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Can I filter by date range?

Yes. You can set a start date, end date, or a date range to filter by.

Can I change the style of the list items?

Yes. There are 18 styles built in, all of which can be previewed and chosen from the settings page. If you want to create your own styles File List Pro makes it very easy.

Can I change the layout?

Yes. All of the buttons and filters (Search, Sort, and Filter) are optional and can be switched off per list, or for the whole site. Paging buttons will auto-hide if they aren’t needed.

What file types can I list?

Currently File List Pro lists PDF, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, Png Gif and Jpg image files, MP3 audio files, MP4s, and Zip files.

Can I password restrict the download lists?

This is not currently built into File List Pro, but it is already possible using existing plugins. Take a look at an example here:

This is achieved using the members plugin:

To make it a bit slicker I also added the following:

An additional shortcode to show text for users that aren’t logged in:

And finally I embedded the login form into the page using this plugin:

Can I pick the files to display from a list?

Yes. You can choose the files from a list of all files in your site or just attached files. You can also specify criteria to filter with (date range, file type, or tag).

Is File List Pro translatable?

Yes, it’s fully translatable. A number of users have used the CodeStyling Localization plugin to translate it easily directly from the Wordpress Admin.

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