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I am planning to share the pdf documents. Instead of download , how i can able to give option to open to view the documents in next window.

Hi, I just bought your extension, it’s working perfectly, it’s a great job! Just a question: my client needs to display the document on a target blank, and not to download it. How to change it please? Thanks for your fast answer and have a nice week-end.

I get “Headers file: on line: 0” when clicking the download-button.

I saw one other comment about this. I also deactivated WP Super Cache, and now it works. Not sure why.


Please could you let me know the shortcode to write if I want to reference files allocated to a specific user rather than individually referencing their folders?

I’d like to write code that works universally for all users for example [file_manager currentuser_id /]

Hey ! Amazing plugin. However, it is possible to view the files on the frontend based on the “groups” the files assigned to, and not only by folder?

Is it possible to allow users to upload files via the front end? The front end is prettier looking that the WP backend.

Hi, I have problem when I add files in a folder. It works correctly but I dont see preview of files in the folder in my wordpress packend. So I upload file and appears code. If i refresh page images are visualized correctly. Can you tell how to fix? Thanks


hello when i click on download…the download dont start…but run external file… any fix??

Is there a reason why the files are not downloading when clicked on this website?;b5-file=51

When do you plan to have support for wp 4.7?

Hello, how can I setup the plugin so regular users can upload their files and folders to the given main folder?

when I post something comes the error: {{{ }}} Files: 0 Subfolders: 0 Edit | Trash <# } ); #>

<# _.each(attachments, function(attachment) { #>

do you know when in a update the download all function is expected

Since updating to Wordpress 4.7.2 the visual editor is not working. I get a blank box and the console error: “Error: no such method ‘instance’ for autocomplete widget instance”. Is there an update or a fix for this?

I got this figured out. It was a jquery issue in another plugin.

Hi, i allow user upload, and want to give them link to manager there image in front-end, by defaul my media retrict user only see there own media. So when i use your plugin, when user went to “page” front-end created by your plugin. Will they see whole website media or only there own media? If you need i can you plugin retrict media for test


There is a conflict with PHP 7…

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; B5_Folder_Extra_Widget has a deprecated constructor in [ ... ]/wp-content/plugins/zf_file_manager/includes/b5-file-folder-extra-widget.php on line 8

Could you please fix this? :-) Thank you very much!

Hello Support,

Very good plugin , i have installed and configure its working fine in desktop but in mobile have some issue ..

i have show items in this page when i open this page into mobile then menu is not open , other than this page menu is working fine. My resources page menu not working in mobile means something is conflicting with plugin, please have a look and let me know the solution.

Thanks in advance

Hello – I am interested in this plugin however your demo and screenshot pages are not working.

live preview not work


pronexo Purchased

Hello Support, Great plugin thanks, Could you add preview file option like opening PDF file in the browser rather than downloading it?

Thanks, JM