File Share Manager

File Share Manager

With this script you can implement in your site a complete system to easly manage and share your files.
Fast and easy to use, you can add it to your website and you can setup all the system in a few minutes.

- You can share files publicly or privately.
- Simply organize your files in folders.

There are 3 types of users:
- SUPERADMIN: this is the super user who manage all other user. This can create and manage Admins and Users, upload files…
- ADMIN: this is the user who can upload files and create Users list who can only download his files.
-USERS: this is the user who can only download files.

Try the DEMO with this passwords:
- “SUPERADMIN” – Username:superadmin Password:demo

This is only the superadmin password…if you want to try other types of users, you simply login into the demo, create new user, logout and re-login with username and password created by you.

For problems and questions, we are available 24 hours on 24..

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- Bug fixed


- Added security informations
- Updated documentation


- Speeded up and upgraded the system