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Before I buy, I would have a question or two. My project: I want a password-protected access. Only the admin can upload files. It must also be able to manage folders and files (create, rename, delete). And of course, users can download the files (after login). Can this version of your script do the trick?

Thanks for your time!


Yes, this is a very common scenario how people use this script.


Hello, can the administrator be notified by email when a user subscribe & upload files? Thanks

sorry now i seen similar question and solution, thanks

Hello, I wonder if there is a way to activate direct links only for active sessions (connected users)? Best regards, Damien


I did a little research using this approach:

Basically what I did was:

1. add to repository/.htaccess this:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE}        PHPSESSID=(\w+)
RewriteCond /var/www/html/filegator/sessions/access-%1      -f 
RewriteRule ^(.+)$  $1  [L]
RewriteRule .+   [L]
2. index.php after second session_start(); add this:
unlink("/var/www/html/filegator/sessions/access-" . session_id());
3. include/file-gator.php after gator::writeLog('auth ok'); add this:
touch("/var/www/html/filegator/sessions/access-" . session_id());

You have to create filegator/sessions/ folder with appropriate permissions and adjust the code above with your actual server path. Also, apache rewrite rules must be enabled.

Anyway, your idea worked on my local server.


Hi I just bought the code . nice one . I have my own user database . all I want is to assign each user a space to upload/manage files. and each user can access his own area . no need to sign in again . and I want it to be in iframe or modal (pop up) . How do I do this easily ? thanks.

Can I encrypt file names so the person who supposed to download the file couldn’t guess the other file names?


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Am I doing something wrong? The permissions do not do anything. Anyone with a direct link can access a file. Even in your demo: you can open the file without login in. Is this supposed to work like this?


Yes, this is defaut but you can change it. See this