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i have the same error like lotechnz but with that line

$_FILES4CLIENT_openDir = $_FILES4CLIENT_subdir;

it’s fixed but now the redirect to upper folders are not working he make a / to much in the link

and the zipping function is not working on my server )=

Hi Snakeman,

kannst du mir einen Link mit deiner Installation per Mail schicken? Mail ist

Grüße, Kevin

Hello, do you have a demo that shows the username/password protection. Also, is there a place to set user home directories?

This looks incredible! Nice work!

Interesting…okay I still might be able to use. Do you have a manual online?

Thank you!!

Pretty Buggy, the date says 44 years, and chops off the first character of the folder name in the Header (where the date is right below.)

Hi wwilson,

please send me an email to and I will send you a fix immediately.

I am sorry for the inconveniencies.

Greetings, Kev

Hi, I just purchased this nice script. I thought it might work on nginx server. Unfortunately, it’s not working on nginx server. Can you help me on this? Or, can you help me on nginx rewrite rules so that I can work with this script on nginx server?

Hi, Just purchased this script and it works GREAT!!! Thank you again. The only issue I’m running into is going into the main.css and adding my own Logo. I have changed it as suggested in the instructions but nothing appears. ( the original “insert your logo here” png never showed up in the first place ). No sure how to go about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi dalepipo,

Are you sure you linked the logo file correctly in your main.css? It should be no problem. Please send me the link of your installation via mail if you like to and I will have a look and tell you what’s wrong so we can fix it.

Greetings, Kev

hello when I load the jpg images of size about 8-10 mb loading the thumbs preview becomes very slow, is there a way to display a preview of low quality?

Hi marchino,

Unfortunately, there is no such function (yet). I will add it to my to-do list. You can also disable thumbnails, if they slow down the site too much.

Greetings, Kev

I want my client should be login before they download. Can i do that ?

Hi Kevitus,

I’m really interested in your system. I have just one doubt… The system don’t accept zip files?


Hi felipeclark,

Thanks for your interest in my item.

The system accepts zip files without limitation (except for the filesize limit your server has, of course).

Greetings, Kev

Will this script handle .EXE?

Hi homemadebyx,

What do you mean by handle? EXE files can be uploaded and are displayed like all other files.

Greetings, Kevin

Sounds great. I’ve seen other file listing scripts that blocked/didn’t allow EXE to be used.

I’m going to go ahead and buy your Pro version. You are working on a responsive version? If i buy now will i be able to update to a responsive version?

You have access to all updates of the item once bought free of charge. I cannot say though when a responsive version will be ready.

Be aware though that .exe files can be a security threat for your recipients.

I hope this helped.

Greetings, Kev

Frontend HTML upload is not convenient for me because I handle large files. Can you populate a given folder on my server. Or multiple folders for different users?

Was alle Firmen in meiner Branche brauche, und jeweils selbst neu programmieren lassen ist, Deine Lösung als Basis aber dann mit Videoviewer eingebaut.

Workflow für den Kunden: Link per Mail bekommen > Passwort eingeben > mehrere Videothumbnails sehen (von Videos, die auf einem eigenen Server liegen, nicht YouTube o.ä. > Videos angucken > falls die wollen, die Videos einzeln oder als .zip runterladen.

That’s it.

Hi zumaxb,

vielen Dank für den Tipp. Nur aus Interesse: darf ich Fragen um welche Branche es sich handelt?

Lieben Gruß, Kevin


Ich kann Dir nächste Woche einen Link geben, zu unserer Website und, wie wir das (scheiße) gelöst haben.

Dann können wir ja mal weiter sprechen. Ich bin auch in Berlin.

I like your script very much – simple, well documented and good looks.

Only one question remains: When I zip download I see that the pw.txt is included in that zip. Isn’t that a bit strange? I do realise that the person downloading does have the credentials anyway but it may be that this folder is later shared with other people who maybe should not get those.

