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Hello, what do you mean by “Note: Only the buildbox file” is there any limitations ? Another question: May I compile for ANdroid AND iOS ? Thanks !

Hello there, you will get buildbox file which means you can export for ios as well as android good luck;)

Thanks :) But what is the limitation to have Buildbox packjage only (you wrote “Note: Only the buildbox file”

there is no limitation

Which version of buildbox was it built with?

buildbox 1.3.5 version

do i need buildbox to update game from time to time or can i use xcode

you can use buildbox as well as xcode

I don’t have buildbox in my mac how can I reskin it ! if you will provide me link of free buildbox I will buy thanks

Hi @amiteir please vist http://buildbox.com and try to install free buildbox 1.3.5 version

Hi there,

How many levels does the game have? Does each level have a different background? How many images would I have to change if I were to reskin the game?

Thank you!

Hi are your files compatible with the latest Build-box version?

Thanks in advance.

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plz xcode version

plz doc for admob in code