FileTrip uploader to your custom form. However, when files get uploaded to Dropbox, our plugin cannot separate uploads per field name, it can only create sub-folders for registered users and using their username as folder name. .

2- Yes email can be send to you whenever there is an upload.

Please check the plugin documentation and access the demo website listed in our docs for further details.


Thank you for your quick response. We need separate uploaded folders created for UNREGISTERED users. We do not want our customers to have to register since it’s an unnecessary hassle (wedding invitations are not return customers). Let us know if you think of a way to make it work. Would gladly pay $ for a permanent plugin solution, and not a monthly fee. Our current plugin works perfect but will be discontinued later this month :(


Hello, I bought the plugin for dropbox integration BUT:

1. If You try to upload 20 files of 50mb each the plugin freeze beacause it tries to upload them all at a time, it does not limit the number of concurent connections.

2. The plugin uploads to yous hosting first and after that it moves the files to dropbox. Poor speed and a lot f banwidth usage.

3. If you upload 2000 files you cannot see if the files are uploaded, it does not print something like 1695/2000 uploaded. And also tries to upload all 2000 at a time and it’s freezing.

When you will fix this problems?

Hi, I am wondering what the “Enforce Title & Description” is supposed to be ? I checked it so that people have to give name and description to the file, but when the file is uploaded to Dropbox, the name of the file is something like “0_original-name-of-the-file-12345678.zip”.

Should the file be renamed with what the user put as a title ? Thanks for explaining.

I cannot see the Settings in my browser Firefox. So I cannot finish setting it up. How do i fix that? I turned off a all the plugins that I don’t have to have. I have a screen capture but can’t upload it.

Hello Alisa,

Can you explain more what settings are you referring to? Is it the settings page in the Dashboard?

Please, can you open a ticket here and upload a screenshot so we can see what you mean.