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One User asked me the following: I set the $CreateHTaccess = true but no htaccess was created in the subfolders.

Answer to: No htaccess after $CreateHTaccess = true

Ok this one should be a easy one. After setting $CreateHTaccess to true only one .htaccess will be created in the mainfolder.

Example of a folder structure: <- location of the fileprotect_class.php

The .htaccess will be created in the folder: and all access tries like “” will be rerouted to

I hope this helped. Best regards, Christoph

I tried everything but the login is not working.

Some users wrote me with that problem and in all cases there were problems with the session settings of php. Therefore I created a test file to check the setting. Copy the following code to a php file, upload it and open it with your browser. It will show a) if the session path is writable and b) if the session values are saved correctly.

Here is the code:
// start session

// initialize session variable temp in case that it is not page "next" 
if(isset($_GET['page']) AND $_GET['page'] == "next"){}
    $_SESSION['temp'] = date('m/d/Y, H:i:s', time());

echo "<h1>Fileprotect Prerequesites Check</h1>";
    echo '<p>Session_path '. session_save_path() .' is not wirtable for PHP! (bad)</p>'; 
    echo '<p>session_path '. session_save_path() .' is writable for PHP! (great)</p>';

echo "<hr />";

echo "<h2>Check it by yourself</h2>";
if(isset($_GET['page']) AND $_GET['page'] == "next"){
    if(isset($_SESSION['temp'])){ echo "<p>The current date <strong>". $_SESSION['temp'] ."</strong> was stored correctly in the session variable.<br />
    <a href="test_fileprotect.php">go back</a></p>"; }
    else{ echo "<p>There is no value saved in the session variable temp. Please make the session_path writable.<br />
    <a href="test_fileprotect.php">go back</a></p>"; }
    echo "<p>I stored the session variable 'temp' the current date: <strong>". $_SESSION['temp'] ."</strong>. 
    Even after reloading the page by clicking this <strong><u><a href="test_fileprotect.php?page=next">link</a></u></strong> the date should be stored in this session variable.    Please click on this link and test if the date is saved and shown on the next page. If not sessions are not working correctly.</p>";

echo "<hr />";
echo "<h2>Here is your phpinfo();</h2>";

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