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Nice game. Would you please let me know where and how to insert my adsense ads. There is no mention of inserting ads in your documentation. Thanks.

Ad call function has defined in construct 2 file to make it work you would need to compile the game with cocoonjs.

Refer this link for cocoonjs – https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1024/mopub-integrate-admob-in-your-cocoonjs-games

You can also export to phonegap and then integrate admob ads.

I recommend you to go with ludei cocoonjs

the sound in mobile is not working. can you add a sound button in the game screen so that user can enable sound on mobile. because by default sound cant be played in web browser in mobile devices.

Sounds are working fine when installed on mobiles.(Android, iOs and windows phone 8)

Button for sound enable/disable and sound for web browser in mobile devices i will update this both feature in next version.


sounds are not working on mobile devices :) how do i sexport to ios and android ?

can i change the background of this game and can i install the game in Linux hosting for website.

thanks… i will buy soon…

hope tutorials , how to install is there

Can an iOS app be made with this for insertion into the app store?

Yes you can make an iOs app.

A great game.

Really easy to adapt as you can see from this: http://historyofliverpool.com/battle_britain/

It could be improved by making the game harder as it goes on. Increase the number of enemy planes after each minute, or 1000 points?

thnx…we will try to update this in our next version…

Can you reskin the game? I saw you can change the background but can you change the planes and all of the other elements to our artwork?

Also I saw you sell a lot of game son here, so can you reskin all of your other games as well?

yeah i do that i charge freelance fee for that…you can add me on skype for further talk skype : mehta.himanshu14

hell admin you not added ads sdk into all your games


No i have added in some of them only.

You can mention the game name in which you want the admob ads sdk.

Will add if you want to purchase it