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PRE SALES QUESTION – can this work for clients sending large files (up to 1gb) to us? or is it only the other way around? Thank you.

Hi collylad,

Unfortunately the functionality you describe is not possible with my script.

Greetings, Kev

Hello, the password protection only works when i access the folder, however i still can use a direct link to a file within a protected folder and simply download it. Do i miss something here? Thank you.

I also discovered that the password protection does not work correctly with Safari (10.0.3) and some mobile browsers (latest Safari / FF). If you have subfolders you need to reenter the password, same if you go back to the parent folder.

since it does all work with your demo but not on our server i guess it is a server setting issue (PHP?). Any advice?

sorry, i can not say if your demo works, beacuse it is not possible to set passwords.

My client need to access the files with login and password. Using an absolute URL. Example:

It is possible?

Hi Cubodeideias,

what you describe is not possible per say. What would be possible is having an URL like this: For this you would have to set up a subdomain and point it to the installation folder of the script, then you would have to re-run the setup process and access the script using this subdomain from then on. Would that suit your needs?

Greetings, Kevin

How would one go about about customising the interface, as in if I wanted to put a manually integrated ubermenu at the top? Great script by the way!