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looks nice ! Can you show documentation ?

I bought your Database Backup Pro Class. The include files have the same name. I’m assuming they are not the same file, but I just want to check.

Hi, yes. But you can rename file or put in other folder. ;)

I’m having a bit of trouble with both classes, this one and the Database Backup. I define my path. Two copies are produced, one in the same folder containing “backup.php” and one in the directory defined by my path. Also, I’m getting an error: Notice: Undefined variable: backup on this line of your save function: if (file_exists($backup->filename)){ copy($this->filename, $path.$this->filename); }

Thank you for your help.

Hi, thank for report. We fix this problem, wait while Envato support publish update. Thank you!

i have 1 question. can i transfer file without zip? can i transfer folder without zip?

Hi, no. In current version you can backup your data only as zip archive.

Hello, can I upload the all files automatically by ur tool ?

Hello. You can backup folder to zip and send it by ftp, http or webdav. To automate this process use cron.

complete backup server ? one site backup ?

Would this class work with the latest Google Drive API ?

Hi I’ve purchased your product but I keep getting the error:

Copy failed. Wrong path: /var/www/vhosts/[SOME Directory]/[SOME Directory]/archivos/facturas/zips/

In this case, the path is correct, the “zips” folder exists and has 777 permissions, I really need to make this work.

Here is the code:

<?php require_once(‘includes/backup.php’); ?> <?php


$params = array( ‘path’ => ’/images’, ‘exclusions’ => array(‘ignore’), ‘extensions’ => array(‘ignore’) );

File_backup::zip($params)>save(’/archivos/facturas/zips/’)>showErrors(); ?>

Any help is greatly appreciated

Hello, I´m still waiting on for your help since everything seems to be ok on our side and we still don´t get what this product says it does.

Please reply

I want my money back, I’ve tried and tried to make this class work with no results and if we are not even getting a simple support reply I want our money back, please tell me the procedure to claim this.

Something I cannot find: can zip archive be downloaded to users local hard drive?


x404x Purchased

Same here, can not get it working. Documentation is not really documentation. More like a index file that does nothing. No replies. Not sure developer is responding anymore after years. Google drive uploads is what i needed this for. Please help.