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Hi, is this plugin just for external files uploading?


pylon Purchased

James, WP 4.7.5, Divi Builder 2.0.9 and File List Pro 1.9.3. Like other Divi problems, the File List Pro shortcode generator modal widow is blank when using Divi Builder for Pages/Posts. I can get the FLP shortcode to generate using the default editor, but that’s no good when you hand site over to a client. Just let us know if you intend supporting this great plugin any further, if you are dead, have lost your memory or become a monk!

I’ve got this running on about 7sites and concerned whether to use on another one.

Chrome Inspector reports an issue with deprecated window instance from TinyMCE and the ShorcodeCreator.js (or something??)


pylon Purchased

I’ve just found the 2.0.8 version of File List Pro you sent me and this does work with Divi Builder 2.0.9 and WP 4.7.5 which is a relief! Still like to know about the roadmap for this plugin though!

version 2.0.8 also works fine with Wordpress 4.8 – just tested it…


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zuq Purchased

Hi, I have problem on my Wordpress 4.8 (I use Tisson theme). Please check screenshot:

I can’t click in Pick Files or Generate List.

Hello? Anybody is here?

Hi any plan for an update? Does the plugin is ready for WP4.8?

Hello, I have the same problem as zuq above – the buttons “Pick Files” or “Generate List” can’t be clicked. Any feedback about this problem?

Hello, I want to but this plugin. Does the plugin is ready for WP4.8?

Same problem as others—have this running on dozens of sites. Any plans to fix it? Anyone figure out a workaround?

is this PHP 7.0 compatible ?

As far as I can tell, the plugin is not compatible with WP 4.8 and the author is no longer responding to comments. Envato should remove it from the marketplace.


Having issues when trying to include the pretty file list.

Wont let me select from the popup just hangs


assidibe Purchased


I use WP 4.8 and I have a big problem with your plugin. It’s not work. In the page editor I have pick files or generate files and when I click on I have no result

I just implemented this plugin and was able to add files to the plugin. But when I try to insert a list in the page, it freezes on the popup, not letting me select “Pick Files” or “Generate List.”



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popup PICK FILES | GENERATE LIST is not working, therefor not able to assign any attachments to the list

plugin seems to work ( but not showing a list not even when i created the shortcode manually


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I have just purchased the plugin.

I am trying to use the plugin but I am having the same problem as other users: the buttons “Pick Files” or “Generate List” can’t be clicked.

Does this plugin work with lastest version of wordpress?

Thanks in advance, Victor