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Is your script not by cookie or session? Anyone you access can see?



guia365 Purchased

How do I show uploaded files only for user’s session?


I need to reload a datatable I have in the page…how can do it with your javascript? need put this code $('#casosDocList').DataTable().ajax.reload(null, false); inside of success function… can you help me?

Best Regards!

now is working properly…I just copied the filepicker.js you have and works…maybe in the downloaded file something was bad… all is ok now just the file always return and show it all of them in each user. I just use this

$handler->on('files.fetch', function (&$files) { }); like that empty..but always return me all the files even if the id user doesn’t upload anything yet
$handler->on('files.fetch', function (&$files) {
 $files = [];

Thank you Hazzard! now all is ok!

how I’ll use ASPX . how I want to use files c#

Hi, this only works with PHP.

Hi i have a form (<input type=”file” id=”publisher-photos” name=”postPhotos[]” multiple=”multiple” >) with that send the info by ajaxform plugin to this script:

if (isset($_FILES‘postPhotos’) && empty($mediaFilename) && empty($_POST[‘album_name’])) { if (count($_FILES‘postPhotos’) == 1) { $fileInfo = array( ‘file’ => $_FILES“postPhotos”[0], ‘name’ => $_FILES‘postPhotos’[0], ‘size’ => $_FILES“postPhotos”[0], ‘type’ => $_FILES“postPhotos”[0] ); $media = Wo_ShareFile($fileInfo); if (!empty($media)) { $mediaFilename = $media[‘filename’]; $mediaName = $media[‘name’]; } } else { $multi = 1; } }

with the filepicker is possible replacement the $_FILES“postPhotos”[0] for the data that get the filepicker?

Hi, Filepicker will handle the upload independently from your form and send it to the server. See this http://docs.hazzardweb.com/filepicker/2.0/quick

I need that pass with this script cause is part of a social plattform and the script handlle with anothers functions

hello, I can only insert a record in the database, the second is not public, please help me? $idlogininsadm no work, $idcorso it’s ok work, why?? I did so:

$handler->on(‘upload.success’, function ($file) use ($handler) {

$idcorso = $handler->request()->get(‘id’); $idlogininsadm = $handler->request()->get(‘idadm’);

// insert $filename into your database. // parametri di connessione $host = “Localhost”; $user = “user”; $passwordserver = “pass-n”; $db = “namedb”;

$conn=mysql_connect($host, $user, $passwordserver); mysql_select_db($db);

$sql2 = “INSERT INTO d_corsi_file (titolo_file, id_corsi, file, id_login_ins_adm, data_ins_adm, ora_ins_adm) VALUES (’$titolo_file’, ’$idcorso’, ’$filename’, ’$idlogininsadm’, curdate(), curtime())”; mysql_query($sql2, $conn) or die (mysql_error());


Hi, how do you send the idadm parameter ?

sorry I did not understand

I see you try to access the idadm parameter, how did you send it ? Using the data option ?

Hi there. Apologies if I missed this answer elsewhere—is it possible to restrict the crop by ratio? i.e. crop at a 3×2 ratio only?

Fantastic, thank you!


bacalov Purchased

Hi, Nice job putting all these scripts all toghether.

Hi ,

Is it possible to add any kind of lossless compression from client side to images while uploading ? I would like to buy such uploader .Is this possible from this uploader ?

Can u please let me know what libraries it requires and can i integrate it ?

What I meant is that it can’t be don’t with the script as it is, so it would require something extra but I don’t know which one.

https://github.com/brunobar79/J-I-C can i integrate this script with your script ?

hi , Quite urgent .It seems like i cannot able to upload file greater than 10MB ,it stuck in “processing” status and in console ,it showing error message “filename is undefined”..

Please check

Make sure you increase the post_max_size, upload_max_filesize and memory_limit directives in your php.ini file (http://php.net/manual/en/ini.list.php).

Hi Hazzard,

I need to know how can I resize the images, per example if I have a picture or pictures with 2448 × 3264 dimentions(width x height) , and with a 2.4 mb of size, how can I resize it to 600 of height and maybe 1 mb or less of size?

without of crop function


Hi, you can only have predefined presets of what width/height you want. But you can’t create it based on the file size.

If you want something custom use the upoader events ( http://docs.hazzardweb.com/filepicker/2.0/apiphp#available-events ) and create your own image version ( http://docs.hazzardweb.com/filepicker/2.0/apiphp#image-object ).

Hello I was very interested in your script. But I have a question. Is it possible to insert into the database when I make multiple uploads? Comes with some example along with the files to insert into the database?

Thanks for the support. Yes. Within the upload methods I can retrieve the value of the inputs using the “date” and the handler. But how do I retrieve the album id out of the methods to configure the folder

Use the init event http://docs.hazzardweb.com/filepicker/2.0/apiphp#available-events . It’s fired on initialization before any other event.

$handler->on('init', function () use ($handler, $config) {
  $id = $handler->request()->get('album_id');

  $config['upload_dir'] = __DIR__."/../files/album_{$id}";

Thank you for the support. Works fine. Best support and script.


skeijzer Purchased

I have a question. Is it possible to add multiple uploaders to one page? I would like to give the user a possibility to upload to a public folder and to a shared (private) folder.

Now I created both with it’s own templates to upload and a different upload folder. #filepicker1 and $(’#filepicker1’).filePicker({}); #filepicker2 and $(’#filepicker2’).filePicker({});

Hoever when I use the buttons inside filepicker2 it is using the template of filepicker1 and the file is being uploaded in the folder which is configured for filepicker1.

Can you tell me what to do?

What was the problem then ?


skeijzer Purchased

I actually don’t know. I copied the source code from the page you posted into my source code of plus.php. After that I copied the filepicker.js source and pasted into my code. And it worked!

What version of Filepicker did you used before ?