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Very misleading plugin. I thought I would have an admin interface to upload PDF files but NO! Instead you have to upload files using your FTP client then you add the link. I could manually link anyways so this plugin is pointless. I wish I could get a refund! :(

This plugin doesn’t work in wp 4.6.1 please update as all files are not showing up.

Hi there. This plugin is not working. Nothing is appearing in file list. I can see now that this has not been updated in over 3 years. Are you offering support or can I get a refund? Thanks

Hi, Just one question, have you Russian and/or Ukrainian translation? Thank you in advance. Regards

Plugin not working. Files are not showing up in list. Can I get support or refund???

Hello, Can you tell me if this pluging actually works on last Wordpress version 4.6.1. Thanx for tour return.

Hi there. This plugin is not working. Nothing is appearing in file list. I can see now that this has not been updated in over 3 years. Are you offering support or can I get a refund o any Solutions now? Thanks

Presale question: Hi, You plugin can do this: - create different custom categories, and add multiple categories to a same file. - show in a post only file with one o more custom category choosed - multiple selection for downloads (ex. i select 3 pdf for downlod it)

Thanks For reply AZ

Hi, now any modification on file list the date displaying is 01/01/1970.


jmills6 Purchased

Plugin stopped working. Probably with the most recent update of WP, but I can’t be sure. The pages with the shortcode just spin and don’t load the files. I don’t have a URL to show you anymore as I had to replace the plugin with something else until a solution is found.

doesn’t work, no tutorial, your plug-in suck I would prefere give that money to another people

Can I add a download button for the files ?

Good day

I am running wordpress version 4.7 I have bought the plugin and installed on my server. When I inserted a file list on a page, the content is not displayed as expected. It seems that all CSS formats are not applied. I have already reinstalled the plugin, but without success. Any idea what it could be? An other plugin?

Can I get refund?

Please, fix the problem with WP 4.7. the file list will not show. I can see only when I’m logged. thanks!

Does File List Pro plugin support dwg formate example:

I downloaded and installed the plugin successfully. However, your directions on actually getting it to work properly are extremely lacking. Please give detailed instructions on getting this plug-in to work. I will have a folder in my directory structure where I will drop all my files. I need your plug-in to be able to search that folder for files that the user types into a search box.

Hi, I saw two people having problem with the Divi Theme and your plugin (the files aren’t shown up in the text editor within Divi). You meantioned some kind of beta version to solve this problem, but that was a year ago – is there a version available which is working properly with Divi? Thanks for a feedback.

Hello, I’d like to add a preview of certain pdf of my list. Is it possible? how should I do? thanks for the info

Hello I have seen this done : there is a list of pdf files and for some of them there is a picture and a title and not only the title. Any ideas of how to do it please?


Pyho Purchased

Hi Smartredfox,

Thanks for this awesome plugin.

I just bought it and have two requests :

- How can I translate the plugin in French and being safe for the next update not to overwrite my translation ? I need to translate buttons texts and search bar texts…

- I checked the “Force links to open in a new window.” but it doesn’t seems to work. Nothing happens. I only work with PDF files.

Thank you for your help

Have a nice day