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I'm using subdomains like "" I installed all files into my hosting. When i navigate i'm seeing that there is no css on the page, i'm only seeing html documentation..

You can check below link:

How can i fix this problem?



Thank you for your purchase.

I don’t think this is a subdomain problem. I see a lot of 403 forbidden errors which may indicate file permission problem. Check permissions on include/ folder, make them at least 755 on all files and folders.

Let me know if this helps.

Best, download button like that, right

If you want it like that you must tweak one file a little bit, see instructions here:


Greetings. Great script! Question, I cannot seem to get the admin notification of new file upload feature working, despite adding the lines before or after line 319 in filegator\include\blueimp\server\php\upload.class.php:

$message = ‘user: ’.$_SESSION‘simple_auth’.’, file: ’.$file_path; mail(‘’, ‘File Uploaded’, $message);

Is there another option that I can use? This functionality is paramount to my using the script in my business.

Many thanks for your time & efforts


Try with this in upload.class.php:319
move_uploaded_file($uploaded_file, $file_path);
$base_url = ''; // update this
$url = $base_url.str_replace(gatorconf::get('repository'), '', $_SESSION['cwd']).'/'.basename($file_path);
mail('', 'Subject', 'New file: '.$url); // or whatever works for you


Thanks again for the extremely swift reply!

The supplied code DOES help, but the only thing missing is the upload directory/ user folder (I guess called in the $_SESSION [‘cwd’] portion ?)

So now the URL reads:

instead of:

I am working on it actively, and if I figure it out, will post so you don’t waste your time.

Many thanks!

Been trying all afternoon to figure it out, but no luck… your expertise is GREATLY appreciated my friend! Thank you so very much!


I have IIS server on windows 10 and config.json not protected by .htaccess. Any sugestions ?