Hey zumaxb,

This is unwanted behavior and will be fixed with the next version!

Thanks for the kind words.

Greetings, Kev

hi is it possible to put a password for public file ? it’s seems impossible to logout in demo

Hi spham!

Thanks for your interest in my item. It is possible to set passwords for whole folders/links but not for individual files. The procedure is described in the documentation. Maybe the Files 4 Client PRO version is more convenient for you?

Greetings, Kevin

“Caution: Your server does not allow file-modifications. I can’t make the necessary changes to the ‘settings.php’ file. The script will not work. Please make sure you allow file-modifications and remove all write protections from the script files.”

“Caution: Your server does not allow file-modifications. I can’t make the necessary changes to the ’.htaccess’-file. The script will not work. Please make sure you allow file-modifications and remove all write protections from the script files.”

Please help me how to fix it problems IIS 8. thanks

Hi HeCosmin,

Thanks for purchasing my script. It is kind of hard to tell, why exactly your webspace provider restricts file modifications via script. I think the best way of dealing with this is getting in contact with them and ask them if they can enable it for you.

Also IIS Environments are not (fully) supported.

If you felt misled, you might consider a refund. Get in touch with Envato staff for that matter.

Greetings, Kev

Good luck sales, What recommned for using windows wampserver or xampp or appserv? thanks!

Well, all of your mentions are apache based, so they should work fine! :) Greetings, Kev

Hi You can with your theme you can upload the files I want to download from FTP but not load the theme ???

Hi Andrea_creative,

I’m having trouble understanding your question, could you try to clarify a bit?

Greetings, Kev

Hi Kevitus, I recent;y realized that when trying to access the files from a mac it works perfect. But from a PC when I click on the file it gives me a “Page Not Found” error. Can you help? Thank you!

Hi dalepipo,

that seems odd. I will investigate on this and come back at you. Also sorry for the delay!

Greetings, Kev

Hi Kev, sorry to keep bugging about this. Any luck? Thanks

Hi dalepipo, do you use the same Browser on the Windows machine?


Just purchased. Looks promising so far, exactly what I was looking for in terms of functionality.

Just a quick question, I already password protect my directories using .htpassword. Does your script still work in this case? (I would disable the password protection in the script).

Looking forward to getting this up and running.

Hey AndrewJB,

Thank you very much for purchasing my script. As you already pointed out – yes it works :)

Have fun with the script!

Greetings, Kev

You’re welcome, Kev—glad I found your script! I love the slide out image previews. If you get chance to work on a v2. then PDF previews would be sweet!

Sorry—answering my own question again…but I got PDF previews working with a simple addition to one of the PHP files ;-)

Hi, I have started using this script to share files with clients and LOVE it! My only question is, is there an easy way for me to use a gradient as the background? I use the same gradient throughout my website and if I could tie that into the script to make it a uniform look that would be amazing! I attempted to do this myself without success.

Hi tc2010,

Thank you for purchasing my item. Have you thought about using a css3 gradient? You should try applying either that or an image background to the html and body tag via css with the !important keyword like this: html,body { background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #87e0fd 0%,#53cbf1 40%,#05abe0 100%); /* W3C, IE10+, FF16+, Chrome26+, Opera12+, Safari7+ */ } See also this website for generating CSS3 gradients:

You should add these lines to the main.css.

I hope this helps!

Greetings, Kev

Great script! Do you plan on introducing more features? e.g. I would like to have an e-mail notification as soon as someone downloads a file.

Hi stefansiebert,

I’m glad you like my script!

Thanks for the feature request. Unfortunately I do not have the time to work on improvements for the time being. I will put your proposal to my list though.

Greetings, Kev

Fair enough! :)


letucry Purchased

Hi Kevitus! Good Job! I register a SSL Encrypt to my page, but if I try to load your script, the whole css could not be loaded because the script try to load all assets via unencrypted http. So how could i customize that thing?