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Very good script :)

Thank you for your kindness, it is an honor that you liked my work :)

Hello Elkadrey,

Nice done !

FTP Cloup needed with bootstrap 3.1 :)

Thank you. I’m planning to convert FTP Cloud to bootstrap in these days asap :)

Very useful script, good luck with sales! :)

Thanks a lot for your kindness :)


What type of files can be handled (pdf, .doc, .php, etc.) with this script?


Yes you can configure the main path of search folder in config.php file also you can configure a specific path for each user in users manager. check this snapshot: http://demos.codesgit.com/filesfinder/1.png

Tks for your answer! Are files indexed? Thanks

No it’s instant search, no indexed files

Looks great! Is it possible to assign user permissions? For instance, each user would have a home directory from which they can search, but can also be granted other permissions, such as super-user to search other all other user directories, or just select others?

Yes sure, I made an update it will available in about 24 hours, with new feature “users manager” you can add ulimited users with specific directories.

Anyway you can check the update in demo: demos.codesgit.com/filesfinder/

Awesome work!! It is a nice workflow you’ve setup!

Looks very interesting! Any plans to add search of .doc, .pdf, etc?

Multiple word searches bug is now fixed Also I added a new feature to let you enable and disable the access login. check details in the documentation file http://docs.codesgit.com/filesfinder/ @ last point: How to disable or enable access login?

I upload the latest update to codecanyon and it will be available in about 24 hours

good luck

Awesome. I will look for the update and then purchase!

Hello, The update is now available

I really like this script. I am really interested in the login section of it. Can you make that a standalone script?

Ok sure that is a good idea, I will work on this script and I’ll tell you when the script will be ready on codecanyon

If there is any feature or more details about the script just contact me @ http://codecanyon.net/user/elkadrey

Best regards, Elakdrey

That would be awesome.

Leave it bootstrap 3 Integrate with MySQL db Have a forgot password section

I will be the first to buy it :)

Please add search in pdf and doc files. I will buy after those features.

Dear sir, The update is now available

Now files finder can search inside doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx files

Best regards

Wow this is an amazing script! The ability to search WITHIN files… I wish I had this a long time ago it would have helped so much! Great UI and easy to use. I love how when you search for within files you can actually click a search result and see inline where the result was found. Amazing!

Thank you sir for your kindness I hope you like my all products too.


It is becoming more and more interesting script.

Are ppt and pptx extensions taken into account?


Is searching in ppt/pptx files planned in the next version? Thanks

Is there a new version coming soon? Thanks

sure There will be a new version soon

Nice one! Does it have a find & replace function? This feature is absolutely essential for any kind of server related searching app. That’s why …, I was wondering!

sure thanks for your suggestion

well, the day this functionality becomes available I will buy one and refer you at least 10-15 more customers in my industry who would love to buy it! If possible, do let me know when it will be coming and how much will I have to wait for this functionality to be available for purchase.

Thanks! :)

No updates yet? Any plans?

i will buy this but i need to know if it can search inside php, html, and tpl files

Yes, It can search inside php, html, and tpl also pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx and txt

Can the script be setup so that no login is required?

For example, say if someone wanted to create a searchable file repository that did not require a username and password to access it.

Yes it’s alread exists in config.php file just enable and disable login as the following:

$enableLogin = FALSE; // TRUE > Login is enabled | FALSE > Login is disabled

I would love to buy this script, but can i just isolate the login process or do you have a different script just for the login process?

I have thousands of pdf and doc files stored in ftp, in different folders. Can I use your script to search for specific keywords within these files? Is it easy to configure? Thanks.

why the sThe “ultimate sitemap generator” was removed?

never worked!

my money back!

Hi, Nice Script, But i tried for a keyword in .pdf document, but cant found. pls can i check it ? if is possible, can u example for me ?

can we edit php file?

Hello! What has changed in this latest update (December 13, 2017)?

New setup validation (Installation page)